Bruce Dickinson screams for South America in 2020

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An unforgettable night with Bruce Dickinson in South America!

source: Aurelian Dinca

Have you ever imagined being face to face with one of the most talented singers alive in the world, listening to his personal stories and also interacting with him? Surely that would be unforgettable, right?

Well, I have good news: Bruce Dickinson, from Iron Maiden, is coming to South America in 2020 with “What Does This Button Do – A Night With Bruce Dickinson” tour!


In 2017, when Bruce Dickinson’s self-biography was launched, he have been invited to a series of lectures on UK movie theatres, starting the “What Does This Button Do – A Night With Bruce Dickinson” tour.

The event is such a success that it has been filling theaters around the world, including a recent sold-out performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, considered one of the largest arts festivals in the world.

In “What Does This Button Do”, Bruce will tell about his busy life as a lead singer on Iron Maiden and several other stories, including some that are not included in his self-biography.

In addition, there will be a question and answer session where the audience will have the opportunity to discover or clarify many doubts and curiosities about the brilliant vocalist of Iron Maiden.

What is your question to Bruce Dickinson, South America 2020?

All of that in a totally intimate environment, with a very light and fun atmosphere.

After Iron Maiden decided to pause the “Legacy Of The Beast” Tour in 2019, Bruce Dickinson decided to travel the world with his personal tour. He will be in Europe until March 2020.

In the second half of 2020, it will be the turn of South America to be honored with his stories and experiences. Seven new dates were added in August: Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Check out the calendar and book your travel to see Bruce Dickinson live in South America right now!

– 15th August, 2020, Mexico City, Metropolitan Theater, Mexico

– 18th August, 2020, San Jose, CCCR, Costa Rica

– 20th August 2020, Bogota, Jorge Eliecer Gaitan Theater, Colombia

– 21th August 2020, Lima, CCL, Peru

– 23th August 2020, Santiago, Corpartes Theater, Chile

– 25th August 2020, Buenos Aires, Estadio Obras, Argentina

– 26th August 2020, Sao Paulo, Tom Brazil, Brazil


Bruce Dickinson South America 2020

As if Bruce Dickinson, the remarkable voice of Iron Maiden, is not reason enough, i’ll give you some reasons to pay a visit to one of that surprising South American cities and enjoy some quality time while preparing to meet your idol.


Your opinion on Mexico may be a little skewed by the media.

However, a visit to Mexico City will change your perspective and give you a chance to see just how amazing it is for yourself.
Mexico City has a nightlife scene for everyone – from fancy nightclubs to bars. All of that in the cheapest destination in South America.

Bruce Dickinson in Mexico


Not everyone includes San José on their Costa Rica itinerary, but with its tropical climate and cool culture, it’s a great place to get oriented and explore for a few days.

Whether for the gastronomic experience and tropical beach or a cultural tour around the local museums and theaters, San Jose deserves your attention.

Bruce Dickinson in Costa Rica


The contrasts between Bogotá’s colonial past and the XXI century is appreciated by walking a few blocks from La Candelaria, in the historic centre, and the International Centre towers. So you can “time travel” between stone streets and modern buildings.

In the heart of Bogotá, the extraordinary Gold Museum will astound you with the largest collection of prehispanic gold work in the whole world, but I think the most valuable thing in Colombia is the Coffee.

Bruce Dickinson in Colombia


Lima has plenty to offer. Be it the world-class food, nightlife or colonial-style architecture, Lima has it all.

Going to Peru, two things are mandatory: eat some ceviche and drink a traditional pisco. Since that’s the case, why not go to a museum to learn all about it? Museo Pisco also have a bar inside, so that makes it a must visit.

About the ceviche, you’ll have to find out your favourite, since there’s plenty of different recipes and tastes around the city.

Bruce Dickinson in Peru


Chile is known worldwide for the top quality wine. Santiago is close to lots of vineyards that worth a visit.

The city also have various monuments, sculptures and art displayed around the city. There are also some permanent, and free to visit, outdoor art exhibitions in Santiago, like Santiago’s Sculpture Park.

If you love murals don’t miss Museo al Cielo Libre in San Miguel, an neighbourhood in Santiago where they have created an open air museum dedicated to street artists.

Bruce Dickinson in Chile


The artistic and gastronomic scene of Buenos Aires is alive as ever. The city is also known for its steak (and loves it). It’s hard to resist a Parrilla when you pair it with Malbec — which almost always guarantees a great meal.

Buenos Aires have some echo from western capitals like Milan on his architecture and sophistication.

Bruce Dickinson in Argentina


Sao Paulo is traditionally a city of immigrants and that can be clearly seen at the streets. European, African and Asian culture can be spotted almost everywhere. There is a museum to honor African contributions and another to the Japanese immigrants.

Many of São Paulo’s tourist attractions are widespread because of the territorial extension, so you’ll find the Metro a good (and cheap) way to travel between them.

Bruce Dickinson in Brazil


Beyond being in the Hall of Fame of Rock, Bruce Dickinson has a lot of other talents. He is also a pilot, screenwriter, actor, best-seller author and the list goes on. Which fan wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Get your 2020 Bruce Dickinson’s South American tour tickets and travel with us.

Author: Sam O’Black