Keb’ Mo’ Berlin 30.01.2020

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Keb’ Mo’ is a 68′ still creative Bluesman from Los Angeles who received a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album 2018 “TajMo” (2017). It was effect of his cooperation with Taj Mahal. Listen

Read excellent interview with Keb’ Mo’

Listen also to one of the most representative song from Keb’ Mo’ solo creative output. It’s a great, traditional, classy Blues.

source: MusicBlog98

Well, I don’t wanna be a superman
I just wanna go somewhere, use my hands
And keep it simple
Oh real simple

Keb’ Mo’ Keep It simple (2004)

Kob’ Mo’ just released his newest album “Moonlight, Mistletoe and You” (10.18.2019) with winter songs and announced new concert dates in 2020.


Tickets are still available in Musictivity’s shop (menu).

If you don’t see your city on the list below, you can take a trip and experience (beside concert) also the city itself.

12.01.2019 Nashville, TN

12.04.2019 Rocky Mount, VA

12.06.2019 New London, CT

12.07.2019 Boston, MA

12.08.2019 Tarrytown, NY

12.10.2019 Albany, NY

12.12.2019 Salisbury, MA

12.13.2019 Portland, ME

12.14.2019 Collingswood, NJ

12.16.2019 Geneva, NY

12.17.2019 Northampton, MA

12.19.2019 Newton, NJ

12.20.2019 Lexington, KY

12.21.2019 Huntingdon, TN

01.22.2020 London, England

01.23.2020 Glasgow, Scotland

01.24.2020 Dumfries, Scotland

01.29.2020 Amsterdam, Nederland

01.30.2020 Berlin, Germany

01.31.2020 Hamburg, Germany

02.02.2020 Zurich, Switzerland

02.04.2020 Lausanne, Switzerland


Berlin is the capital of Germany and the biggest city on the list above. Well, you really need a professional guide if you want to know Berlin well. However, it would be a waste of time and you could feel even disappointed if you go to Berlin without preparation. When I came to Berlin for the first time in my life, I remember that Filipino friend of mine talked loud via phone to wish all the best to somebody who celebrated birthdays. It was exactly in the tram from central station to our hotel. Two local passengers winced and showed a courteous sign to us that we need to keep silence in the tram. I’m sorry but: At the same time, I used to hear German language each weekend when I lived in Amsterdam. I speak Dutch enough to recognize that my Amsterdamesse co-passengers were German, not Dutchie. I will tell more: few of my German mates admit that despite distance they actually prefer to drive for weekend’s party to Amsterdam, not of Berlin.

You can like Berlin if you prepare well before your visit. If you are a passionate about war themes, yeah, it can keep you busy whole week in Berlin. But really it’s not a problem, if you don’t. Then choose a Museum Island! More:

If you think that Berlin is a city of crazy parties then you are right. But most of these parties are kept in electronic music style. Perhaps you prefer rock music? Keb’ Mo’ is for you!

My definition of sensible foreign holidays is that you basically go somewhere abroad to feel the best what your place of destination has to offer, but you can not experience the same at home on good conditions.

So what about Trabi Safari kind of party?

Exactly in the same location of the Trabant attraction, there is also an opportunity to take a balloon ride for only 30 euro. Where else would you be able to fly with balloon for just 30 euro? Practical tip: don’t stress your team that there is a huge DIE written on this balloon (psst!)


If you read this, you are already way ahead of many of mine and of your friends. They often go to Berlin and think that they are in Paris or that they are in the richest German city.

Sorry. I took the following table from polish edition of book “L’Allemagne du XXIe siècle, une nouvelle nation”(2015) by Gougeon Jacques – Pierre:

It proofs that Berlin is (at least was around 2014) a land with one of the highest unemployment rate (among all German lands), higher than average poverty rate, definitely the highest debt amount per citizen and that Berlin receives helluva the highest support from German budget. You just need to be aware.

There is something what Berlin’s surroundings has common with Paris but you need to know where to search: not exactly in Berlin but in Potsdam.

It’s a Schloss Sanssouci, German version of Parisian Chateau De Versailles. You can take a guided tour from Berlin to Sanssouci (include transportation from/to Berlin, guide and entrance ticket)

However Berlin is the fasted developing city in Germany (while Darmstadt the German city best prepared for the future and Munich is currently in the best position in Germany).


You can find huge and extremely diversified activity offer in Berlin but you need to make your task before going there. The more effort you put into Berlin beforehand, the more you will enjoy during your actual visit. Don’t go there only for concert and for walk around central station haha, don’t waste your sunlight in Berlin! Call me blunt but I write it in sake of your satisfaction. I want to make my readers ahead of other people who don’t care what I say.

source: photohod photohod

Keb’ Mo’ in Berlin? Does it sound differently today than yesterday?

author: Sam O’Black

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