Bruce Dickinson + Paris 14.02.2020

It was the most amazing sound which I ever heard in my life.

Bruce Dickinson read in front of large audience gathered in Icelandic Harpa a question which I dedicated to him during break, took a deep breath and replied: YEAH. He doesn’t even need to sing to make his voice unforgettable. I’m not the only one who experienced this as soon you will also get a chance to catch personal contact with one of the most influential vocalist in the world. Everything what you need is just a one creative sentence which Bruce Dickinson can like. This one was good enough in my case:

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Bruce Dickinson is planning to continue his creative speaking tour this autumn and winter in Europe. We can see a list of seventeen confirmed dates on his official website.

02 – Congress Centre, Budapest, Hungary
04 – Pallas Theatre, Athens, Greece
13 – Madetoja Hall, Oulu, Finland
23 – Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, Canada
29 – Cartuja Center, Seville, Spain

01 – Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, Barcelona, Spain
07 – Teatro Principal – Alicante, Spain
08 – Alua Magna, Lisbon, Portugal
13 – National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
23 – National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

08 – Sala Radio, Bucharest, Romania

14 – La Trianon, Paris, France

March 2020
01 – Kyiv, PC of Aviation University, Ukraine
02 – Kharkiv, Students Palace of NLU, Ukraine
03 – Odesa, Philharmonic Hall, Ukraine

I attended one of this dynamic shows last December in Reykjavik and in my opinion it’s more than worth to recommend even if you need to fly there. Many attractions awaits you such as an autobiography with handwritten autograph (I’m sure that each book is signed with pen by author because there are no two identical signatures), Iron Maiden’s brand 4.7% beer and engaging lecture about your idol’s life. There is also a special section on the end when you can ask your own question.

So much was already written and said about Bruce Dickinson that I completely understand how difficult it can be for you to invent an interesting question. I’m not able to suggest anything because I actually needed to think two full months about it. My inspiration came from another lecture which I saw exactly in the same Icelandic Harpa: David Icke talked ten hours about conspiracy theory in March 2017. After listening his version of our Universe I got some kind of hallucinations but I managed to captured out of this world creatue taking a bath in my bottle with juice:

Well, such a dark green monster in bulb shape with two eyes and wide opened mouth… Haha I needed to ask for advice somebody who used to sing:

“You got to watch them — Be quick or be dead
Snake eyes in heaven — The thief’s in your head”

Iron Maiden “Be Quick Or Be Dead”

If you want to buy Bruce Dickinson’s autobiography separately just to create a question which you would like to ask, remember that he is talented not only as a singer, airline pilot, broadcaster and fencer but also as a writer. His book can significantly help you to understand his point of view albeit there are no evident questions left to ask.

The best think which you can do is to get out of your comfort zone, occupy your mind with another subjects in new place and after that sit down with pen and piece of paper.

The first show will take place in O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic. Bruce Dickinson will perform after break and best fans also want to see him as soon as possible.

Prague is a popular tourist destination with reliable infrastructure, you could rather afraid of crowds than anything else while going there for city break or even longer holidays.

Get your guide

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your Bruce Dickinson’s solo CDs for 6,99 – 9,99euro

The best way to discover highlights of major European cities is to take a part in tour with professional guide who would share his cultural fascinations with you. As Paris is the most romantic city in the World, you may open here your mind for new way of thinking about your question to Bruce Dickinson on the Valentine day 😉

Click here to read more about Paris.

“While being outdoors has many cognitive benefits, walking appears to have a very specific benefit of improving creativity,” said Marily Oppezzo, PhD, Santa Clara University.

Use this circumstance to find a brilliant question to Bruce Dickinson.

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