Destruction + Salzburg 03.12.2019

Sometimes we hang out in social media for relax and suddenly notice something enthralling to share with others. I saw recently a funny question on Facebook. Somebody asked what would never say true metalhead? Some ideas:

Maria: “You know how Sister Berta always makes me kiss the floor after we’ve had a disagreement? Well, lately I’ve taken to kissing the floor whenever I see her coming, just to save time.”

Kurt: “I haven’t had so much fun since the day we put glue on Fräulein Josephine’s toothbrush.”

Captain von Trapp: “You have brought music back in to my life. I had forgotten.”

Captain von Trapp: “The first rule of this household is discipline.”

Captain von Trapp: “Oh, how clumsy of me – I meant to accuse you.”

source of quotes:

Wait. Wait. Wait. Let’s take what you want but who the heck is Post Malone? What all of these people have common with Destruction tour?

We pretend to raise our kids in the most positive way
For real we educate sheep that fulfill the cliché
We built an empire of lies to damage the helpless the stranded
A business model backhanded

Destruction “Filthy Wealth”

Don’t be a metal sheep! True metalhead can say and can do whatever she / he desires to say and do. Take inspiration from any source you like. More sources mean more diversified experiences. The more joy you experience in life, the more creative you become so then you can assess what is worth your attention and what is a cliché (your original thought vs foolish stereotype).

Take for instance Destruction “Born to Perish” and “Sound of Music” by Robert Wise.

Thrash metal album is new and aggressive (09.08.2019) while the musical drama seems to be somehow odd. You know, film from 1965, long before Exciter created extreme metal (my interview with Exciter ). It can be strange for you 😉 but remember that metal is also peculiar for many unexperienced listeners. Good art often demands time to be understood. “Sound of Music” tells a heartwarming story which happened exactly in the same city where Destruction will perform the concert soon (Salzburg, Austria, 03.12.2019) so open your mind and enter the world of contradictions: Robert Wise together with Destruction.

source: Fox Family Entertainment


Compare this atmosphere with traditional Destruction thrash metal.

source: Nuclear Blast Records

Schmier could play in blizzard of Ozz and ask: “who is Robert Wise? I know Pennywise. I don’t know Robert Wise!” Nevermind. Przemyslaw’s cracked brain.

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Destruction is considered as a leader and one of the best ensemble ever on German thrash metal scene (similar bands: Exumer, Kreator, Minotaur, Sodom, Mekong Delta, Tankard). Perhaps their best album is “Release From Agony” but it was recorded in 1987. Current line-up: Schmier (bassist, vocalist), Mike (guitarist), Randy Black (drummer, also member of heavy metal super group Level 10) and Damir Eskić (lead guitarist from Switzerland). These very experienced and open minded musicians are currently on European leg of “Wings Over Europe” tour with Overkill and Flotsam and Jetsam.

Upcoming Destruction concerts:

22.09.2019 Herford, Germany

23.09.2019 Wiesbaden, Killfest Tour 2019, Germany -> ticket

24.09.2019 Antwerpen, Belgium

28.09.2019 Ugarana, Dimetal Fest, Spain

25.10.2019 Selestat, Rock Your Brain Festival, France

08.11.2019 Helsinki, Steelchaos Festival, Finland

09.11.2019 Oldenburg In Holstein, Metal Hammer Paradise, Germany

03.12.2019 Salzburg, Austria -> buy ticket

04.12.2019 Bratislava, Slovakia

05.12.2019 Ostrava, Czech Republic

06.12.2019 Chrudim, Czech Republic

07.12.2019 Balingen, Crazy X-Mas, Germany

12.01.2020 Büßfeld, M.I.S.E. Open Air, Germany

01.07.2020 Ballenstedt, Germany

Born to perish

Are you excited about Destruction’s concert? I get it! Celebrate best German thrash metal show among true metal society! Take on Destruction’s T-shirt or hood, bang your head, leave alone smartphone in your pocket and raise your iron fist for Schmier! Below is the link which will help you to find and purchase Destruction’s merchandise and music (LP / CD).

Now. What do you remember yet from “The Sound of Music”? Mountains? Hills? Lake? Castle? Yeah, let’s look again.

source: Saizburger Land

“Visit the original film locations from “The Sound of Music”

  • Discover beautiful Salzburg and the Salzkammergut
  • Learn the true story of the Von Trapp Family from expert guides
  • Tour the hills that are truly alive to the sound of music
  • See the church where Maria walked down the aisle to meet the Baron”

I believe that everybody even Tsop Alone & Overhead can make this tour but if you really want to explore breathtaking nature of Salzburg area together with the world’s oldest Salt Mine, consider to go rather for this one trip:

Get your guide 100 activities in Salzburg and its surroundings:

Austria is a quiet popular travel destination so if you plan to go there for concert (or wherever whenever actually haha), I would appreciate if you book a hotel or another kind of accommodation using affiliate banner displayed below. It means no additional costs for you but small commission for me which will support Musictivity.

Join our friendly community:

What’s up with Austria? Read my article about Vienna

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