Alter Bridge + Paris 09.12.2019

Alter Bridge will release new fresh album “Walk the Sky” on 18.10.2019. Let’s check their upcoming exciting concerts, maybe they will play in your city? If not, first part of December is a perfect time for sightseeing the most touristic destination in the world, Paris.

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Alter Bridge is a popular Americano (Orlando, middle Florida) rock band which create very good music from 2004. They are renowned for songwriting talent. Current line-up features Myles Kennedy (vocals, guitar), Mark Tremonti (guitar, vocals, also Creed), Brian Marshall (bass) and Scott Phillips (drums). As far their best album is “Fortress” (2013) but let’s check some new vibes from upcoming “Walk the Sky”:

Source: Alter Bridge

Special guests during Alter Bridge’s show in Paris on 09.12.2019 are Shinedown and The Raven Age!

source: Shinedown

source: The Raven Age

I publish newest & hottest songs of presented bands on purpose. I would be glad if you know not only the best albums from the past, but also perceive the rock art as a thriving cultural phenomenon. You want to belong to the group of funs, aren’t you?

After clicking on the banner below you will be redirected to EMP store where you can buy Alter Bridge’s and Shinedown’s CDs, LPs and limited DVD. Enjoy!

Paris is considered as a most culturally magnificent city in the whole world. Despite it’s on many bucket lists, I’m also aware that some visitors don’t appreciate Paris. However all people who have ever complained to me about Paris have overpaid for super hot and mega crowdy time in France without accurate preparation. Paris is not Amsterdam (so good!), you can not loosely speak in English to all people around, customers aren’t treated with sweat WELKOM and all buildings seem to look somehow… well, uncolorful.

First ice breaking word which you need to use in contact with French people is “bonjour”. Even if you don’t speak French at all, you simply need to start any kind of conversation with this French word. Bonjour. Bonjour. Bonjour. There are some other polite expressions which are nice to remember but this one seems to be most essential: bonjour 🙂

Early December is a Christmas season in Paris and French Christmas markets look amazing. But most visitors flock to Paris for period around 24 – 31 December so you have a chance to find more reasonable accommodation in the first part of December, what perfectly fits to Alter Bridge’s concert on 09.12.2019. Let’s check what is available in Montmartre or in Marais first, I think that these areas are the best to find a hotel for cultural tourists. Click on the banner below and you be will redirected to reliable Agoda.

Climate in December is quite cold (3-8 degree C) with average rainfall 49 milimeters (1.9 inches). It’s too warm for snow but you need to wear a winter jacket and scarf to feel comfortable. It’s actually a good news for you because this kind of weather diminishes crowd so you wouldn’t wait many hours in long lines to enter best attractions. Louvre, the largest and the most famous museum in the world isn’t crowded in winter!

You need to prepare well before going to Paris. Would be perfect to know what exactly you like to see and what you are interested in. It’s not enough to write on a bucket list: Louvre, Disneyland, Eiffel, Arc of Triumph and Versailles.

For example only one Louvre contains 380 000 objects! I wouldn’t see the original Low Code Stele of Hammurabi without prior preparation. This inostensible piece of stone was the most spectacular object which I learned about in Paris.

It’s necessary to search informations also about other museums in Paris before going there for holidays. Good example: self-portrait of Van Gogh in Musse D’Orsay, such an iconic masterpiece (1889)!

Another easy to miss object is a following sculpture. If you crave to spend quality time in Paris then you need to know who (and why?) is riding a horse in front of Versaille. Sure, guide will tell you everything, but you don’t need to feel overwhelmed.

Make a detailed list of few (not too many!) art masterpieces which you would love to see in Paris. Regardless how many days are you going to spend in Paris, you aren’t able to experience everything what is worth your attention. This film from Withlocals will help you with this complicated task:

Otherwise, you can also get your guide and check ASAP 802 activities in Paris:

Prices in Paris are very expensive but early December may be more affordable. I spend my last birthday in Paris (not December but January, I’m a Capricorn) and locals offered me food for free three times.

Remember to always keep some coins in your pocket as not every vendor accept debt/credit cards. Once I asked for a crepe in the middle of park, nice man started to make it for me but then I realized that I have no coins. I asked him to wait a minute until I will find an ATM and in this case I didn’t need to eat but I felt obligated to pay. He answered that let it be a gift. Another time I was in rush from Versaille to train station so I picked a quick meal in KFC (haha). I booked an order using a machine, not at counter. But generous staff informed me that this kind of sandwich is not available at the moment so I can choose another one and get a drink for free. I thanked and grabbed just an another sandwich. It was OK for me. And the last case was in Gallery Lafayette. I ordered some macarons from Pierre Herme and they let me taste one experimental flavor for free. I wouldn’t call Parisian greed. At least not in off season and not when I remember about “bonjour” 😉

Alter bridge and “enjoy an à-la-carte dinner on-board whilst cruising on River Seine. Discover the City of Lights from the water and see the iconic monuments of Paris illuminated”.

I hope that I sparked a brainstorm among few Alter Bridge’s funs so please share this article with your friends who are also interested in Paris. Feel welcome to subscribe Musictivity.

author: Sam O’Black

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