Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

Phil Campbell is Phil Campbell. Welsh guitarist known from over 30 years playing in Motorhead (everything since “Orgasmatron”). Lemmy passed in 2015 😦 Phil Campbell continues career with new musicians as Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons and also is recording new solo album right now.

source: Voy 99

I heard Motorhead for the first time around “Inferno” in 2004 and it’s my favorite album featuring Phil Campbell. I remember wearing T-shirt with “Inferno” cover in front and Lemmy + Phil Campbell + Mikkey Dee on the back. Rock’n’roll live forever and Motorhead will stay with us until resurrection of Jesus. But Motorhead can not play new stuff without Lemmy. As simple as that, no Lemmy – no new Motorhead. These albums and concerts where Phil Campbell played on guitars are timeless and irreplaceable indeed because of Lemmy \m/

Motorhead’s drummer Mikkey Dee joined Scorpions in 2016 while Motorhead’s guitarist Phil Campbell is creating own music. You know, nothing new – Bastard Sons album “The Age Of Absurdity” (2018) presents good, old school, ass kicking rock’n’roll with modern sound. Not really aggressive metal, definitely not soft shit, just traditional dynamic hard rock with proper riffs & groove. Listenable songs for all Motorhead’s fans.

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Young vocalist Neil Starr makes his job alright. He is a friend of Phil Campbell and he has no problem to perform in front of large audiences. I can say with confidence that Neil Starr doesn’t irritate, doesn’t try to copy Lemmy, doesn’t pretend fucking rock adolescent star. Perhaps there are some people who will never accept anybody else on vocal than Lemmy when Phil Campbell plays on guitar. I don’t care, for me Neil Starr is ok. There are many melodies and catchy fragments on “The Age Of Absurdity” and Neil Starr sings that well. Just check out full Bastard Sons’ performance from Wacken Open Air 2016 so you will get what I’m talking about 🙂 It’s too long for embedding on Musictivity so grab your link and enjoy

This is the official video clip to “Dark Days”, new material from Phil Campbell & Bastard Sons:

source: Nuclear Black Records

Nowhere to go
But I’m not looking back
Save me now before it’s too late

Different time, different place
Different shoes but I’m walking the same

Phil Campbell & Bastard Sons “Dark Days”

Phil Campbell will release first solo (it’s something else than Bastard Sons) album “Old Lions Still Roar” on 25.10.2019 with Dee Snider on vocal. You can watch trailer to this upcoming longplay here:

Let’s appreciate and buy “The Age of Absurdity”. You can also make pre – order of Phil Campbell’s solo “Old Lions Still Roar” (CD or LP). EMP is the largest on-line store with rock&metal merchandise in Europe so check out also their 216 items of Motorhead.

Upcoming shows of Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons (read about sightseeing opportunities in some among following cities )

28.09.2019 Magic Mirror, Le Havre, France

13.10.2019 Megacruise, Los Angeles, California

29.10.2019 The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-trent, England

30.10.2019 Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland

01.11.2019 Rebellion, Manchester, England

02.11.2019 The Dome, London, England

03.11.2019 Epic Studios, Norwich, England

04.11.2019 Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, England

06.11.2019 Engine Rooms, Southampton, England

07.11.2019 KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton, England

08.11.2019 Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, England

09.11.2019 Tramshead, Cardiff, Wales

29.11.2019 Gebaude 9, Cologne, Germany

30.11.2019 Logo, Hamburg, Germany

01.12.2019 BI NUU, Berlin, Germany

02.12.2019 Hirsch, Nuremberg, Germany

04.12.2019 Beatpol – Dresden e.V., Gittersee (village by Dresden), Germany

05.12.2019 Backstage Concerts GmbH, Munich, Germany

06.12.2019 DAS BETT – Live Musik Club, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

07.12.2019 NIKOLAUT Winter Fest, Oberhausen – rheinhausen, Germany

Tickets for concerts in USA:

Find Tickets Today at

Eventim sells tickets for events in Europe:

If you like to support the big family of Phil Campbell’s fans, please remember to book your accommodation each time using the picture displayed below (click on it, thanks!).

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I’ve already written on Musictivity about unique attractions available in some among cities where Phil Campbell is gonna perform soon I think that I should to add something about Munich as well. It’s a capital and the largest city of Bavaria, third largest in whole Germany (after Berlin and Hamburg). I know that you kinda thirsty reading like this about Munich, but Phil will not play there in October 😉 I’m a Motorhead fan so I will not fool around about Bavarian greenery. Some cool landmarks:

– Marienplatz (square in the city center with nice Christmas Market, majestic New Town Hall and more modest white Old Town Hall)

– Nymphenburg Palace (baroque palace – yes, Motorhead fans know that since now; main summer residence of House of Wittelsbach – Bavarian royal family from XI century, “God save the queen”)

-Munich Residence (the largest city palace in whole Germany, also used by House of Wittelsbach)

– BMW Museum (established in 1973 when Lemmy was a Hawkwind’s member yet)

– Olympiapark (beside not really green grass in December, there is an Olympic Tower with panorama view over Munich and occasionally some extra attractions)

– Isartor Gate (decorative gothic city gate from 1337 with frescos by Bernhard von Neher and museum dedicated to comedian actor Karl Valentin)

Munich is especially beautiful after sunset.

source: travelwithus

Get your guide, 154 experiences in Munich

“The Jochen Schweizer Arena has a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient indoor skydiving facility. Within the chamber a turbulence-free stream of air reaches speeds of up to 285 km/h. This provides the ideal training conditions for all free-fall disciplines in parachuting (formation & freefly).

During your flight, you receive constant support from the experienced flight instructors. No prior knowledge is required for a flight in the wind tunnel”.

Because you know we do it right
A mission every night
It’s a bomber, it’s a bomber

Motorhead “Bomber”

Skydiving experience in Munich:

Available also for two people at the same time (of course in Munich):

Thank you for reading Musictivity. Stay tuned!

author: Sam O’Black

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