Deep Purple + Sofia 07.12.2019

Get ready for Deep Purple concert. Watch newest videos, don’t waste precious time and consider cultural trips.

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Current Deep Purple line-up: Ian Gillan (vocals), Ian Paice (drums), Roger Glover (bass), Steve Morse (guitars), Don Airey (keyboards, organ). How do you feel with this? We had already 17 years to accept this fact. Too many things around us on the world are straight so remember about joy and have fun with Deep Purple in 2019.

This team released four studio albums: “Bananas” (2003), “Rapture of the Deep” (2005), “Now What?!” (2013) and “Infinite” (2017). In my opinion “Now What?!” is not only the best album among these four longplays but also the best one since “Perfect Strangers”. It’s a fine example of contemporary hard rock created by old school masters. We can appreciate.

Current Deep Purple’s label earMUSIC presents the official music video to “Vincent Price”. Take a note the scenery comes from Dungeon in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been there are I can recommend this particular Dungeon for truly engaging and bloodcurdling spectacle.


Then you are welcome to watch “All I Got Is You” in sake of getting know the newest album “Infinite”. It’s a great idea to hark to this music before going for concert.


You can buy Deep Purple T-shirts & CDs & DVDs in EMP – the largest rock&metal merch store in whole Europe. They have “Now What?!” for 6.99euro, “Infinite” for 9.99euro, T-shirts for 14.99euro/17.99euro (at least when I visited their website on 08.09.2019), also few older albums, concert albums, DVD, something cool for each fun.

Officially we know only some upcoming Deep Purple’s dates in USA at the moment but I inquired from another source about Deep Purple’s show in Ostrava (Czech Republic) on 04.12.2019 and Sofia (Bulgaria) on 07.12.2019. Great!

Buy your tickets here

I know that “co je Ceskie to je dobre” but Bulgaria has Plovdiv – the European capital of culture 2019 located 150km south east of Sofia while Ostrava is an unofficial European capital of polluted air not only 2019. So would be better to set on to another Czech city Prague for Bruce Dickinson and to Sofia for Deep Purple

Tickets for Deep Purple in USA:

Find Tickets Today at

Tickets for Deep Purple in Ostrava:

Tickets for Deep Purple in Sofia:

If you crave to see Deep Purple concert abroad than I would recommend Agoda – a reliable and popular website with huge selection of different types of accommodation (hotels, motels, apartments, name it). I like them because they always offer many discounts. Expect to pay merely around 60 euro / night for 4 start hotel or below 50 euro / night for 3 start hotel in Sofia.

The main point of Musictivity may be defined as: travel, go crazy on concert, don’t miss cultural attractions, use your time, enjoy your favorite music in unique places. The word musictivity derives from a mix of different art styles and I indeed glean informations from different sources to improve quality of your music experience. I try to share with you all the best what you need to be better prepared for rock concerts. Hence if you go to Bulgaria for Deep Purple then keep your mind open also for side trips. Sofia deserves your attention.

My intention isn’t to submit daily reports neither publish quirky pictures tracing all of my steps because nobody needs that! Instead, I will show you following video with promise that you will not waste any second during watching it. Let’s go!

source: MaxMedia | Skymedia

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, beautiful European country situated between Greece, North Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and Turkey with access to the Black Sea. Sofia’s population is 1 240 000. Currency Bulgarian lev (BGN) worth around 1 BGN = 0.5 euro. Weather in December: average temp 7C degree, humidity 80%, rain 51mm/month, wind 4km/h, sun 9h/day.

Get your guide: over 150 activities in (or from) Sofia:

“Explore the highlights of Sofia, one of the oldest cities in Europe, on a comprehensive 8-hour tour of the historic center and suburbs”.

“Escape the crowds in the city and enjoy the fresh mountain air of Vitosha. Dive into the winter wonderland of the oldest national park in the Balkans during this full-day snowshoe walk to the highest peak of the mountain”.

Plovdiv is one of the oldest city in the world and the European capital of culture 2019. “Your adventure tour of Plovdiv and Rhodope Mountain starts with pickup from your hotel/accommodation in Sofia (…) This day-trip is the best combination of history, culture, nature, and adventure. It is not just a sightseeing tour, but is also pure fun.”

source: Plovdiv2019

There’s still a long way to go
And the nights are closing in
But if I’d traveled any faster babe
Lord knows where I might have been

Right from those early days
I put my faith in the axle not the wheels
Like old Zeno’s toytus
with Achilles snapping at my heels

Deep Purple “All the Time in the World”

Make yourself a favor and prepare your Bulgarian itinerary today.

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author: Sam O’Black

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