Airbourne 2020


Young and wild hard rock’n’roll band Airbourne is filling concert halls all over the world.

They will perform as special guests during Alice Cooper’s tournee in Australia and New Zealand in the beginning of 2020, then play 2 shows in the USA, and then go to Europe with Iron Maiden (some gigs during Legacy of the Beast Tour 2020).

More about Iron Maiden 2020.

Airbourne is inspired mostly by AC/DC and Motorhead, but I hear also musical (only musical) similarity to Motley Crue, Armored Saint and WASP because these old school bands are loud, screaming and kick-ass. It’s all about sex and rock’n’roll.

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Airbourne has released five longplays:

– “Runnin Wild” (2007),

– “No Guts, No Glory” (2010),

– “Black Dog Barking” (2013),

– “Breakin Outta Hell” (2016),

– “Boneshaker” (2019).

Current line-up features Joel O’Keeffe (guitars, vocals), Ryan O’Keeffe (drums), Matt Harrison (guitars), Justin Street (bass).


Airbourne was created in 2003 in Warrnambool, town in south east Australia, around 250-300 kilometers west from Melbourne.

People living there enjoy access to nice Logan Beach with opportunity to watch whales each year between June and September. They can also practice water sports in AquaZone (the largest facility in South West Victoria).

Later, Airbourne decided to move to Melbourne. While Angus Young from AC/DC is known with his habit of drinking ten cups of tea each day (sometimes he chooses chocolate milk instead), Melbourne is the world capital of coffee. I just see Joel O’Keeffe running on scene and wondering how many cups of coffee he used to drink each day?



Jan 4, 2020, Lyneham, Australia

Feb 8, 2020, Perth, Australia,

Feb 11, 2020, Adelaide, Australia

Feb 14, 2020, Melbourne, Australia

Feb 15, 2020, Sydney, Australia

Feb 18, 2020, Brisbane, Australia

Feb 20, 2020, Auckland, New Zealand

Feb 22, 2020, Christchurch, New Zealand

May 3, 2020, Concord, North Carolina

May 16, 2020, Columbus, Ohio

Jun 9, 2020, Bremen, Germany

Jun 10, 2020, Cologne, Germany

Jun 12, 2020 Donington, England

Jun 13, 2020, Kleylehof, Austria

Jun 18, 2020, Dessel, Belgium

Jun 19, 2020, Hinwil, Switzerland

Jun 20, 2020, Clisson, France

Jun 23, 2020, Berlin, Germany

Jun 26, 2020, Oslo, Norway

Jun 27, 2020, Gothenburg, Sweden

Jun 30, 2020, St Petersburg, Russia

July 2, 2020, Moscow, Russia

July 7, 2020, Prague, Czech Republic

July 9, 2020, Asten, Nederland

July 11, 2020, Nanterre, France

July 16, 2020, Vienna, Austria

July 18, 2020, Stuttgart, Germany

July 20, 2020, Bologne, Italy

July 23, 2020 Cruz Quebrada, Portugal

July 25, 2020, Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona, Spain, Fountain, Water, Drops, Sun, Summer

Musictivity wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Barcelona, the capital of Catalan. There are at least few reasons why this city is so popular among tourists:







The cap’s a bangin’ on the door
But up here there’s no law
We got an endless mini bar
There’s a television on the sqad car
We’re mixing sugar and spice

Airbourne “Party In The Penthouse”


There are thousands of Blogs and Websites which describe Barcelona better than I ever could. I’m not even sure if the list above is complete – it could include Barcelona’s long history or something.

Barcelona was the first holiday destination in my life. I’d a pleasure to spend the first half of March 2017 there.

I travel constantly at this moment! I visited ten countries only in 2019!

Now, it is December 2019, and I’m already keeping 8 plane tickets and hotel reservations in Athens and Barcelona in my mailbox (again), but at the same time, I’m certain that my May of 2020 will belong to Asia: Philippines (I have family in the Philippines), Thailand and somewhere else (I would prefer Japan and South Korea, but if my family won’t get VISAs, we will go somewhere else like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam).

The point is that experienced travelers develop skills which allow them to travel smarter.

I can really see a strong difference between my preparations, tools which I know and use, habits during journies in March 2017 and December 2019. I would call it a competence to get around unknown cities.

You are welcome to e-mail me; or leave a comment below this article. Ask whatever you want, I will try to give you the best answer I can.

Oftentimes, my friends get links from me to articles which answer their questions and reduce uncertainty. I can even make special research for you and publish the result in form of separate article (as I’ve made regarding Arnhem and Oslo – look at category “travel” in menu).

However, I hope that you will find the most basic and available info on Google on your own. A big advantage of traveling is that you learn self-organization along the way.

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I can completely understand if you are not ready to travel because, I also wasn’t before March 2017. Fortunately, you don’t need to pay for watching Barcelona!

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I would like to add at the end that hopefully, Aussie from Airbourne will have fun in Barcelona and other visited cities. Europe is friendly, compact and widely open for you!

author: Sam Oblak