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One of the most influential thrash metal band Megadeth announced an European tournee in the beginning of 2020. They are working now at the successor of “Dystopia” (2016) so there is a chance to see Dave Mustain with fresh repertoire.

Current line-up:

– Dave Mustaine (vocals, guitars); Megadeth leader and member from the beginning

– David Ellefson (bass); Megadeth member from the beginning

– Kiko Loureiro (guitars) from Brazil; also known from playing in Angra and in Tarja (ex-Nightwish)

– Dirk Verbeuren (drums) probably from Belgium; joined Megadeth after “Dystopia”; also known from The Project Hate MCMXCIX

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To make sure that everybody are on the same boat: Megadeth is not a new child of Five Finger Death Punch but one among four largest thrash metal powerhouses under the sun. This band exists from 1983 and have released 15 longplays. Especially “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?” (1986) and “Rust in Peace” (1990) are masterpieces which each metal fun ought to know (reminder for younger readers).

The newest Megadeth album “Dystopia” (2016) is a highlight of their discography. Politically engaged, massive, creative and energetic music. In my opinion compositions are more interesting on “Dystopia” than on “Th1rt3en” (2011) and “Supper Collider” (2013). I would add that “Dystopia” is a bigger achievement than:

– Slayer: “World Painted Blood” (2009) and “Repentless” (2015);

– Anthrax: “For All Kings” (2016);

– Metallica: everything after “Black Album” so: “Load” (1996), “Reload” (1997), “St. Anger” (2003), “Death Magnetic” (2008), “Hardwired… To Self – Destruct” (2016).

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If you don’t like where we’re going
Then you won’t like what’s coming next

Megadeth “Post American World”

20.01.2020 Helsinki, Finland

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22.01.2020 Stockholm, Sweden

23.01.2020 Oslo, Norway

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24.01.2020 Copenhagen, Denmark

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26.01.2020 Amsterdam, Nederland

28.01.2020 Paris, France

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30.01.2020 Cardiff, Wales

31.01.2020 London, England

02.02.2020 Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

03.02.2020 Berlin, Germany

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04.02.2020 Hamburg, Germany

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06.02.2020 Frankfurt, Germany

08.02.2020 Oberhausen, Germany

09.02.2020 Stuttgart, Germany

10.02.2020 Munich, Germany

12.02.2020 Warsaw, Poland

14.02.2020 Prague, Czech Republic

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16.02.2020 Milan, Italy

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17.02.2020 Zurich, Switzerland

19.02.2020 Vienna, Austria

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20.02.2020 Budapest, Hungary

22.02.2020 Sofia, Bulgaria

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I’ve published few articles on Musictivity about my favorite country in Europe, Nederland (original Dutch spelling) but I didn’t create yet full advice regarding its capital Amsterdam.

If you stay little bit longer around the international Amsterdamse airport (Schiphol) then you can try this itinerary:

I admit, I’ve written this advice to show funs of U.D.O. that Nederland is much more than only Amsterdam, therefore I’ve added many enhancing videos inside this article.

This time I want to make it less complex and focus on one particular activity which is dynamic, fun, educative and allow you to understand basic facts related to Dutch culture in just 60 minutes.

As I’ve listed above, Megadeth will perform in Amsterdam on January 26th, 2020. Precisely in AFAS Live (called before Heineken Music Hall; you may encounter also nick name “Black box”) located in Amsterdam Zuidoost (south-eastern part of the city). This is not a typical tourist zone but there are also other large concert venues in proximity: Ziggo Dome (Ziggo is the largest phone, TV and Internet operator in NL) and Johan Cruijff Arena (largest football stadium in NL, home of AFC Ajax).

If you have at least two – three hours free around the concert time, I would recommend to commute towards the Central Station of Amsterdam using handy website: en


Dutch, Windmill, Vintage, Old, Paper, Background

You have countless options once you get to the Amsterdam Centraal but perhaps limited time. Downtown looks fantastic but is dirty and smelly.

You can leave the central station by southern gate, turn right into large outdoor bike parking, come closer to this crazy parking, turn right again, then cross longer tunnel (don’t walk on bike line!). After the tunnel you will see an IJ river and a ferry station. Every 5 minutes free ferry can take you to the second bank of this river (you don’t pay for this short journey and it’s perfectly fine to use it together with your bike).

Ij, Ferry, Public Transport

Once you get to the second side of IJ river, let’s turn left towards small bridge. You will see a bike store / tourist information center. Agent will inform you with smile about tourist attractions available around. You can ask them about direction, but if you follow my advice, you would be fine to just cross the small bridge and after that turn right into round building with large sign: THIS IS HOLLAND.

As you can see on this picture, here is clean, not much crowdy and family friendly.

So what exactly can you make inside THIS IS HOLLAND? It’s a modern, interactive display about all UNESCO Dutch Heritage Sites. Whole experience consists of two brilliant video presentations and mega flying 666 HD over all of these Dutch places. It all takes 45-60 minutes. Dear Dave Mustain, please check it out ๐Ÿ˜‰



Image may contain: plant, tree and outdoor

I’ve made an additional research for you in case if you wish to see Megadeth (and megaTHISISHOLLAND as well) in the Netherlands but you don’t live in driving distance from Amsterdam.

Well, each time when I travel abroad (I make it regularly) I search for my accomodation using following reliable browser:

It’s convenient for me to see hundreds offers in one place, have easy access to ton of reviews written by real guests, use sophisticated search options, sort it all as I like and finally trace status of each booking in the same booking account. It’s just useful and save my time.

There are few hotels located straight by AFAS Live. You would need to sort all results by distance to: Ziggo Dome, because these two venues are almost in the same point on a map. Well selected examples let you know what is possible:

– easyHotel Amsterdam Arena Boulevard, 2 stars, around 60-70 euro / night

– Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam / Arena Boulevard, 3 stars, around 80-90 euro / night

– Holiday Inn Amsterdam – Arena Towers, 4 stars, around 100 euro / night

I’m not responsible for relevance of prices in these hotels. It’s only approximation.

Please share this article with all of your friends. Hopefully Dave Mustaine will find mentioned flying opportunity and you will fly together with him!

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