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Bang your head in rhythm of pure U.S. thrash metal from Bay Area. Bands: Death Angel, Testament and Exodus will perform following gigs:

06.02.2020 Copenhagen, Denmark

07.02.2020 Stockholm, Sweden

10.02.2020 Helsinki, Finland

11.02.2020 Tampere, Finland

13.02.2020 Hamburg, Germany

14.02.2020 Oberhausen, Germany

19.02.2020 Wroclaw, Poland

20.02.2020 Vienna, Austria

21.02.2020 Munich, Germany

22.02.2020 Filderstadt, Germany

25.02.2020 Milan, Italy

27.02.2020 Barcelona, Catalonia

29.02.2020 Toulouse, France

01.03.2020 Paris, France

03.03.2020 Bristol, England

04.03.2020 Dublin, Ireland

06.03.2020 London, England

07.03.2020 Manchester, England


I love and appreciate poster of this tour because it shows that bands are aware of rich cultural heritage of visiting cities. I can recognize Paris, London, Berlin, Milan among 6 pictures which they have chosen to promote this tour.

source: Nuclear Blast Records https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfJ5C0kJZPI

Chuck Billy wants to see everybody so if you don’t live in any of cities mentioned in their agenda, you can consider to plan a trip and then attend a concert. Each option seems to be really attractive however I would like to suggest Helsinki, capital of Finland.

What is the price you’ll pay, no need to beg or borrow
Is there a better way will our children see tomorrow
Don’t live in yesterday, so take the lead not follow
Forever holiday, we have the final say

Testament “Stronghold”


Although not an obvious candidate for travel bucket list, Helsinki is the most kept secret of northern Europe.

Get your guide and make use of your time (regardless how long, you can always find something inspirational):


Book your hotel and sleep like a human:


Grab your T-shirt and look like a fan:


If idea of sightseeing Finland appear to you as a calm time before the storm at gig than you may be just right: contact with silent nature, relax in sauna, overall peaceful atmosphere.

But if you give it a try, you have a chance to experience the most exciting time in your entire life!


Come on, you can always go to southern Europe for hot summer sunbathing but Death Angel, Exodus and Testament together on the same scene is a one and only event which screams for epic scenery!

Their gigs are extremely intensive so let’s behave crazy as you like but make yourself a favor and instead drinking too much alcohol, let’s go to Mustikkamaa’s bridge afterwards, glaze at nordic stars and never forget that you live to fight and win.

Aurora Borealis, Finland, Inari

Once in Helsinki, do not miss a visit in recently established Museum of Impossible Forms. From their website: “(…) is a cultural space. For us the Museum is a contested Space and it represents a contact zone, a space of unlearning, formulating identity constructs, norm-critical consciousness and critical thinking”. Sounds almost like a theme for excellent rock lyrics so it could be inspiring both for fans and musicians. You may take metro M2 from Kampin Metroasema (main bus station) to Gårdsbacka Metrostation and then get to the second floor of the Kontula mall. Caution: due to information on museum’s website you need to contact with them before and confirm if they are open on Thursday between 11a.m. and 5p.m. You can also check out their events calendar here:


But there is something more to Finland. Helsinki is cool and vibrant. Helsinki is full of vivid energy.

Just go to downtown and join group of young people who ice skate. It’s all up to your current choice how do you feel. Helsinki Card “offers a unique way to experience the city. You’ll enjoy free public transport, free entry to the main sights and museums, a free sightseeing tour and discounts on dining, shopping, and tours.”


Helsinki, Port, Katajanokka, Evening, City, Ship

Do you have plenty energy to explore wilderness of big city nightlife? Yeah, then Helsinki goes above expectations! Tavastia Club and On the Rocks are popular rock music clubs in Helsinki.

TripAdvisor catalogs 77 nightlife venues like bars, clubs or discos. Full list with hundreds reliable reviews:


For people more interested in tradition, there is Seurasaari Open-Air Museum located on island 4km from the city centre (take bus number 24), where “you are immediately transported to a rural landscape from the olden days. Take a peek at life in days of yore in smoke cabins, crofts and manors, participate in a guided tour, have a closer look at the renovated parsonage and its garden, and immerse yourself in history with a hands-on approach”.


You can find and even feed our cute winter friends, seven reindeers, in Nuuksio Reindeer Park, 30km from Helsinki.

This park is private so you need to book your visit in advance and be aware of price 300 euro up to 10 visitors (no problem to upgrade if your group is bigger). To get there, you need to take a train from Helsinki to Espoo (8 stops, 25 minutes) and later make a transfer to bus number 245 from Espoo to Punjonsuo (27 stops, 23 minutes). Then you need to look for sign Karhunpesä and reindeer advertisement. If you wish, you may stay overnight in stylish hut made from natural materials inside this park.

According to recent studies reindeer’s meat is one of the healthiest food ever. It’s a good idea to ask hosts of Nuuksio Reindeer Park about this delicious meal. Traditionally people in Finland’s province of Lapland used to eat reindeers itself (and drink reindeers milk too) but nowadays this dish is eaten in whole Finland. They call it Poronkäristys.

Finland, Reindeer, Browse, Deer, Wood

nähdä sinut Suomessa!

Don’t worry about language barrier because Finnish people speak English very well and using public means of transportation around/in Helsinki couldn’t be easier so you have no chance to lost there. Websites with detailed informations are available in English and in few other languages.

See you in Finland!

author: Sam O’Black

Access Denied – interview

Sam O’Black: The purpose of this interview is to present the Polish band Access Denied on the global arena. The band was founded in 2003, it has recorded three studio albums, performed many concerts on the Polish stage as well as abroad. Why, in your opinion, the music of Access Denied deserves the interest of listeners from other countries? What’s unique about Access Denied?

Agnieszka Sulich: We find it hard to talk about our ‘uniqueness’, as we’re not unique. It doesn’t, however, change the fact that we love music, we record albums, play concerts, and, though it’s hard to gain the media support, we do what we enjoy. We always do our best, regardless of the fact we play for five or 5 thousand people.

“So many people I want to know

So many places I want to go

Life is too short to stay at home

It’s perfect time to rock’n’roll”

Access Denied “Go Go Go”

Side note: I was an Access Denied fan even before they released debut longplay in 2009. Since then, I am pleased to receive directly from the band their following albums, each much better than previous. They definitely don’t buy their songs on fiverr for 5 USD. On the contrary, Access Denied’s music is a handmade artwork, heavy metal with genuine feelings. Perhaps this is nothing unique in the Universe, well they are keen to action, not keen to sit at home and write poems about own extraordinariness… But Access Denied is Access Denied, excellent band with own remarkable tone, nobody play exactly like them!

Access Denied “Go go go” official video clip:


According to the information inside the box of your latest album “Access Denied”, currently the band consists of: vocalist Agnieszka Sulich, guitarist Jack Kolankiewicz, guitarist Mateusz Krauze, bassist Adrian Jegorow and drummer Dariusz Brzozowski. What role in the music process does each musician play?

All correct, except for Darek 😉 Darek is our dear friend. On a day-to-day basis he plays, among others, in Dimmu Borgir, and on our newest album he’s been a session musician. After our old drummer Michael Lysejko had left and joined Decapitated, we needed someone with a new approach. We rehearsed and arranged the songs. I must admit, we’ve learnt a lot from Darek. He’s an experienced musician and knows the ropes – many years in Dimmu or Vader can prove it.

And so, I’m in charge of vocal, lyrics, etc., while music is down to Mateusz and Jack. And the song arrangements are made mainly by Darek and Mateusz. Some ideas born at the music studio with the producer.

What’s the role of each musician of Access Denied? Who’s the leader? Who’s engaging most with the audience at the concerts? Is Dariusz Brzozowski your regular drummer at the moment? Or are you looking for a new one?

A tough question (mmm)… we don’t have a typical leader in the band. We make all decisions mutually, at rehearsals we’re discussing what’s best for us and then we strike a balance. We always get on well. Darek isn’t our official band member, but he’s always ready to help 🙂 Lukasz Raczkowski has been with us for more than two years and he has to face Daray’s compositions. When it comes to contact with the audience during our concerts, it’s my part.

You’ve recorded three great albums: “The Memorial” (2009), “Touch of Evil” (2011), “Access Denied” (2018). I’ve listened to them many times. I am especially fond of the two features. The first is how you operate the contrasts. Have there been any moments when you had some contrary ideas and music techniques?

Have you ever composed something that you liked, but it didn’t appeal to the other members? How do you deal with such situations?

Yes, generally, we happen to have different point of views, and, as I mentioned earlier, we’re sitting down and discussing it together. We’re playing different variants, listening, and picking up what’s best for us. Let me give you an example: for instance, the song “Lies” from the latest album, we play it at 200bpm and its music climate reminds of Testament – it’s the idea of Mariusz and Michael Lysiejko. Jack wanted to keep it at 165bpm in the atmosphere of Iron Maiden, he found it hard to get used to our vision and didn’t like it at all in the beginning. Now he can’t imagine this song be played differently 🙂 This is how we work, we can easily talk to each other.

The other feature I’d like to mention is your vocal technique development. You keep singing better and better with every next album! Seriously, I can hear the difference between now and then. How did you learn to sing? How do you improve your voice? What’s your ambition as a vocalist?

Thank you very much for the compliment on my singing. I still think there’s a lot of training ahead of me, though. Nevertheless, I try to do my best in what I do, as much as I can. Now I’m more open to more experienced people’s advices. I eagerly listen to comments and I try taking as much as possible from my music idols. It’s not, though, about copying, it’s rather about the way of thinking and creating beautiful melody or lyrics. I think of, among others, Rob Halford from Judas Priest, or Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch. I’ve had the opportunity to meet these two men and they’re not only excellent vocalists but also very kind and great people. Rob even got our album :).

Rob Halford holding the second Access Denied album “Touch of Evil”

You come from Poland, the country of original history and unique values and beliefs. I often hear from Icelanders they’re planning to visit Poland: go to Cracow or to a wonderful (and cheap) dentist (haha) someone else was in Warsaw for a whole month and didn’t have enough. What would you advise the Icelander on holidaying in Poland?

Well, no wonder here, Poland is a beautiful and interesting country. Especially when you earn money abroad and spend it in Poland. I recommend to start from Gdynia. And, of course, come to one of the Access Denied concerts.

Is there much interest in your music among the Poles living abroad? Do you also get foreign fans coming to your concerts? What feedback does Access Denied receive from the media abroad?

Well, frankly speaking, it’s not the Polish people, but the general audience of a certain country where we perform.

What are your memories of the Access Denied concerts abroad so far (e.g. In Finland)?

Very good. We’ve always had fun together. Whether we play in Finland, Sweden or anywhere else. Only journeys are troublesome, you know airports, check-ins, buses etc., but there’s a way for dealing with it 😉

It often happens in heavy metal music that the melody of vocal lines doesn’t correspond with the pessimistic rendering of lyrics. In the case of Access Denied, I mean the song “Fool of Love”. If I didn’t know the English language, I’d think of it as a melodic, nice, even cheerful piece whereas the lyrics concern “the biggest failure in life”. Tell me if my interpretation is wrong.

This is a very good question. As a matter of fact, the songs atmosphere in the album in 99% corresponds with the theme. For instance, “Lies” is a powerful metal song with a substantial dose of anger expressed on instruments and in vocal, and, e.g., “Last Breath” is very nostalgic, telling about the loss of someone important. On the other hand, in “Fool of Love”, I tried a certain literary trick, and the song is more about that we make mistakes and have to make up for them, but the “happy” tune, sort of Volbeat, is supposed to refer to the fact that it’s never too late for a change in our lives. The idea behind this song is to give hope and faith in oneself.

You’ve claimed in various interviews that the latest Access Denied album is not 100% metal and wasn’t intended to be such. I can confirm that it’s obvious. But we can notice that Judas Priest has also recorded many non-metal songs in his best albums (especially in the 70s). What inspired you to create this rich and contrast content of “Access Denied”? Was it a natural result of your broad inspirations (what inspirations?), or did you want to reach a similar effect to your idols (Judas Priest or others?)

You hit the bull’s eye. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Judas Priest and 5FDP. Two different music schools. The classic European heavy and the modern American metal. Two different planets, so distant from each other, but at the same time both are my inspiration. We can hear it in the song “Lift Me Up” where Rob sang as guest with 5FDP, it was outstanding. And as I’ve already said, I’ve met Rob and Ivan, I’ve also been at Kevin Churko’s studio in Las Vegas, where for many years 5FDP has been recording. I was delighted when Kevin emailed us after he’d got our album to let us know what he thought about the Access Denied melodies and songs. His words of recognition mean a lot to me and motivate to further work. Kevin is a great producer and a very nice man, he recorded with Ozzy, Disturbed, 5FDP, and many other recognised artists.

To be honest, I’d really like to meet and talk to Andy Sneap too. Both Kevin in the U.S. and Andy in Europe are interesting protagonists in the world of music. I love Andy’s works such as the recent Judas Priest, Accept or Arch Enemy. It’s my dream to meet him in person, and possibly record something together. Who knows, dreams tend to come true.

Why so much anger and pain in “Access Denied”?

That’s what life is 😦

On a different note, I’d like to congratulate you on conveying the strong emotions in “Pain”. It’s a moving song, strongly affecting the listener. Is it a universal song or you had something specific on your mind?

Thank you. I can see you’ve listened to the album carefully. I really like such interviews and interesting questions. “Pain” is a very personal piece. Some time ago my father passed away. Everyone realizes such a day will come and we’re going to lose somebody. We seem to know it, but we can’t prepare for it. The song concerns that there’re moments in life we can’t do anything about, we can’t control, and the only certain thing is death 😦

source: Access Denied – Topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi3atudMu8k

What do you think about the idea of recording the metal version of Polish carols, as Rob Halford did it in “Celestial” (the premiere on 18.10.19)?

I know this album, but I don’t see myself in such a repertoire. I prefer to listen to Rob 🙂

Many times, you’ve played with the best Polish rock band TSA. I find it sad the way TSA ended. I saw video on YouTube from their performance with the vocalist who wanted to replace Marek Piekarczyk. It shouldn’t have happened. TSA is the legend and the heritage of the Polish rock music. There was a time they played without Piekarczyk but it was a long time ago (and forgotten). Did you witness those events ‘offstage’? What’s your view on this?

Yes, we performed with TSA and we witnessed the events… Nothing nice at all, but I don’t think I should talk about it publicly. People are different and should deal with their issues between each other. For me TSA was, is and will be the legend of the Polish music scene. HEAVY METAL WORLD!!!

source: trzezwyjakswinia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgAF27UjyNk

What are your ambitions and plans in terms of the Access Denied presence globally? Would you like to tour internationally, Europe and USA?

Obviously we’ll play anytime and anywhere with great pleasure. Our ambitions and plans are to meet new more experienced people, learn from them and record interesting songs. For example with the mentioned Andy.

I wish you and Access Denied lots of successes in your further musical career. The internet and social media enable contact with the fans all over the world, so go ahead and conquer the world!

Do you want to say something to your fans abroad?

Thank you very much for your interest in Access Denied and the superb interview. All the best to the people who will read it and see you at our concerts. Maybe we’ll perform in Iceland as well!

written by: Sam O’Black and Agnieszka Sulich

Rx27 interview

I’ve received an interesting e-mail from Manager of Rx27 – art punk rock band from Los Angeles which felt determined to share with me their music ideas. I listen to punk rock really seldom so honestly I don’t feel confident enough to assess this music. Instead, I decided to give Rx27 few questions to understand better their point of view. Check out their newest video clip and read what Thad, Maxine and Joie have to say about Rx27 🙂

Official Rx27 website: http://www.therx27.com/

source: BlankTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Soyl2hCL6rw

How did you create Rx27?

Thad: Rx27 has evolved from a need to express our point of view and desire to craft songs that have the ability to penetrate the veil of mediocrity that permeates what is considered popular music.

Maxine: I actually just met Joie and Thad in these last couple months, and had the honor of joining them while we worked on music at Paul Roessler’s Kitten Robot Studio.

Joie: A friend introduced me to Thad and we had a mutual passion for great songs with to die for lyrics. Music that makes you feel something that you’ve never felt before. I found a kindred spirit in Thad. We had the same desire for writing songs. So we just wrote a bunch of songs, got some guys together and really made some beautiful art. Then finding Maxine was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I always heard a female voice in my head that would sing along with me and when she walked into our lives I knew I found that voice! I haven’t had these caliber level musicians in a long time! I’ve been writing songs ever since but now to have a unified band that has the same belief is like heaven on earth, not to be over dramatic.

What are your biggest music inspirations?

Maxine: The artists and bands that never back down from telling it like it is, straight up, direct, in your face. I have also fallen in love with those gifted in using their poetry and spoken word, and inspire me to use that in their music..using powerful imagery to transport me to them instantly.

Thad: Anyone or anything that speaks truth and can somehow manage to make it stick in your head.

Joie: I guess it would be my feeling. They kind of dictate how I see the world and if I’m in a good mood I see the world is a great place if I see the world as a shitty place then I’m having shitty feelings. Feeling lyric is better than thinking about a lyric and if I can get my mind in my heart on the same page then I know I can get a good lyric going. I try not to have musical influences but I do like the sounds of 77 punk rock like the clash the damned the dead boys and the new wave bands or goth bands of the 80s. I really like Stiv Bators. He was pretty iconic but got overshadowed by Joey Ramone and Johnny rotten.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 74289634_412141053031712_5192053060666392576_n.jpg

What are your lyrics about?

Thad: Mostly pain and loss…but also sex.

Maxine: Reality, my truth, the darkness, the light, my experiences (good and bad), people in my life, relationships.

Joie: The world around me. The seen and unseen. The believed and unbelievable. Love sex death and what happens when you truly don’t give a damn what anyone says. Songs with purpose and the greater good. And knowing we live in a world of opinions that come at you like facts. Just be smart and don’t let anyone get you down.

What are your dreams and plans regarding concerts?

Maxine: Performing in huge arenas and stadiums!!! Huge dream! I see it happening, can’t say when, but it will.

Joie: Everywhere anywhere that’s will have us. Europe is fun. Places where I have never been. And to play like it’s the last time ever on stage. And incorporate the audience. Be it a club, theatre or stadium. Reach everyone and make them feel something different.

Thad: We would truly love leave our respective lives behind and be able to share our music with a different audience every night for as long as possible. We are moving everything in that direction.

You have recorded fantastic EP. Really ass kicking. What about full album?

Maxine: That will probably be happening in the future sometime. Right now I think we as a band want to give everyone a taste of Rx27 and give them more gradually… as opposed to dumping everything all at once. People get bored very easily and want to look for the next big thing 24/7.

Thad: To be honest I feel that the attention span of both artists and listeners has shortened to the point where asking someone to actually listen to 12 or more songs is self indulgent.  At least for now we intend to release singles and small collections.  This keeps fresh material emerging all the time. 

Joie: We have a lot of songs written, probably two records full of really great songs. We are always writing . That’s what writers do. but in this day a full record would be useless. people don’t digest them or take time to discover what is really going on underneath the song. It is nice to see people really focusing on the lyrics. We can thank the rap game for that. But still with all the music at our fingertips it’s about playlists. It’s a singles world now so we’re going to release a single every month or two with a video.

How is it to live in Los Angeles?

Joie: It’s across between the 7th layer of hell and paradise. It’s pretty hard. But the challenge is to be your own person. Sick city explains it all. I could leave and give you all the reasons but I still stay. The women and music sometimes are great. Opportunity and the weather is amazing. If you are a loner like me you can disappear for weeks. I have done that. It’s also sad seeing wealth and poverty 2 feet away and people are numb to it. I like the way the eagles and Guns N’ Roses and the dead Kennedy’s talk about California. That what I wanted to do with the lyrics of sick city. I did most of my life in the east village. That was a womderful place but like everything else in this world it dies. LA is to big and wierd to die. It may burn to the ground but it will never die. It will always be a mystical place where dreams live or die.

Thad: It’s brutal. It’s survival by will. Here it feels like everything is designed to destroy you. The only things that keep me from sinking are the connections to a few true souls, music, and the belief that we can create a better reality.

Maxine: Nearly impossible, rough, rushed, congested, dirty, dreamy, pretty, intriguing, classic, historic… mind boggling.

Thank you for this interview. Would you like to add something to your fans?

Thad: I’ll leave that to my esteemed friends.

Maxine: A sincere thank you for supporting what we do and joining the ride.

Joie: Thank you for having us and for your readers. Fans is a strange word. The people who like what we do probably have a lot in common with us as people. There’s no difference there’s no line dividing what is a fan and what is an artist. In my opinion life is a work of art. Treat it as such. But I do wanna say to musicians or artist just who find some interesting riff to play and then put some half assed lyrics down and call it a song. Please stop. Music and Lyrics need to be felt like a an old friend or like a destructive enemy. I’m a slave to the song. It’s a process not an assembly line. Even though people make a living assembling songs. Doesn’t make it right. There are so many bands so many songs so many ways to reach people. Give them your best. Give the song time to mature. If you are a writer find your voice. Don’t copy or mimic. Be a slave to song then be a master.

written by: Sam O’Black, Thad, Maxine, Joie

Bruce Dickinson + Paris 14.02.2020

It was the most amazing sound which I ever heard in my life.

Bruce Dickinson read in front of large audience gathered in Icelandic Harpa a question which I dedicated to him during break, took a deep breath and replied: YEAH. He doesn’t even need to sing to make his voice unforgettable. I’m not the only one who experienced this as soon you will also get a chance to catch personal contact with one of the most influential vocalist in the world. Everything what you need is just a one creative sentence which Bruce Dickinson can like. This one was good enough in my case:

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Bruce Dickinson is planning to continue his creative speaking tour this autumn and winter in Europe. We can see a list of seventeen confirmed dates on his official website.

02 – Congress Centre, Budapest, Hungary
04 – Pallas Theatre, Athens, Greece
13 – Madetoja Hall, Oulu, Finland
23 – Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, Canada
29 – Cartuja Center, Seville, Spain

01 – Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, Barcelona, Spain
07 – Teatro Principal – Alicante, Spain
08 – Alua Magna, Lisbon, Portugal
13 – National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
23 – National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

08 – Sala Radio, Bucharest, Romania

14 – La Trianon, Paris, France

March 2020
01 – Kyiv, PC of Aviation University, Ukraine
02 – Kharkiv, Students Palace of NLU, Ukraine
03 – Odesa, Philharmonic Hall, Ukraine

I attended one of this dynamic shows last December in Reykjavik and in my opinion it’s more than worth to recommend even if you need to fly there. Many attractions awaits you such as an autobiography with handwritten autograph (I’m sure that each book is signed with pen by author because there are no two identical signatures), Iron Maiden’s brand 4.7% beer and engaging lecture about your idol’s life. There is also a special section on the end when you can ask your own question.

So much was already written and said about Bruce Dickinson that I completely understand how difficult it can be for you to invent an interesting question. I’m not able to suggest anything because I actually needed to think two full months about it. My inspiration came from another lecture which I saw exactly in the same Icelandic Harpa: David Icke talked ten hours about conspiracy theory in March 2017. After listening his version of our Universe I got some kind of hallucinations but I managed to captured out of this world creatue taking a bath in my bottle with juice:

Well, such a dark green monster in bulb shape with two eyes and wide opened mouth… Haha I needed to ask for advice somebody who used to sing:

“You got to watch them — Be quick or be dead
Snake eyes in heaven — The thief’s in your head”

Iron Maiden “Be Quick Or Be Dead”

If you want to buy Bruce Dickinson’s autobiography separately just to create a question which you would like to ask, remember that he is talented not only as a singer, airline pilot, broadcaster and fencer but also as a writer. His book can significantly help you to understand his point of view albeit there are no evident questions left to ask.

The best think which you can do is to get out of your comfort zone, occupy your mind with another subjects in new place and after that sit down with pen and piece of paper.

The first show will take place in O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic. Bruce Dickinson will perform after break and best fans also want to see him as soon as possible.

Prague is a popular tourist destination with reliable infrastructure, you could rather afraid of crowds than anything else while going there for city break or even longer holidays.

Get your guide https://www.getyourguide.com/s/?q=prague&customerSearch=true&partner_id=QL9T477&utm_medium=online_publisher&utm_source=poblak%40europe.com&placement=content-middle&cmp=Dickinson

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cshow.php

your Bruce Dickinson’s solo CDs for 6,99 – 9,99euro

The best way to discover highlights of major European cities is to take a part in tour with professional guide who would share his cultural fascinations with you. As Paris is the most romantic city in the World, you may open here your mind for new way of thinking about your question to Bruce Dickinson on the Valentine day 😉

Read my personal opinion about Paris:


“While being outdoors has many cognitive benefits, walking appears to have a very specific benefit of improving creativity,” said Marily Oppezzo, PhD, Santa Clara University. https://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2014/04/creativity-walk

Use this circumstance to find a brilliant question to Bruce Dickinson.

Enjoy your favorite music in unique places. Visit my website musictivity.travel.blog for more similar articles.

Author: Sam O’Black

Paris, Arc De Triomphe, Night, Eiffel Tower, Light

Megadeth, This is Holland


Guitar, Silhouette, Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock 'N' Roll

One of the most influential thrash metal band Megadeth announced an European tournee in the beginning of 2020. They are working now at the successor of “Dystopia” (2016) so there is a chance to see Dave Mustain with fresh repertoire.

Current line-up:

– Dave Mustaine (vocals, guitars); Megadeth leader and member from the beginning

– David Ellefson (bass); Megadeth member from the beginning

– Kiko Loureiro (guitars) from Brazil; also known from playing in Angra and in Tarja (ex-Nightwish)

– Dirk Verbeuren (drums) probably from Belgium; joined Megadeth after “Dystopia”; also known from The Project Hate MCMXCIX

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To make sure that everybody are on the same boat: Megadeth is not a new child of Five Finger Death Punch but one among four largest thrash metal powerhouses under the sun. This band exists from 1983 and have released 15 longplays. Especially “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?” (1986) and “Rust in Peace” (1990) are masterpieces which each metal fun ought to know (reminder for younger readers).

The newest Megadeth album “Dystopia” (2016) is a highlight of their discography. Politically engaged, massive, creative and energetic music. In my opinion compositions are more interesting on “Dystopia” than on “Th1rt3en” (2011) and “Supper Collider” (2013). I would add that “Dystopia” is a bigger achievement than:

– Slayer: “World Painted Blood” (2009) and “Repentless” (2015);

– Anthrax: “For All Kings” (2016);

– Metallica: everything after “Black Album” so: “Load” (1996), “Reload” (1997), “St. Anger” (2003), “Death Magnetic” (2008), “Hardwired… To Self – Destruct” (2016).

source: Megadeth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEkXyEIu3OU

Buy Megadeth CD’s / LP’s and official T-shirt’s / hoodies right now:



If you don’t like where we’re going
Then you won’t like what’s coming next

Megadeth “Post American World”

20.01.2020 Helsinki, Finland

read more about Helsinki https://musictivity.org/2019/07/17/helsinki/

22.01.2020 Stockholm, Sweden

23.01.2020 Oslo, Norway

read more about Oslo https://musictivity.org/2019/08/27/queensryche-in-oslo-worth-it/

24.01.2020 Copenhagen, Denmark

read more about Copenhagen: https://musictivity.org/2019/08/30/opeth-the-vintage-caravan-copenhagen-17-11-2019/

26.01.2020 Amsterdam, Nederland

28.01.2020 Paris, France

read more about Paris: https://musictivity.org/2019/09/01/alter-bridge-paris-09-12-2019/

30.01.2020 Cardiff, Wales

31.01.2020 London, England

02.02.2020 Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

03.02.2020 Berlin, Germany

read more about Berlin: https://musictivity.org/2019/08/22/mustasch-in-berlin/

04.02.2020 Hamburg, Germany

read more about Hamburg: https://musictivity.org/2019/08/13/jessy-martens/

06.02.2020 Frankfurt, Germany

08.02.2020 Oberhausen, Germany

09.02.2020 Stuttgart, Germany

10.02.2020 Munich, Germany

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12.02.2020 Warsaw, Poland

14.02.2020 Prague, Czech Republic

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16.02.2020 Milan, Italy

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17.02.2020 Zurich, Switzerland

19.02.2020 Vienna, Austria

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20.02.2020 Budapest, Hungary

22.02.2020 Sofia, Bulgaria

read more about Sofia: https://musictivity.org/2019/09/08/deep-purple-sofia-07-12-2019/


Amsterdam, Low Country, Sea, Boat, Ship, Bike, Canals

I’ve published few articles on Musictivity about my favorite country in Europe, Nederland (original Dutch spelling) but I didn’t create yet full advice regarding its capital Amsterdam.

If you stay little bit longer around the international Amsterdamse airport (Schiphol) then you can try this itinerary:


I admit, I’ve written this advice to show funs of U.D.O. that Nederland is much more than only Amsterdam, therefore I’ve added many enhancing videos inside this article.

This time I want to make it less complex and focus on one particular activity which is dynamic, fun, educative and allow you to understand basic facts related to Dutch culture in just 60 minutes.

As I’ve listed above, Megadeth will perform in Amsterdam on January 26th, 2020. Precisely in AFAS Live (called before Heineken Music Hall; you may encounter also nick name “Black box”) located in Amsterdam Zuidoost (south-eastern part of the city). This is not a typical tourist zone but there are also other large concert venues in proximity: Ziggo Dome (Ziggo is the largest phone, TV and Internet operator in NL) and Johan Cruijff Arena (largest football stadium in NL, home of AFC Ajax).

If you have at least two – three hours free around the concert time, I would recommend to commute towards the Central Station of Amsterdam using handy website:

https://9292.nl/ en


Dutch, Windmill, Vintage, Old, Paper, Background

You have countless options once you get to the Amsterdam Centraal but perhaps limited time. Downtown looks fantastic but is dirty and smelly.

You can leave the central station by southern gate, turn right into large outdoor bike parking, come closer to this crazy parking, turn right again, then cross longer tunnel (don’t walk on bike line!). After the tunnel you will see an IJ river and a ferry station. Every 5 minutes free ferry can take you to the second bank of this river (you don’t pay for this short journey and it’s perfectly fine to use it together with your bike).

Ij, Ferry, Public Transport

Once you get to the second side of IJ river, let’s turn left towards small bridge. You will see a bike store / tourist information center. Agent will inform you with smile about tourist attractions available around. You can ask them about direction, but if you follow my advice, you would be fine to just cross the small bridge and after that turn right into round building with large sign: THIS IS HOLLAND.

As you can see on this picture, here is clean, not much crowdy and family friendly.

So what exactly can you make inside THIS IS HOLLAND? It’s a modern, interactive display about all UNESCO Dutch Heritage Sites. Whole experience consists of two brilliant video presentations and mega flying 666 HD over all of these Dutch places. It all takes 45-60 minutes. Dear Dave Mustain, please check it out 😉

Tickets for THIS IS HOLLAND:



Image may contain: plant, tree and outdoor

I’ve made an additional research for you in case if you wish to see Megadeth (and megaTHISISHOLLAND as well) in the Netherlands but you don’t live in driving distance from Amsterdam.

Well, each time when I travel abroad (I make it regularly) I search for my accomodation using following reliable browser:


It’s convenient for me to see hundreds offers in one place, have easy access to ton of reviews written by real guests, use sophisticated search options, sort it all as I like and finally trace status of each booking in the same booking account. It’s just useful and save my time.

There are few hotels located straight by AFAS Live. You would need to sort all results by distance to: Ziggo Dome, because these two venues are almost in the same point on a map. Well selected examples let you know what is possible:

– easyHotel Amsterdam Arena Boulevard, 2 stars, around 60-70 euro / night

– Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam / Arena Boulevard, 3 stars, around 80-90 euro / night

– Holiday Inn Amsterdam – Arena Towers, 4 stars, around 100 euro / night

I’m not responsible for relevance of prices in these hotels. It’s only approximation.

Please share this article with all of your friends. Hopefully Dave Mustaine will find mentioned flying opportunity and you will fly together with him!

author: Sam O’Black

Adult, Artists, Audience, Band, Celebration, Concert

Mother’s Finest


Don’t live in the past.

Come with me, I want to show you something.

It’s eclectic. Expect everything and anything between funk and heavy metal. It doesn’t need to be white (nobody is a racist in 2019, is anybody?). But it must be energetic, innovative and free. Freedom of the Art. Mother’s finest. No rules, feel the pulse of the Universe! Plenty of colors, hue hue hue!

Believe me or not, sisters and brothers. Fathers and Grandmothers. Believe me or not, I want to tell you something. I got a cough. And doctor gave me some medicaments. I didn’t know what to do with these pills. I went to Amsterdam for crazy all night long party. Next morning I came back to home in Lisse (colorful Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world), took some pills and went to sleep (because I was on party all night long, remember?).

Not this, my friends, I didn’t want to tell about this. It’s common.

But really. I went to sleep like this-o after these pills from doctor and after party night.

Suddenly I woke up. Body in one place, mind in another. It started turning. My view. I mean, uncle, started turning around. I felt like after this medicine:

source: Marc Angel Comedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bfGLpN_RmE


Everything and everyone is one. Holy Universe in one. Mother’s Finest is one. They are inspired by anybody and anything. But they are one and only band of its kind in the Universe.

Everybody can tell you this what I just told to you. Because that’s true! Do you know Mother’s Finest? Combantrin is not mother’s finest anyway. No chance. Mother’s Finest come from Atlanta. Georgia, USA. Soon fifty anniversary. Released twelve albums. There is everything what I need to feel happy today.

Disclosure: I use affiliate links and banners. When you buy something using link from this website, price stays exactly the same for you but I receive a small commission which supports Musictivity. Thanks! Full privacy policy: https://musictivity.org/privacy-policy

I’m gonna shut up now about Mother’s Finest because I am not able to describe them better than GSUTV made it in this documentary film:

source: GSUTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhpCHYyLhXM


You can still buy your ticket: http://tidd.ly/8763c025

30.10.2019 Aschaffenburg, Germany

31.10.2019 Hilversum, Nederland

02.11.2019 Venlo, Nederland

03.11.2019 Arnhem, Nederland

05.11.2019 Ubach, Germany

06.11.2019 Stuttgart, Germany

07.11.2019 Karlsruge, Germany

09.11.2019 Merzig, Germany

10.11.2019 Burgrieden, Germany

29.11.2019 Macon, Georgia, USA

30.11.2019 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

30.01.2020 Columbia, South Carolina, USA

01.02.2020 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

08.02.2020 Savannah, Georgia, USA

07.03.2020 Nuremberg, Germany

08.03.2020 Munich, Germany

10.03.2020 Berlin, Germany

11.03.2020 Bamberg, Germany

13.03.2020 Wurzburg, Germany

14.03.2020 Frankfurt, Germany

15.03.2020 Regensburg, Germany

17.03.2020 Neu Ulm, Germany

19.03.2020 Ludwigsburg, Germany

20.03.2020 Dresden, Germany

28.03.2020 Zurich, Switzerland

08.05.2020 Rubigen, Switzerland

source: Rockhouse Salzburg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn32cP5cmx4

Enjoy Mother’s Finest in carefully selected city.

My advice: https://musictivity.org/2019/10/19/enjoy-your-favorite-music-in-unique-places/


This time I would like to invite you to Nuremberg which is an outstanding city located in eastern Germany, driving distance from Czech, Austria, Switzerland, France

I use always this browser to compare places to stay in each visited city:


Nuremberg with population 515 000 is the largest city in Franconia and the second largest in Bavaria (after Munich). Unofficial capital of Holy Roman Empire. Among architectural pearls, Imperial Castle of Nuremberg (called Kaiserburg) is the most significant one because German Kings used to live there from 1050 to 1571 and this fortress was also a place of court assemblies in Roman Empire. More info: https://www.kaiserburg-nuernberg.de/englisch/castle/index.htm

I use always this website to find interesting activity in each visited city:

https: http://www.getyourguide.com?partner_id=QL9T477&utm_medium=online_publisher&utm_source=poblak%40europe.com&placement=content-middle

Nuremberg is a city of inspiration for playing and having fun due to the 600 years tradition of crafting medieval dolls. You can admire this kind of stuff in Spielzeugmuseum (Toy Museum). Permanent exhibition includes dolls, doll houses, free-standing statuettes, technology toys and popular modern toys. There is also separate room where children can play together. Between April and October special guide demonstrate and teach classic outdoor games in special big outdoor area. Worth to mention is the largest toy fair in the world which take place annually from 1950 in Nuremberg (next event: 29.01.2020 – 02.02.2020).

You can not find anywhere in Germany bigger collection of Deutsche art than in Germanisches Nationalmuseum https://www.gnm.de/en/ I would love to let you know about Albrecht Dürer, perhaps the most renowned painter from Nuremberg (1471-1528; famous for woodcut prints and engravings; remarkable alterpieces, portraits, self-portraits). You can see his house below.

Albrecht Dürer Haus, Nuremberg, Albrecht-Dürer-Straße

Another very interesting place to visit on the occasion of Mother’s Finest show is DB Museum, the oldest railway museum in the world (1882). DB means Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), a name of private joint-stock company with only one shareholder: Federal Republic of Germany. Nowadays they carry 4 billion passengers and 200 million tons of goods each year. Museum displays 600 objects include oldest steam railways and even a carriage used by King of Bavaria Ludwig II (reign 1864-1886) https://www.dbmuseum.de/museum_en/informationen/about_us-2613452.

All of this venues in Nuremberg deserve our attention because this culture was created with love straight from human hearts. Same applies to Mother’s Finest music. I’m sure that he loves to perform for large audience. He has a great voice, timeless songs, perfect form on stage. Don’t miss his concert because now is the best time to enjoy his entire musical achievements. You can really enjoy his strong, fantastic voice in person.

So let’s go sightseeing what is appealing to you in Nuremberg, forget about some martial bullshit and give warm applause to Mother’s Finest.

author: Sam O’Black

Andy Sneap interview

photo credit Rachel Lange

It’s an honor for me to chat with Andy Sneap. Despite his huge impact on sound of heavy & thrash metal music, he turned out to be friendly, unpretentious and sincere. Andy smiles from ear to ear with special joy because he loves his job as:

– a renowned music producer (among others: Accept, Blaze, Saxon, Opeth, Megadeth, Nevermore, Testament, Spiritual Beggars, Masterplan, Cathedral, Machine Head)

– a guitarist (Sabbat, Hell, The Scintilla Project, now Judas Priest).

In this period of time, Andy is performing on stage with my favourite band Judas Priest, which I love since I’ve heard “Angel of Retribution” (2005) as a kid.

Their music have changed mine (and many others) entire life, actually it is a first pure heavy metal act ever. Judas Priest stayed active through the decades, released 18 varied and always innovative albums, played countless awesome concerts and inspired not only heavy metal but also other genres.

By the way it’s worth to remember that band Exciter took its name from opening Judas Priest’s song from “Stained Class” album (1978) and then created extreme metal.

My interview with Exciter (sorry, I was allowed to give only this kind of questions which Exciter doesn’t receive from everybody else):


Nowadays, Judas Priest is still powerful. Their newest longplay “Firepower” (2018) is in my opinion the best since “Painkiller” (1990). They are giving spectacular shows and playing live both newest killers, evergreens and also some oldest songs for the first time since many many years.

Sadly, original and beloved Judas Priest’s guitarist Glenn Tipton is not able to play anymore due to Parkinson disease. No surrender, Glenn! We, fans, support you all around the world. We are always ready to make our best to help you whenever and with whatever you need to feel better. Your name is carved in gold of music history and all next generations will remember about your talent and legacy.

Andy Sneap is playing guitar during current Judas Priest concerts. I especially flew to Europe for holidays in August 2017 because I wanted to see Judas Priest in Dortmund, Germany. I live in Iceland so I took a plane first to Copenhagen, made use of this great opportunity to sightseeing the capital of Denmark, after three days moved with bus and ferry to Hamburg, stayed over there next few days and finally commuted with train to Dortmund 😛

My articles about these two cities:

Copenhagen https://musictivity.org/2019/08/30/opeth-the-vintage-caravan-copenhagen-17-11-2019/

Free Hanseatic City of Hamborg https://musictivity.org/2019/08/13/jessy-martens/

I remember full Westfalenhalle, enthusiastic public, out of this world performance. Andy Sneap looked excited, smiled all the time, played perfectly and apparently had a pleasure to observe public from scene while staying next to Rob Halford, Ian Hill, Richie Faulkner and Scott Travis. Honestly, I thought before this concert that Andy Sneap is just a special guest whose role is to support Richie Faulkner on the second guitar 😉 But my personal opinion after the show is that Andy Sneap was a positive and important figure who adds a value to the group. I enjoyed to see him as a part of Judas Priest.

I hope that Judas Priest will make soon very awaited tour in Europe together with the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne. I wish Andy Sneap to enjoy each moment of this tour!

I asked Andy for the interview for Musictivity. I was not allowed to give him questions about current situation in Judas Priest (he is not an official member of the band) but in this case it is an amazing opportunity to get know about many other cool things which happen in his life.

If somebody ever thought what’s up with Andy Sneap while he is playing on scene with Judas Priest then here are his today’s opinions, dreams, memories, inspirations, remarks and hopes.

photo credit Andrew McGovern

Hello. How are you in 2019? What are you doing in 2019?

I’m ok thank you. 2019? This year has been a pretty hectic one, as was last year. [Judas] Priest were meant to be out Feb/March with Ozzy which obviously got postponed so I ended up mixing the new Killswitch Engage record. We then did the 3rd leg of the Firepower tour in the US and I’ve just finished mixing the new Testament record. So I’ve been jumping between mixing and playing quite a lot, which is a bit of a challenge, the studio seems very quiet to come back to after 18 months on the road… Just a different pace, you sit there feeling shellshocked and jet lagged thinking what just happened…

Wow, so Testament is going to release new studio album in January 2020 and you are mixing this longplay. I afraid that whatever Testament will release, it will never beat “The Legacy” \m/ But perhaps thats not their intention?

I don’t think you can really compare an album a band does now to something they did 30 years ago. People change, influences change, line ups change, technology changes etc. We always hold those albums close to our hearts because of where we are at in life too. [Iron] Maiden are a good example. People have different favourite albums depending on when they discovered them and actually its the same with Priest… Any band with a long career and a run of quality albums really.

How would you compare upcoming Testament album with their other longplays?

I think Testament have spent a bit more time writing on this record. It’s always hard to tell an opinion about music at this stage. I’ve heard the songs so many times that I don’t have a fan point of view at the moment. I need to distance myself from a record and revisit it in 6 months time.

Sure, I get it. I’m impressed that you have worked with so many excellent metal bands both as a guitarist, songwriter and as a record producer. What do you love / appreciate mostly in metal music? Which values are the most important for you when you decide to cooperate with musicians?

I have to hear something that appeals to me, whether its melody or the heaviness or the guitar playing… something. It was the energy in rock and metal that won me over as a kid. Once I got into music I never looked back and it’s still the same. Playing and feeling that energy of everything locking together is amazing.

Could I ask you one question about band which is less known? Are you still an active member of The Scintilla Project with Biff Byford (Saxon) on vocal? Or was it only a side fun which finished in moment when album “The Hybrid” was finally released in 2014?

No, not at all. That was an album Biff got me involved in just to mix and I got roped into it a bit more than I expected. I didn’t mind but I wouldn’t take any credit. I was just helping out playing some of the parts that were already written and needed tracking properly.

As far as I know, it was a soundtrack to sci-fi thriller “Scintilla” / “The Hybrid” by Billy O’Brien. Did you watch this film?

I watched the film, thought it was ok, obviously done on a budget. What’s interesting, I was working on this album with Biff where he hadn’t written the vocal patterns so he was out of his comfort zone a little. I thought it pushed him a bit, but he did well.

Did you enjoy working with Byff Byford? What is he like as a person?

He swears a lot, and I mean A LOT. Fooking this and fooking that. You definitely know when Biffs is in the room. I like Biff, I’d call him a good friend these days. He has his stubborn moments but then I guess we all do. He’s very driven, quite brash, but there is a side to him I’ve seen with his kids and people around him that is actually very genuine. He’s a good guy and can still belt out a tune so fair play.

David Halliday was another influential artist in your surrounding. Is it true that he was your first teacher? What good could you tell about him?

Dave was someone I really looked up to growing up. He was a great inspiration as a guitar player and just as a band leader and person. I often wonder what he would be doing now. I met him when I was 12 and he had a very good temperament and patience while teaching me how to play. I was so absorbed in playing guitar and Hell (his band) seemed so professional back then. Certainly the most pro band out of the local scene by a long shot. So he made a big impression on me on how to do things, music, bands and positivity in general.

Who inspire you nowadays? Do you take inspiration from different masterpieces not only related to great music?

I just do my thing. I’m always trying to learn. I think you can learn from every situation you find yourself in. Its always fun talking with other producers, we all talk about gear and little tricks etc, so picking up techniques from other guys in the know is always interesting. It’s surprising after 25 years how much knowledge you have gained but don’t realise that until you talk to a class full of students who are just starting out. Then it becomes apparent.

From which of written by you, songs / compositions / fragments are you most proud of?

I think the success of the first Sabbat album was cool and putting the first Hell album together was an achievement. Obviously I didn’t write any of that. I find it strange that Sabbat album is held in such high regard knowing that we we’re just kids trying to find our way musically but I guess that’s part of the freshness of it at the time. I have good memories of recording that one. I also find it amazing: we were only 15 – 18 when we started writing that stuff.

Congratulations then. Could you tell me please what do you think about the idea to combine music tours with sightseeing opportunities? Even if musicians don’t have much spare time during tour, they still can check out cultural heritage of visited place (at least to google it). It can be inspiring, fun and add unique dimension to entire tour experience.

We try and get out and about when possible, probably not as much as you’d think but if we are in a main city and there’s something to see we will try and organise something. I’ve had a few near death experiences with Ian Hill in hire cars recently, but it’s alway good to get out the hotel room. It’s easy to waste a day looking at four walls with a guitar and cold pizza (haha). It is a luxury being able to travel like we do so it’s best to try and see a few things. Guitar shopping is always high on the list, especially in Japan.

What is your favorite cultural activity during traveling?

We don’t get quite that much spare time, it’s not like a holiday. To be honest we keep ourselves to ourselves a lot of the time when it’s a non show day so it can be quite boring and lonely walking around a town on your own. If we travel after the show, it means we are getting into the hotel at around 2am, so you tend to sleep in a bit after that and before you know it the day off has disappeared.

Thank you for this insight. As far as I know (google told me haha) you come from Derbyshire, UK. It’s a county in the East Midlands, south east of Manchester, with population around 1 million people. Is it a post industrial area with forest (Peak District National Park) or do you have much better opinion about Derbyshire?

Google is wonderful, isn’t it! Derbyshire is nice. I grew up here, moved to Nottingham in my early 20s and then worked in the US a lot and ended up putting the studio on the farm where I am now from the early 2000’s. There’s about 15 acres to the farm and a big electric gate. I’m dug in waiting for the zombie apocalypse. It’s like the UK version of Waco, I’ve got all my backline set up and no ones getting in without an invite (haha).

(haha) What are your plans and desires for 2020?

I’m chatting to a couple of well know bands about producing whether we can make it happen with Priests touring schedule. I am mixing Saxon in March and it looks like Priest is now starting in May but things are still being penciled in at the moment.

I didn’t get a permission to ask you about Judas Priest’s plans so one more question about their older longplay. “Stained Class” is my favourite Judas Priest album. How do you perceive the sound of this particular longplay “Stained Class”?

It’s one of my favourites too. For me this is the classic line up and the band were really finding their feet. It really is such a killer record. I think the production is pretty honest for the time, very analogue and almost session like… not over done. I think it compliments the songs for the time.

Thank you very much for the interview, Andy Sneap. 🙂

authors: Sam O’Black and Andy Sneap

photo credit: Rachel Lange

photo credit: Andrew McGovern