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January 29, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

January 31, 2020, Las Vagas, Nevada

February 3, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

February 5, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

February 8, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

February 10, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

February 13, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

February 15, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

May 20, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

May 23, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

May 25, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

May 28, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

May 30, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

June 2, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

June 4, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada

June 24, 2020, Prague, Czech Republic

June 30, 2020, Paris, France

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July 15, 2020, London, England

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July 18, 2020, Manchester, England


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You can enjoy Aerosmith performance in Las Vegas, Prague, Paris, London or Manchester in 2020.

If you live in USA and dying to watch Aerosmith, you can still choose one of many dates when the Band is planning in Las Vegas in 2020. I’m not able to tell you much about Las Vegas as I’m European, and I have never visited America yet (hope to do so in the future).

However, if you live in Europe, I would strongly recommend taking a trip to Czech Republic, France or England. These countries have a lot of attractions to offer besides rock concerts. It would be really beneficial for you to write down itinerary extending beyond the Aerosmith show.

Feel welcome to read brief introduction to Paris and London on Musictivity. These cities are overwhelming so I guide you through the best rocks concerts and help you to easily approach local cultural attractions over there.

When it comes to Czech Republic, keep reading this article.

Prague, Charles Bridge, Historically, City

Prague is a popular tourist destination with reliable infrastructure. You could be more afraid of crowds than anything else while going there for city break or even longer holidays. You can get there with a bus, train https://www.omio.com or plane https://www.skyscanner.net/

No problem finding nice and affordable hotels.

The best way to discover highlights of major European cities is to take part in a tour with a professional guide who would share his/her cultural fascinations with you. Prague is one of the most charming cities in central Europe with:

– its majestic bridges,

– beautiful old town,

– impressive castle.

Sandeman is an international company which helps you to contact great guides who do their best to show and explain impressive places to you because, their salary depends entirely on your tips. You can book this kind of tour here:


However, it would be an incomplete experience because you wouldn’t know Prague well without an additional visit to Prague Castle.

The importance of this castle derives from the fact that it is the largest building of its kind in the world (70 000 square metres). By the way, it’s also one of the most luxurious residences for a President who isn’t a King.

I felt lucky when I was able to buy a ticket for the castle tour during break in the walking tour. It’s only eleven euros so you should book it in advance here https://www.neweuropetours.eu/sandemans-tours/prague/prague-castle-walking-tour/

The Prague Castle Walking Tour finishes in the spot with a panoramic view over the city. After that, you can take a walk to “small Eiffel” called Petrin Tower and admire picturesque landscapes. Although funicular railway seems to be a convenient option to get there, I would recommend strolling through Petrin Gardens.

source: Everest Media 19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYdB74_aAIo

“While being outdoors has many cognitive benefits, walking appears to have a very specific benefit of improving creativity,” said Marily Oppezzo, PhD, Santa Clara University. https://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2014/04/creativity-walk

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