Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

Phil Campbell is Phil Campbell. Welsh guitarist known from over 30 years playing in Motorhead (everything since “Orgasmatron”). Lemmy passed in 2015 😦 Phil Campbell continues career with new musicians as Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons and also is recording new solo album right now.

source: Voy 99

I heard Motorhead for the first time around “Inferno” in 2004 and it’s my favorite album featuring Phil Campbell. I remember wearing T-shirt with “Inferno” cover in front and Lemmy + Phil Campbell + Mikkey Dee on the back. Rock’n’roll live forever and Motorhead will stay with us until resurrection of Jesus. But Motorhead can not play new stuff without Lemmy. As simple as that, no Lemmy – no new Motorhead. These albums and concerts where Phil Campbell played on guitars are timeless and irreplaceable indeed because of Lemmy \m/

Motorhead’s drummer Mikkey Dee joined Scorpions in 2016 while Motorhead’s guitarist Phil Campbell is creating own music. You know, nothing new – Bastard Sons album “The Age Of Absurdity” (2018) presents good, old school, ass kicking rock’n’roll with modern sound. Not really aggressive metal, definitely not soft shit, just traditional dynamic hard rock with proper riffs & groove. Listenable songs for all Motorhead’s fans.

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Young vocalist Neil Starr makes his job alright. He is a friend of Phil Campbell and he has no problem to perform in front of large audiences. I can say with confidence that Neil Starr doesn’t irritate, doesn’t try to copy Lemmy, doesn’t pretend fucking rock adolescent star. Perhaps there are some people who will never accept anybody else on vocal than Lemmy when Phil Campbell plays on guitar. I don’t care, for me Neil Starr is ok. There are many melodies and catchy fragments on “The Age Of Absurdity” and Neil Starr sings that well. Just check out full Bastard Sons’ performance from Wacken Open Air 2016 so you will get what I’m talking about 🙂 It’s too long for embedding on Musictivity so grab your link and enjoy

This is the official video clip to “Dark Days”, new material from Phil Campbell & Bastard Sons:

source: Nuclear Black Records

Nowhere to go
But I’m not looking back
Save me now before it’s too late

Different time, different place
Different shoes but I’m walking the same

Phil Campbell & Bastard Sons “Dark Days”

Phil Campbell will release first solo (it’s something else than Bastard Sons) album “Old Lions Still Roar” on 25.10.2019 with Dee Snider on vocal. You can watch trailer to this upcoming longplay here:

Let’s appreciate and buy “The Age of Absurdity”. You can also make pre – order of Phil Campbell’s solo “Old Lions Still Roar” (CD or LP). EMP is the largest on-line store with rock&metal merchandise in Europe so check out also their 216 items of Motorhead.

Upcoming shows of Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons (read about sightseeing opportunities in some among following cities )

28.09.2019 Magic Mirror, Le Havre, France

13.10.2019 Megacruise, Los Angeles, California

29.10.2019 The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-trent, England

30.10.2019 Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland

01.11.2019 Rebellion, Manchester, England

02.11.2019 The Dome, London, England

03.11.2019 Epic Studios, Norwich, England

04.11.2019 Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, England

06.11.2019 Engine Rooms, Southampton, England

07.11.2019 KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton, England

08.11.2019 Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, England

09.11.2019 Tramshead, Cardiff, Wales

29.11.2019 Gebaude 9, Cologne, Germany

30.11.2019 Logo, Hamburg, Germany

01.12.2019 BI NUU, Berlin, Germany

02.12.2019 Hirsch, Nuremberg, Germany

04.12.2019 Beatpol – Dresden e.V., Gittersee (village by Dresden), Germany

05.12.2019 Backstage Concerts GmbH, Munich, Germany

06.12.2019 DAS BETT – Live Musik Club, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

07.12.2019 NIKOLAUT Winter Fest, Oberhausen – rheinhausen, Germany

Tickets for concerts in USA:

Find Tickets Today at

Eventim sells tickets for events in Europe:

If you like to support the big family of Phil Campbell’s fans, please remember to book your accommodation each time using the picture displayed below (click on it, thanks!).

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I’ve already written on Musictivity about unique attractions available in some among cities where Phil Campbell is gonna perform soon I think that I should to add something about Munich as well. It’s a capital and the largest city of Bavaria, third largest in whole Germany (after Berlin and Hamburg). I know that you kinda thirsty reading like this about Munich, but Phil will not play there in October 😉 I’m a Motorhead fan so I will not fool around about Bavarian greenery. Some cool landmarks:

– Marienplatz (square in the city center with nice Christmas Market, majestic New Town Hall and more modest white Old Town Hall)

– Nymphenburg Palace (baroque palace – yes, Motorhead fans know that since now; main summer residence of House of Wittelsbach – Bavarian royal family from XI century, “God save the queen”)

-Munich Residence (the largest city palace in whole Germany, also used by House of Wittelsbach)

– BMW Museum (established in 1973 when Lemmy was a Hawkwind’s member yet)

– Olympiapark (beside not really green grass in December, there is an Olympic Tower with panorama view over Munich and occasionally some extra attractions)

– Isartor Gate (decorative gothic city gate from 1337 with frescos by Bernhard von Neher and museum dedicated to comedian actor Karl Valentin)

Munich is especially beautiful after sunset.

source: travelwithus

Get your guide, 154 experiences in Munich

“The Jochen Schweizer Arena has a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient indoor skydiving facility. Within the chamber a turbulence-free stream of air reaches speeds of up to 285 km/h. This provides the ideal training conditions for all free-fall disciplines in parachuting (formation & freefly).

During your flight, you receive constant support from the experienced flight instructors. No prior knowledge is required for a flight in the wind tunnel”.

Because you know we do it right
A mission every night
It’s a bomber, it’s a bomber

Motorhead “Bomber”

Skydiving experience in Munich:

Available also for two people at the same time (of course in Munich):

Thank you for reading Musictivity. Stay tuned!

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Rhiannon Giddens

Rhiannon Giddens is an unique folk / gospel / blues singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and actress from North Carolina, USA (borned 1977). Her band Carolina Chocolate Drops won Grammy Awards for best traditional folk album “Genuine Negro Jig” in 2011 (Rhiannon sings and plays on banjo, fiddle/violin, kazoo/percussion). Rhiannon Giddens has white father and black mother. She is photogenic so she performed in few films as a pretty actress, amongst others in fifth and sixth season of American musical drama “Nashville”.

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Kazoo, they call it a percussion kind of instrument:

“There is No Other” is the newest longplay (released 03.05.2019) featuring Rhiannon Giddens in cooperation with Francesco Turrisi from Turin, Italy.

We can read on Francesco’s official website: “A thrilling jazz improviser and early music adept, pianist/multi-instrumentalist Francesco Turrisi is a highly versatile musician. The music on his four CDs as leader and two as co-leader isn’t easy to define – drawing from early music counterpoint and bass ostinatos, evocative Mediterranean modal melodies and jazz improvisation. His ability to rework ancient melodies and rhythms through a contemporary jazz prism marks him out as one of the most striking voices to have emerged on the European jazz scene in the past decade – Ian Patterson.”

This is not a typical sound for Musictivity 😉 but Rhiannon Giddens makes not typical music anyway. Before writing this article, I made some research about upcoming concerts of different artists and fragments of her musical output made the best impression on me, so then I listened to entire “There is No Other” on Spotify and decided to share it with you.

source: Rhiannon Giddens

You can listen more Rhiannon Giddens here

Upcoming Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi concerts (apparently this duet is so good that oftentimes they need to perform twice in the same place in following days; in San Francisco even four times!)

27.09.2019 McCarter Theater, Princeton, New Jersey

28.09.2019 Grand Opera House, Wilmington, Delaware

29.09.2019 Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Burlington, Vermont

01.10.2019 Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield, Maine

02.10.2019 The Opera House at Boothbay Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

03.10.2019 Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, Massachusetts

04.10.2019 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

05.10.2019 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

19.10.2019 The Pico Union Project, Los Angeles, California

20.10.2019 The Pico Union Project, Los Angeles, California

23.10.2019 The Kent Stage, Kent, Ohio

24.10.2019 The Royal Conservatory, Tornoto, Canada

25.10.2019 The Ark, Ann Arbor, Michigan

26.10.2019 City Winery, Chicago, Illionois

27.10.2019 City Winery, Chicago, Illinois

29.10.2019 Buskirk – Chumley Theatre, Bloomington, Indiana

30.10.2019 The Englert Theatre, Iowa City, Iowa

31.10.2019 The Dakota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

01.11.2019 The Dakota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

02.11.2019 Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, Wisconsin

03.11.2019 Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, Wisconscin

22.11.2019 EFG London Jazz Festival, London, England

23.11.2019 St George’s Church, Brighton, England

24.11.2019 The Anvil, Basingstoke, England

26.11.2019 Forum, Bath, England

27.11.2019 Opera House, Buxton, England

28.11.2019 Grand Central, Liverpool, England

29.11.2019 The Sage, Gateshead, England

01.12.2019 Usher Hall,m Edinburgh, Scotland

03.12.2019 Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Nederland

04.12.2019 Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany

05.12.2019 Centralstation, Darmstadt, Germany

07.12.2019 Kulturkirche, Cologne, Germany

08.12.2019 Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium

09.12.2019 Café de la Danse, Paris, France

10.12.2019 De Duif, Amsterdam, Nederland

17.01.2020 Torino Folk Club, Turin, Italy

18.01.2020 Torino Folk Club, Turin, Italy

07.02.2020 Bing Concert Hall, Stanford, California

13.02.2020 Miner Auditorium, San Francisco, California

14.02.2020 Miner Auditorium, San Francisco, California

15.02.2020 Miner Auditorium, San Francisco, California

16.02.2020 Miner Auditorium, San Francisco, California

06-09.03.2020 Port Fairy Folk Festival, Geelong, Australia

13.11.2020 Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, Greensboro, North Carolina

15.11.2020 Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, Greensboro, North Carloina

The main concept behind lyrics are stories about secluded people. Although Rhiannon used to explain directly in interviews that she thought about slaves, I would place her lyrics in broader context of current state of human race. Why?

According to “Anne Frank House Annual Report 2017” 1,2 million people visit this museum in Amsterdam each year. I’ve been there. Shock! Not because of Anne Frank’s story from one hundred years ago, but because I realized that she had better living conditions than me in the same city in 2016. Anne Frank was secluded but she was able to survive without working and she appears on photographies clean, neat and with well maintained hairstyle. Me, I needed to pay 400 euros each month for incomparably smaller room, with permanently covered window so nobody could see that anybody live in my house. My salary was 9 euro for one hour but I had some odd hard physical job only from time to time, so my income was far below official minimal month salary in the Netherlands. I had proper documents, Schengen nationality,University graduation diploma (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics), hard working attitude. But earth is overpopulated so capitalists don’t need. If nobody allow me to make any work, I wouldn’t pay for room, I would die. No access to public shelter without five years history of living in the Netherlands. Police intervened immediately when I tried to sleep one time outside in Tilburg (North Brabant, the Netherlands), they told me that I must disappear because otherwise they will deport me to Belgium. How long people can survive without sleeping? Three nights without sleeping mean no chance to work in fast pace environment. Few weeks without sleeping mean death.

My father had worked in army so he was eligible to get a home from government. It would be a small, 1 bedroom home, but he got 1 extra room when I was born and 1 extra room when my brother was born (we are twins). It means that first thing which I’ve ever made in my life was that I increased size of my father’s home by giving him one additional room.

Few years later my parents divorced and my father had came suddenly to this home with his colleagues from army with will to throw away me, my brother and my mother to the street (not Netherlands but another country where police don’t disturb people sleeping outside).

I was good in Mathematics during my school years so finally I’ve graduated Mathematics from the University. I’ve passed all of my exams in time and I’ve became Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. After that I’ve made one year of Mathematics program on master level in another University (albeit hadn’t graduate). But I wasn’t able to find my future on job market, I didn’t understand capitalism. So I signed up to Academy of Business and I’ve made one year of Management on master level. Still no place for me in this world. Academy of Business created more questions in my head than answers. I’d worked actually in three big financial institutions in meantime as an operational risk manager, but organizational structure in this companies was so weird that it didn’t make sense for me. I’ve got fired from each of these three companies. I’ve left my country, crossed all of my past and moved to the Netherlands for a few years of swinging between unemployment and few hours of odd job on call. Finally I’ve transfered all of my remaining money to an uknown nice lady from Facebook who promised me a place in attic without shower (but swimming pool nearby had an access to shower) on an island in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. I’ve found here a permanent job in slaughterhouse where I’m working hard in the river of blood since now. I can not complain as it’s a stable work with high monthly salary. It turned out to be too difficult for me to learn local language so I’ve created my private world around music and travel. Now I share this passion with you, here on Musictivity.

Eventually I’ve met a very special person in my life. You know, my salary in slaughterhouse is high enough so I’ve visited a group of people in the Philippines. I’ve spent two weeks with them in Philippines and even took my love to Thailand for holidays. Later on, they became my family, I’ve married my love and now we live happily more than one year in the island somewhere between Europe and America. I’m glad that I’ve been able to open the doors for future of somebody else.

We are listening together to Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi today 🙂 As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Francesco comes from Turin. It can be interesting to know that Turin (not Rome neither Milan) was the first capital of Italy throughout centuries. I have never been there yet so let me introduce this city for you using professional video made by another traveling enthusiast:

source: blainenp

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Samantha Fish + Kansas 28.12.2019

What’s up with generation of 1990? Many young people got excited recently about discovered by Post Malone new vocalist Ozzy Osbourne while I compared Destruction to “The Sound of Music” by Robert Wise Today I wanted to boast Samantha Fish as the best musician inspired by Nashville Blues but my good older friend forbade me to do this: “She is inspired by Nashville Blues like you are expired by Willem II Tilburg”.

Everybody needs a right music education. We really don’t want to confuse baseball stick with guitar. We don’t want to attend in discussion with Swiss manufacturer of piano with conviction that The Doors played classical music related to Viener Klassik

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text

“Kill or be kind”. We just need to dedicate some time for joy in life. Blues doesn’t need to lost in the ozone of history. Joining our friendly community on Facebook seems to be the right place to go for some timeless art, culture and good music. This group was created like “yesterday” but it allows you to stay tuned with each next article which will be published on Musictivity.

I already recommended on Musictivity a young lady who sings amazing and fresh blues in recent years. German people are lucky because they had it in radio and in TV but who outside Germany have ever heard about Jessy Martens?

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Samantha Fish is another young lady who creates great blues in 2019. She was born in 1989 in Kansas City, Missouri. Guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, bright talent. Praised as the best contemporary blues female artist according to Her discography consists of six solid studio albums: “Runaway” (2011), “Black Wind Howlin'” (2013), “Wild Heart” (2015), “Chills & Fever” (2017), “Belle of the West” (2017) and “Kill or Be Kind” (2019). Here you can read full press promo note about the newest album: “Bulletproof” is the official video from “Kill or Be Kind”.

I recommend to listen Samantha Fish with good headphones in sake of deep and powerful bass (it changed my opinion about Samantha Fish).

source: Samantha Fish

“Kill or Be Kind” was released on 20.09.2019 so Samantha Fish is playing countless concerts now both in USA and in Europe! Find your city on the list displayed on the end of this article and remember that if you ever need to book a hotel / motel / castle/ apartment etc., you can support Musictivity by using a following link without any additional costs for you is one of the largest, most reliable and perfectly maintained booking website so it’s an useful resource for you to find the right deal anytime when you travel.

Book experiences you will want to tell the world about (and support Musictivity btw):

You can read about many European cities on Usually name of topics consists of: “artist/band + city”. It allows you to search for perfect combination of concerts and places which you would love to experience soon in person. Everything suppose to be always updated. Check a full table with upcoming events described on Musictivity and enjoy

This time I’m going to make an experiment and describe a city where Samantha Fish will play a concert but about which I shouldn’t write at all. It’s a fun, a joy, a puzzle, a challenge for me; a stream of consciousness. I’m not an owner of tourist VISA to USA and I don’t see any chance on horizon to have an access to USA anytime soon 😉 It’s completely different world for me. Brave new world! However, statistical data says that most readers of Musictivity come from USA. I’m curious how do you perceive my attempt?

How can something so sweet, so sweet be so cruel?
How can something so real, so real make me feel just like a fool?

Samantha Fish “Love Letters”

This article about Kansas reveals the truth how it is to live in Kansas:

Tickets for greatest Samantha Fish concerts in USA are available here:

Find Tickets Today at

27.09.2019 Montbleu Resort, Stateline, Nevada

28.09.2019 Farm To Fork Festival, Sacramento, California

29.09.2019 Fillmore, San Francisco, California

01.10.2019 Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler, Arizona

03.10.2019 Troubadour, West Hollywood, California

04.10.2019 Troubadour, West Hollywood, California

05.10.2019 Belly Up, Solana Beach, California

06.10.2019 Belly Up, Solana Beach, California

10.10.2019 Suwanee Roots Festival, Live Oak, Florida

11.10.2019 CrossroadsKC, Kansas City, Missouri

12.10.2019 Oz Trails Off-Road Mountain Bike Event & Concerts, Bentonville, Arkansas

13.10.2019 The Festy Experience, Charlottesville, Virginia

18.10.2019 The Commonwealth Room, Salk Lake City, Utah

19.10.2019 River Park Concert, Hillsborough, North Carolina

08.11.2019 Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, Florida

09.11.2019 Sugar Magnolia Festival, Kiln, Mississippi

29.11.2019 Thalia Hall, Chicago, Illinois

30.11.2019 Wildwood, Iowa City, Iowa

01.12.2019 Wooly’s, Des Moines, Iowa

03.12.2019 The Castle Theatre, Bloomington, Illinois

04.12.2019 Shank Hall, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

05.12.2019 Majestic Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin

06.12.2019 Fine Line, Minneapolis, Minnesota

08.12.2019 Old Rock House, St. Louis, Missouri

10.12.2019 Songbirds North, Chattanooga, Tennessee

11.12.2019 Terminal West, Atlanta, Georgia

12.12.2019 Charleston Pour House, South Carolina, Charleston

13.12.2019 Salvage Station, Asheville, North Carolina

15.12.2019 The State Theatre, Greenville, North Carolina

17.12.2019 Club 9:30, Washington

18.12.2019 Packard Music Hall, Warren, Ohio

19.12.2019 World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

20.12.2019 Playstation Theater, New York, New York

21.12.2019 Tupelo Music Hall, Derry, New Hampshire

22.12.2019 The Sinclair, Cambridge, Massachusetts

27.12.2019 The Riff, Springfield, Missouri

28.12.2019 Knuckleheads Saloon, Kansas City, Missouri

29.12.2019 The Blue Note, Columbia, Missouri

07-12.01.2020 Jam Cruise 18, Miami, Florida

28.02.2020 St Lukes, Glasgow, Scotland

29.02.2020 Brudenell, Leeds, England

01.03.2020 Gorilla, Manchester, England

04.03.2020 Globe, Cardiff, Wales

05.03.2020 Islington Assembly, London, England

06.03.2020 Waterfront, Norwich, England

07.03.2020 Trinity, Bristol, England

08.03.2020 Concorde, Brighton, England

10.03.2020 La Cigalle, Paris, France

11.03.2020 Depot, Leuven, België

12.03.2020 De Helling, Utrecht, Nederland

13.03.2020 Luxor Live, Arnhem, Nederland

14.03.2020 venue 013, Tilburg, Nederland

17.03.2020 Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

19.03.2020 John Dee, Oslo, Norway

21.03.2020 Nalen Kubb, Stockholm, Sweden

23.03.2020 Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland

25.03.2020 Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany

26.03.2020 Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany

27.03.2020 Bluestage, Roth, Germany

28.03.2020 Strandbar / Lehenbachhalle, Winterbach, Germany

30.05.2020 Michael Arnone’s Crawfish Festival, Augusta, New Jersey

05.09.2020 Bluefield Blues Festival, Bluefield, West Virginia

author: Sam O’Black

Destruction + Salzburg 03.12.2019

Sometimes we hang out in social media for relax and suddenly notice something enthralling to share with others. I saw recently a funny question on Facebook. Somebody asked what would never say true metalhead? Some ideas:

Maria: “You know how Sister Berta always makes me kiss the floor after we’ve had a disagreement? Well, lately I’ve taken to kissing the floor whenever I see her coming, just to save time.”

Kurt: “I haven’t had so much fun since the day we put glue on Fräulein Josephine’s toothbrush.”

Captain von Trapp: “You have brought music back in to my life. I had forgotten.”

Captain von Trapp: “The first rule of this household is discipline.”

Captain von Trapp: “Oh, how clumsy of me – I meant to accuse you.”

source of quotes:

Wait. Wait. Wait. Let’s take what you want but who the heck is Post Malone? What all of these people have common with Destruction tour?

We pretend to raise our kids in the most positive way
For real we educate sheep that fulfill the cliché
We built an empire of lies to damage the helpless the stranded
A business model backhanded

Destruction “Filthy Wealth”

Don’t be a metal sheep! True metalhead can say and can do whatever she / he desires to say and do. Take inspiration from any source you like. More sources mean more diversified experiences. The more joy you experience in life, the more creative you become so then you can assess what is worth your attention and what is a cliché (your original thought vs foolish stereotype).

Take for instance Destruction “Born to Perish” and “Sound of Music” by Robert Wise.

Thrash metal album is new and aggressive (09.08.2019) while the musical drama seems to be somehow odd. You know, film from 1965, long before Exciter created extreme metal (my interview with Exciter ). It can be strange for you 😉 but remember that metal is also peculiar for many unexperienced listeners. Good art often demands time to be understood. “Sound of Music” tells a heartwarming story which happened exactly in the same city where Destruction will perform the concert soon (Salzburg, Austria, 03.12.2019) so open your mind and enter the world of contradictions: Robert Wise together with Destruction.

source: Fox Family Entertainment


Compare this atmosphere with traditional Destruction thrash metal.

source: Nuclear Blast Records

Schmier could play in blizzard of Ozz and ask: “who is Robert Wise? I know Pennywise. I don’t know Robert Wise!” Nevermind. Przemyslaw’s cracked brain.

Disclosure: I use affiliate links and bannDiscosure: I use affiliate links and banners. When you buy something using link from this website, price stays exactly the same for you but I receive a small commission which supports Musictivity. Thanks! Full privacy policy:

Destruction is considered as a leader and one of the best ensemble ever on German thrash metal scene (similar bands: Exumer, Kreator, Minotaur, Sodom, Mekong Delta, Tankard). Perhaps their best album is “Release From Agony” but it was recorded in 1987. Current line-up: Schmier (bassist, vocalist), Mike (guitarist), Randy Black (drummer, also member of heavy metal super group Level 10) and Damir Eskić (lead guitarist from Switzerland). These very experienced and open minded musicians are currently on European leg of “Wings Over Europe” tour with Overkill and Flotsam and Jetsam.

Upcoming Destruction concerts:

22.09.2019 Herford, Germany

23.09.2019 Wiesbaden, Killfest Tour 2019, Germany -> ticket

24.09.2019 Antwerpen, Belgium

28.09.2019 Ugarana, Dimetal Fest, Spain

25.10.2019 Selestat, Rock Your Brain Festival, France

08.11.2019 Helsinki, Steelchaos Festival, Finland

09.11.2019 Oldenburg In Holstein, Metal Hammer Paradise, Germany

03.12.2019 Salzburg, Austria -> buy ticket

04.12.2019 Bratislava, Slovakia

05.12.2019 Ostrava, Czech Republic

06.12.2019 Chrudim, Czech Republic

07.12.2019 Balingen, Crazy X-Mas, Germany

12.01.2020 Büßfeld, M.I.S.E. Open Air, Germany

01.07.2020 Ballenstedt, Germany

Born to perish

Are you excited about Destruction’s concert? I get it! Celebrate best German thrash metal show among true metal society! Take on Destruction’s T-shirt or hood, bang your head, leave alone smartphone in your pocket and raise your iron fist for Schmier! Below is the link which will help you to find and purchase Destruction’s merchandise and music (LP / CD).

Now. What do you remember yet from “The Sound of Music”? Mountains? Hills? Lake? Castle? Yeah, let’s look again.

source: Saizburger Land

“Visit the original film locations from “The Sound of Music”

  • Discover beautiful Salzburg and the Salzkammergut
  • Learn the true story of the Von Trapp Family from expert guides
  • Tour the hills that are truly alive to the sound of music
  • See the church where Maria walked down the aisle to meet the Baron”

I believe that everybody even Tsop Alone & Overhead can make this tour but if you really want to explore breathtaking nature of Salzburg area together with the world’s oldest Salt Mine, consider to go rather for this one trip:

Get your guide 100 activities in Salzburg and its surroundings:

Austria is a quiet popular travel destination so if you plan to go there for concert (or wherever whenever actually haha), I would appreciate if you book a hotel or another kind of accommodation using affiliate banner displayed below. It means no additional costs for you but small commission for me which will support Musictivity.

Join our friendly community:

What’s up with Austria? Read my article about Vienna

author: Sam O’Black

Exciter interview + tour

I decided to prepare something special for Musictivity readers when I noticed that the first band in the world which have ever played speed metal announced European tour in November and December 2019.

British Judas Priest have created heavy metal but Canadian Exciter moved this music on entirely new level 40 years ago. It was raw, aggressive, wild, violent and fierce.

Nowadays Exciter is considered as a pioneer of thrash metal. They showed on the scene how to be extreme before Metallika, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth defined thrash metal. I guess that Canadian bands have usually harder way to the top than US bands so we can appreciate that Exciter still exists in 2019 and is full of energy to give us the best show.

Current Exciter line-up:

  • Allan Johnson, bass, Exciter 1980-1988, from 2014; also: ex-Reverend, ex-Beehler, ex-Jet Black
  • Dan Beehler, drums, vocals, Exciter 1980-1988, 1992-1993, from 2014; also: ex-Thrasher, ex-Beehler, ex-Jet Black, ex-Kiljoy
  • Daniel Dekay, guitars, Exciter from 2018; also: Aggressor, ex-Midnight Malice, Diemonds, ex-Shotgun Cure

source: Metal Archives

Asomvel is a special guest on Exciter European Tour. They come from England, play heavy metal since 1993 and released 3 studio albums: “Kamikaze” (2009), “Knuckle Duster” (2013) and “World Shaker” (2019). What I find common both for Exciter and Asomvel is that they play straight to the point. They know how to keep listener’s attention on their music because each moment is meaningful and energetic. Especially Motorhead’s fans will love Asomvel!

Below you can remind yourself entire “Heavy Metal Maniac”, watch new official Asomvel videoclip, check tour dates and read the interview with Exciter’s bassist Allan Johnson.

source: The Classic Heavy Metal Vault

source: Asomvel

02.11.2019 Tokyo, Japan

27.11.2019 Zaragoza, Spain

29.11.2019 London, UK

30.11.2019 Hagen, Germany

01.12.2019 Mannheim, Germany

03.12.2019 Rome, Italy

04.12.2019 Paderno Dugnano, Italy

05.12.2019 Winterthur, Switzerland

06.12.2019 Tilburg, Netherlands

07.12.2019 Kuurne, Belgium

08.12.2019 Billstedt, Germany

Hi \m/ Vocalist and drummer Exciter Dan Beehler sent recently a personal message for all European fans: “Maniacs – get ready for some oldschool punishment as we bring the EXCITER machine pounding through Europe – see you at the front, long live the loud!”. This massage pounded my smartphone. It was almost like Rob Halford’s kick. Rob punished a fan in Chicago (Illinois), 25th May 2019, kicking out a private smartphone from his hands because the guy distracted Rob with too strong flash in the camera. Haha! What kind of punishment do you prepare for European fans and for what a crime? Or maybe Exciter’s concert is a sport?

Allan Johnson: Well maybe punishment is the wrong word to use haha. It’s going to be loud and fierce – that’s the only way we know how to deliver. As for the cell phone thing, during one of our last shows I had two guys standing right in front of (me maybe five feet away) and they videotaped the entire time with their cell phones. Too bad that they missed the show by looking through their phones the whole time. At some point I thought they would stop but they didn’t. It kind of spoils the show for me because you know if you make a mistake it’s going to show up on Youtube the next day. I let people do it though. Otherwise if you get mad at them, you end up looking like a jerk and you lose a few fans.

It seems that you will perform pure metal for the first time since 1986 in England, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. How good contact do you keep with fans from these countries?

Allan Johnson: There are a few fans that like to contact me on Facebook, and that’s cool. I try to reply to everyone that messages me, sometimes it’s difficult to get back to everyone because there are so many messages. There’s also the EXCITER Facebook page which people message us on and it’s me and Dekay that answer over there because Dan is not on Facebook. It’s great to have social media now to be able to communicate with the fans.

What a masterpiece coming from Belgium, Switzerland or Netherlands would you call the most impressive for you (of course it can be music or something not related to music at all)?

Allan Johnson: I don’t know about anything coming from these countries except the beauty of the countries themselves. Whenever we’re in Europe and we travel on land I just really enjoy seeing the countryside and even some of the cities are beautiful too.

Everybody knows that Exciter created speed metal. However I can hear doom metal in “Power And Domination” (“Death Machine”, 2010). There is something about bondage castle in the lyrics on the beginning of this composition. Why bondage castle?

Allan Johnson: We did create speed metal which was then named Thrash metal. We were one of the first bands to do the Death metal vocal style, mainly in the choruses and backing vocals really though, Dan used to overdub some really low vocals but they were mostly lost in the mix and did not become as prominent as we intended. We had nothing to do with the Death Machine album, we didn’t write it or play on it, that were all John’s songs and the lyrics were terrible. Most of the time they don’t even make any sense. Bondage is not something that Dan and I would write about.

Popular proverb states that all roads lead to Rome. So then we have a traffic. And you will play in Traffic Club on 03.12.2019. Two days before in Germany, one day later in another Italiano big city, Milan. Don’t you need more time to immerse yourself in Rome’s atmosphere?

Allan Johnson: We often wish that we could get to see more of the places we travel to but it’s never a standard option. We fly in a day or two before the show, do the show and leave the next day. That’s typical. When we played the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise last year my wife came with me and we booked some extra days to hang out in Florida. It was like a mini vacation for us and it was great. But unfortunately we don’t do it very often. 

I can understand that your wild performance will be so intense that you will actually make the best use of dynamic opportunities available in Rome. That’s amazing because who else is able to experience Rome in one evening? Spartacus could feel jealous!

Allan Johnson: Our performance never changes, we always give it our best. Sometimes you have an off night, or there’s certain things that go wrong, equipment malfunctions or the monitors don’t work right and you can’t hear yourself or what’s going on. You can’t let the audience down though. I’m hoping that this audience takes it all in and enjoys it to the max. But yeah, we only get a bit of time in any place we go to so we have to make the best of it.

Your music is full of aggression but I need to admit that Exciter is likeable. Thank you very much for the interview \m/

Allan Johnson: Thanks, it is aggressive, it’s not metal if it isn’t, and the new music we’re coming out with is the same and better in some ways. We’ve never been comfortable, we’ve always had to fight for everything, nothing ever came easy for us and it still doesn’t in many ways. That comes out in the music, the aggression, the anger, the edge. I think Dan hits the drums even harder than ever, and with the addition of Daniel Dekay who is a wild guitarist on stage we’re better than ever before.

author: Sam O’Black

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Dream Theater + Glasgow 23.02.2020

Dream Theater plays sophisticated music and despite there are so many songs and albums which are worth your undivided attention, you decided to read Musictivity now. I will take full responsibility for this challenge. Let me give you a small gift: exactly 333 words which matter.

“Distance Over Time” is the newest Dream Theater’s album (2019) released by James LaBrie (vocals), John Petrucci (guitars), John Myung (bass), Jordan Rudess (keyboards), Mike Mangini (drums). Perfect team experimented with new sounds rooted in traditional Dream Theater’s approach to heavy metal.

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Dream Theater will perform two concerts in United Kingdom: 21.02.2020 in London and 23.02.2020 in Glasgow (dates in other countries ). London is obvious tourist destination while Glasgow underrated one.

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, located 70km west of Edinburgh. You are able to visit both of these cities during one trip to Scotland so take this opportunity on occasion of Dream Theater’s concert in Glasgow.

Best places to see in Glasgow: Science Centre, People’s Palace and Winter Gardens, George Square, Hunterian Museum.

Best places to see in Edinburgh: Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, Edinburgh Castle, Calton Hill.

source: Time Lapse Photography Scotland

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author: Sam O’Black