Jessy Martens + Hamburg 30.11.2019

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“All these magazines and Internet platforms should be supporting new music and help new musicians to find an audience, instead of dwelling on the old crap all the time. It’s like there is nothing new and exciting out there any more, when in fact there is. So stop living in the past. Open your ears and your eyes.” – said Robert Plant for Rock And Roll Garage

My friendly suggestion is Jessy Martens. She is 31, comes from Hamburg and sings blues rock. Outstanding talent with incredibly strong voice. German audience appreciate her with prestigeous awards such as German Rock Award 2012 (the best rock band/singer) and German Blues Awards 2012/2014 (the best blues band/singer). However it seems that she isn’t well known abroad yet so let’s acclaim this new and exciting sound:


Side note: This video comes from YouTube collection of pianist and manager Jan Fischer (janfischermusic) who worked together with Jessy in the beginning of her music adventure. By the way you are welcome to check other artists promoted by him

Indeed exciting performance with explosion after sixth minute. Jessy Martens doesn’t need microphone to impress with her voice! I’m not sure if I have ever heard such a scream from 27 years young lady. Janis Joplin? In terms of expression, sure. But I think that Jessy Martens crushes Janis Joplin in terms of technique and we live in XXI century, not in 60’s anymore.

“Touch My Blues Away” was recorded in 2015 so let’s look how Jessy Martens developed in next two years (again janfischermusic):

Classy! Can you hear that? Composition relates to good old school blues but it’s fresh and creative at the same time. I’m not able to rate Jessy Martens on “Tricky Thing”, I may merely admit: unprecedented vocal.

Jessy Martens isn’t only about technique. She presented her more relaxed side one year ago on official video clip to “Insanity” (guess thanks to whom? janfischermusic):

If you feel blues and have a nice day, these three videos are probably not enough for you. Then you can find much more on YouTube and enjoy it for free. You can also consider to buy full longplays but the best thing what you can do is to attend Jessy Martens & Band concerts. We have perfect opportunity to do so as she is planning long German tour this cool autumn.

You can find a full list of officially confirmed Jessy Martens concerts at the end of this article. All planned events will happen in Germany. That’s a perfect occasion to experience also other unique attractions available in these particular cities if you like to visit from another country. I can propose one as a fine example.

Buy your ticket here

Jessy Martens lives in Hamburg. It’s not really Germany because citizens of Hamburg used to underline the historical status of Free and Hanseatic City of Hamborg and many of them still feel free and independent as Hamburgians, not as Germans. Nice.

Get your guide

Some highlights about Hamburg. The Beatles created the most famous rock band ever in Hamburg during their student times. Kontorhausviertel was the first business district in the world (before Dutch/American New York). Hamburg is a media capital of Germany (17 000 companies in advertising, publishing, print, broadcasting, music, TV and film sectors). I need to mention Elbphilharmonie (as the most beautiful music venue which I ever saw), Miniatur Wunderland (the largest rail model in the world, more: ) and Speicherstadt (the largest warehouse complex in the world). Generally it’s not a popular tourist destination but highly appreciated among people who already visited Hamburg 🙂

Pictures from my private gallery:

“Gateway to the world”, The Port Of Hamburg:

Elbphilharmonie skyline:

Me in front of Elbphilharmonie (heat is killing me; no more traveling in August! haha):

Monumental Speicherstadt:

Hanseatic Trade Center:

Alright. Thats only one German city. What would you say about twenty four German cities combined with Jessy Martens concerts? Here you go:

19 September 2019
20:00 D-33613 Bielefeld

Forum, Meller Str. 2

20 September 2019
20:00 D-63739 Aschaffenburg

Colos-Saal, Roßmarkt 19

21 September 2019
20:30 D-76534 Baden-Baden

Blues Club, Hauptstraße 89

26 September 2019
22:30 D-10623 Berlin

Quasimodo, Kantstraße 12A

27 September 2019
21:00 D-30916 Isernhagen

Blues Garage, Industriestr. 3-5

28 September 2019
20:30 D-44147 Dortmund

Musiktheater Piano, Lütgendortmunder Str. 43

02 October 2019
20:00 D-26954 Nordenham

Jahnhalle, Jahnstraße 20

04 October 2019
20:00 D-25813 Husum

Speicher, Hafenstr. 17

05 October 2019
21:00 D-24143 Kiel

Räucherei, Preetzer Str. 35

17 October 2019
19:00 D-53121 Bonn

Harmonie, Frongasse 28-30

18 October 2019
20:00 D-65510 Idstein-Wörsdorf

Scheuer, Wallbacher Str. 2

19 October 2019
20:00 D-54450 Freudenburg

Ducsaal, Burgstr. 2

25 October 2019
20:00 D-38259 Salzgitter

Kniestedter Kirche, Braunschweiger Str. 133

26 October 2019
D-33790 Halle/Westfalen

Bowers & Wilkins R’n’B-Festival, Roger-Federer-Allee 4

08 November 2019
20:00 D-27726 Worpswede

Music Hall, Findorffstr. 21

09 November 2019
21:00 D-04860 Torgau

Kulturbastion, Straße der Jugend 14B

10 November 2019
20:00 D-34117 Kassel

Theaterstübchen, Jordanstraße 11

12 November 2019
20:00 D-93047 Regensburg

Leerer Beutel, Bertoldstraße 9

14 November 2019
20:00 D-80639 München

Backstage, Reitknechtstr. 6

15 November 2019
20:00 D-88239 Wangen /Allgäu

Jazzpoint, Argenauweg 7

16 November 2019
20:30 D-64625 Bensheim

Musiktheater REX, Fabrikstr. 10

29 November 2019
20:00 D-59494 Soest

Kulturhaus Alter Schlachthof, Ulrichertor 4

30 November 2019
21:00 D-20357 Hamburg

Knust, Neuer Kamp 30

06 December 2019
20:00 D-38446 Wolfsburg

special: Jessy Martens & Jan Fischer´s Blues Support
Lindenhof Nordsteimke, Hehlinger Straße 10

author: Sam O’Black

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