About me

Hi. My name is Sam.

I help people to go on rock music concerts with my innovative platform, Musictivity.

I was born in Poland straight after the end of PRL in 1990, used to live in the Netherlands over 2 years, then I moved to England for 1 summer and finally settled down in the land of fire and ice, called Iceland, with my family from the Philippines.

Besides Musictivity, I write also for Heavy Metal Pages (the most respected, independent music magazine in Poland).

Over the years, I have come to the understanding that traveling and concerts have a common potential to change human live for better.

Eliminating drugs from rock & metal music and replacing it with a positive soul for landmarks and culture, is my broader vision that I strive to execute through my dedicated activities.

For the number of years, I have been arranging concert tours for my family, which encouraged me to crank up the notch by transforming it into a business. For that matter, I developed a powerful travel app through which you can make your desired deals ranging from flights to hotels, cruise to taxi, sim cards to car rentals.

I will ensure that you are banging your head while enjoying your favorite rock music instead of blabbering at the airport.

With this vision in mind, I intend to develop smooth and organized trips for you.

Contact e-mail: poblak@europe.com