The art of traveling for rock concerts

The art of traveling for rock concerts

Your favorite rock band is finally touring after a 10 year hiatus, the only problem is that you either live in the middle of nowhere or live in a country that nobody has heard of. If you want to relive the nostalgic days of being a long haired teen that wore offensive t-shirts and eyeliner, your only option is to make the journey to the concert.

If it’s your first time traveling for a rock concert, let alone getting out of your basement, then you may feel perplexed about where to start. Fortunately, this handy little guide is here to help.

Packing your backpack like a badass

Remember, you are going away to somewhere where nobody will know who you
are, so consider this an opportunity to dress whatever way you like. You don’t
need to pack too many clothes as you probably aren’t going to shower anyways
but you will need deodorant, just in case your are mistaken for a tramp and
they don’t let you into the concert.

While using transport

Any journey you take can significantly become more enjoyable with
alcohol. For reasons unknown to science, alcohol is able to help you deal with
having to wait around at the airport or while on a bus. Do bear in mind that
the airport security won’t allow you to bring anything over 100ml onto the
plane so at this point, you should down whatever alcoholic beverage you have.
Not only does it make you look cool but it’s making the job of security a lot

Finding the venue

It’s worth carrying a photo of the band so that when you are walking
around, you can show them to locals who can tell you where the concert is. It’s
a little like finding a puppy. You should have already changed into your
alternative attire by this point, this will also help fellow fans find you and
will likely become your friends during and after the concert.

Getting to the front row

For the best experience of a concert, you need to choose standing tickets. Only elderly pensioners take the seated tickets. Hardcore fans will have already established themselves at the front of the stage but you can still get through the crowd and to the front through screaming. If they ask what you are doing, explain you are singing the lyrics to one of the songs. They should be so irritated by it that they will move somewhere else and thus success.

Author: Sam O’Black