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Musictivity is a term defined in the urban dictionary as “an unique expression of musical creativity influenced by emotion, imagination and improvisation (…) going outside the box with music and creating something new.” https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Musictivity

My professor from Academy of Business (where I used to study Management 5 years ago) told once that contemporary leader have to think hybrid.

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Over the hills and far away somebody else told that everything in music was already created and there is nothing else to discover. Dumb joke! After that the world got the album “Theli” from Swedish band Therion. It was unprecedented because nobody else was brave enough to mix extreme metal with classical music before Christofer Johnsson made it in 1996. Many others tried the same later and here you go – entire new genre of metal music flourished in XXI century!

On the contrary, many bands wished to categorize themselves as a progressive metal actually duplicate each other. More experienced metal maniacs complain nowadays that all newest metal bands sound not distinguishable. Some of these new bands try to get out of the box but at the same time they are interested in sailing towards only one course, both as musicians and as a listeners. It’s a good thing. Music become listenable. But not much original.

One dimensional attitude is a genuine core of this problem.

You may say: Motorhead played one dimensional, Testament played one dimensional, The Rolling Stones played one dimensional, Iron Maiden played one dimensional and even Rush played one dimensional.

We don’t have any problem to classify these bands to one specific category.

But all of them had strong hybrid inspirations. Each of these old rock legends developed one dimensional style based on improvisations about few other music styles like:

– blues,

– rock’n’roll,

– heavy metal,

– jazz,

– folk,

– punk.

It makes a huge difference!


Writing not only songs, lyrics but even blog articles like this one which you read right now, is an act of creativity influenced by emotion and imagination. I take a risk and try to construct hybrid posts about my two hobbies: traveling and music. It requires courage, especially that I turn upside down the concerts review process: other bloggers and journalists write reports from the best concerts which have already happened, while I try to build whole long content articles around concerts which will happen in the future.

Crazy? No. Musictivity is Musictivity. Full list of all of my articles: https://musictivity.org/2019/09/18/upcoming-concerts/

Well, future events are fragile. I’ve spent all day writing about upcoming Eric Burdon concert in Nuremberg. Then Eric Burdon was attacked by his own promoter because the promoter was unhonest, didn’t want to pay bills and Eric Burdon spoke in public against this kind of practices in music industry. The tour including concert in Nuremberg was canceled. I needed to remove whole article from Musictivity blog.

Many things can go wrong when somebody try to express or experience something unique. Perhaps the most striking example is the Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne tour. They planned a spectacular tour in England and Europe in the beginning of 2019 but it was postponed due to Ozzy’s health issue. At the moment we could find info about their new European dates on their official website http://judaspriest.com/tour/ However these dates will be probably postponed as well: http://judaspriest.com/news/fullstory.asp?id=D217218C-94EF-4F1F-B94C-9D100B704795


What if you buy not only a ticket for concert but also a plane ticket? So would you like to tell me that you were going to travel abroad to see Priest and Ozzy? I call it holidays, shorter or longer but still holidays.

What if you are a member of a band which is going for international tournee? Congrats but will you visit some major big cities on the way? Why wouldn’t you use this opportunity to get insight into unique culture and history of visited places? I’m aware that you don’t have much time and perhaps you feel alone in new places but the thing is that you don’t need much time neither local friends to get solid cultural insight. It can be easy to realize and inspiring. Remember that you are able to create something new when you are under the influence of art unrelated to your specific style.

I have something interesting for you and it may be free, no hidden costs.

This is the most useful website which I know to plan itinerary each time when I am somewhere out of home. There are hundreds activities in each major city and also some interesting ones in non-major towns. I use it regularly. Prices are moderate and guides usually very knowledgeable, they know how to impress you about history and culture of their own city.

My favorite kind of tour is a biking tour where each participant get a bike for few hours and biking behind an experienced guide who shows all most prominent landmarks.

Although this one is paid, you can find a free walking tour in each major city. You don’t pay for signing, guides have proper expertise and are willing to show you all of these awesome places, explain cultural context and answer on your questions.

Such a constructive time, just two or three hours and you are acquainted with the city!

You can give a tip directly to the hand of your guide if you like this tour. I appreciate their job so I usually give 10 or 20 eur/usd/gbp/chf but it’s entirely up to you.


Type “free Berlin”, “free Copenhagen”, “free Paris” or any other free-something, using the following link


I believe that it’s better for everybody to use this source when abroad. Regardless if it’s a business trip, holidays with whole family or you just fly for concert, you can take advantage from free walking tour. It’s not time consuming (usually three hours are perfectly enough), free, educative, fun, inspiring and memorable.

If you aren’t on a tough budget, you can consider to use this source also for:

– walking tours,

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– extreme sports activities (balloon, Ferrari ride, skydiving, many others),

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– many many other options to spend quality time.

The conclusion is that concert don’t need to be your only one activity when you fly somewhere. There are so many cool things to do in the world! Don’t forget to book your tour before you depart for journey. You can also bookmark this website to have it always easily accessible.


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Rhiannon Giddens

Rhiannon Giddens is an unique folk / gospel / blues singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and actress from North Carolina, USA (borned 1977). Her band Carolina Chocolate Drops won Grammy Awards for best traditional folk album “Genuine Negro Jig” in 2011 (Rhiannon sings and plays on banjo, fiddle/violin, kazoo/percussion). Rhiannon Giddens has white father and black mother. She is photogenic so she performed in few films as a pretty actress, amongst others in fifth and sixth season of American musical drama “Nashville”.

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Kazoo, they call it a percussion kind of instrument:

“There is No Other” is the newest longplay (released 03.05.2019) featuring Rhiannon Giddens in cooperation with Francesco Turrisi from Turin, Italy.

We can read on Francesco’s official website: “A thrilling jazz improviser and early music adept, pianist/multi-instrumentalist Francesco Turrisi is a highly versatile musician. The music on his four CDs as leader and two as co-leader isn’t easy to define – drawing from early music counterpoint and bass ostinatos, evocative Mediterranean modal melodies and jazz improvisation. His ability to rework ancient melodies and rhythms through a contemporary jazz prism marks him out as one of the most striking voices to have emerged on the European jazz scene in the past decade – Ian Patterson.” http://www.francescoturrisi.com/

This is not a typical sound for Musictivity 😉 but Rhiannon Giddens makes not typical music anyway. Before writing this article, I made some research about upcoming concerts of different artists and fragments of her musical output made the best impression on me, so then I listened to entire “There is No Other” on Spotify and decided to share it with you.

source: Rhiannon Giddens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4Xlyi8Is98

You can listen more Rhiannon Giddens here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t7zowxgO5A&list=PLprjJ3QSla0iRqLIcPYZXTQBGL_NNPy7l

Upcoming Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi concerts (apparently this duet is so good that oftentimes they need to perform twice in the same place in following days; in San Francisco even four times!)

27.09.2019 McCarter Theater, Princeton, New Jersey

28.09.2019 Grand Opera House, Wilmington, Delaware

29.09.2019 Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Burlington, Vermont

01.10.2019 Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield, Maine

02.10.2019 The Opera House at Boothbay Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

03.10.2019 Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, Massachusetts

04.10.2019 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

05.10.2019 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

19.10.2019 The Pico Union Project, Los Angeles, California

20.10.2019 The Pico Union Project, Los Angeles, California

23.10.2019 The Kent Stage, Kent, Ohio

24.10.2019 The Royal Conservatory, Tornoto, Canada

25.10.2019 The Ark, Ann Arbor, Michigan

26.10.2019 City Winery, Chicago, Illionois

27.10.2019 City Winery, Chicago, Illinois

29.10.2019 Buskirk – Chumley Theatre, Bloomington, Indiana

30.10.2019 The Englert Theatre, Iowa City, Iowa

31.10.2019 The Dakota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

01.11.2019 The Dakota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

02.11.2019 Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, Wisconsin

03.11.2019 Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, Wisconscin

22.11.2019 EFG London Jazz Festival, London, England

23.11.2019 St George’s Church, Brighton, England

24.11.2019 The Anvil, Basingstoke, England

26.11.2019 Forum, Bath, England

27.11.2019 Opera House, Buxton, England

28.11.2019 Grand Central, Liverpool, England

29.11.2019 The Sage, Gateshead, England

01.12.2019 Usher Hall,m Edinburgh, Scotland

03.12.2019 Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Nederland

04.12.2019 Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany

05.12.2019 Centralstation, Darmstadt, Germany

07.12.2019 Kulturkirche, Cologne, Germany

08.12.2019 Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium

09.12.2019 Café de la Danse, Paris, France

10.12.2019 De Duif, Amsterdam, Nederland

17.01.2020 Torino Folk Club, Turin, Italy

18.01.2020 Torino Folk Club, Turin, Italy

07.02.2020 Bing Concert Hall, Stanford, California

13.02.2020 Miner Auditorium, San Francisco, California

14.02.2020 Miner Auditorium, San Francisco, California

15.02.2020 Miner Auditorium, San Francisco, California

16.02.2020 Miner Auditorium, San Francisco, California

06-09.03.2020 Port Fairy Folk Festival, Geelong, Australia

13.11.2020 Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, Greensboro, North Carolina

15.11.2020 Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, Greensboro, North Carloina

The main concept behind lyrics are stories about secluded people. Although Rhiannon used to explain directly in interviews that she thought about slaves, I would place her lyrics in broader context of current state of human race. Why?

According to “Anne Frank House Annual Report 2017” 1,2 million people visit this museum in Amsterdam each year. I’ve been there. Shock! Not because of Anne Frank’s story from one hundred years ago, but because I realized that she had better living conditions than me in the same city in 2016. Anne Frank was secluded but she was able to survive without working and she appears on photographies clean, neat and with well maintained hairstyle. Me, I needed to pay 400 euros each month for incomparably smaller room, with permanently covered window so nobody could see that anybody live in my house. My salary was 9 euro for one hour but I had some odd hard physical job only from time to time, so my income was far below official minimal month salary in the Netherlands. I had proper documents, Schengen nationality,University graduation diploma (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics), hard working attitude. But earth is overpopulated so capitalists don’t need. If nobody allow me to make any work, I wouldn’t pay for room, I would die. No access to public shelter without five years history of living in the Netherlands. Police intervened immediately when I tried to sleep one time outside in Tilburg (North Brabant, the Netherlands), they told me that I must disappear because otherwise they will deport me to Belgium. How long people can survive without sleeping? Three nights without sleeping mean no chance to work in fast pace environment. Few weeks without sleeping mean death.

My father had worked in army so he was eligible to get a home from government. It would be a small, 1 bedroom home, but he got 1 extra room when I was born and 1 extra room when my brother was born (we are twins). It means that first thing which I’ve ever made in my life was that I increased size of my father’s home by giving him one additional room.

Few years later my parents divorced and my father had came suddenly to this home with his colleagues from army with will to throw away me, my brother and my mother to the street (not Netherlands but another country where police don’t disturb people sleeping outside).

I was good in Mathematics during my school years so finally I’ve graduated Mathematics from the University. I’ve passed all of my exams in time and I’ve became Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. After that I’ve made one year of Mathematics program on master level in another University (albeit hadn’t graduate). But I wasn’t able to find my future on job market, I didn’t understand capitalism. So I signed up to Academy of Business and I’ve made one year of Management on master level. Still no place for me in this world. Academy of Business created more questions in my head than answers. I’d worked actually in three big financial institutions in meantime as an operational risk manager, but organizational structure in this companies was so weird that it didn’t make sense for me. I’ve got fired from each of these three companies. I’ve left my country, crossed all of my past and moved to the Netherlands for a few years of swinging between unemployment and few hours of odd job on call. Finally I’ve transfered all of my remaining money to an uknown nice lady from Facebook who promised me a place in attic without shower (but swimming pool nearby had an access to shower) on an island in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. I’ve found here a permanent job in slaughterhouse where I’m working hard in the river of blood since now. I can not complain as it’s a stable work with high monthly salary. It turned out to be too difficult for me to learn local language so I’ve created my private world around music and travel. Now I share this passion with you, here on Musictivity.

Eventually I’ve met a very special person in my life. You know, my salary in slaughterhouse is high enough so I’ve visited a group of people in the Philippines. I’ve spent two weeks with them in Philippines and even took my love to Thailand for holidays. Later on, they became my family, I’ve married my love and now we live happily more than one year in the island somewhere between Europe and America. I’m glad that I’ve been able to open the doors for future of somebody else.

We are listening together to Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi today 🙂 As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Francesco comes from Turin. It can be interesting to know that Turin (not Rome neither Milan) was the first capital of Italy throughout centuries. I have never been there yet so let me introduce this city for you using professional video made by another traveling enthusiast:

source: blainenp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syOJw3jYxQs

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Check out other inspiring articles on Musictivity: https://musictivity.org and share it with your friends. You are welcome to join our friendly community, Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/musictivity/

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Samantha Fish + Kansas 28.12.2019

What’s up with generation of 1990? Many young people got excited recently about discovered by Post Malone new vocalist Ozzy Osbourne while I compared Destruction to “The Sound of Music” by Robert Wise https://musictivity.org/2019/09/22/destruction-salzburg-03-12-2019/. Today I wanted to boast Samantha Fish as the best musician inspired by Nashville Blues but my good older friend forbade me to do this: “She is inspired by Nashville Blues like you are expired by Willem II Tilburg”.

Everybody needs a right music education. We really don’t want to confuse baseball stick with guitar. We don’t want to attend in discussion with Swiss manufacturer of piano with conviction that The Doors played classical music related to Viener Klassik https://musictivity.org/2019/08/17/rage-wings-of/

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text

“Kill or be kind”. We just need to dedicate some time for joy in life. Blues doesn’t need to lost in the ozone of history. Joining our friendly community on Facebook seems to be the right place to go for some timeless art, culture and good music. This group was created like “yesterday” but it allows you to stay tuned with each next article which will be published on Musictivity. https://www.facebook.com/groups/musictivity/

I already recommended on Musictivity a young lady who sings amazing and fresh blues in recent years. German people are lucky because they had it in radio and in TV but who outside Germany have ever heard about Jessy Martens? https://musictivity.org/2019/08/13/jessy-martens/

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Samantha Fish is another young lady who creates great blues in 2019. She was born in 1989 in Kansas City, Missouri. Guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, bright talent. Praised as the best contemporary blues female artist according to https://www.americanbluesscene.com/here-are-your-2018-blues-music-award-winners/ Her discography consists of six solid studio albums: “Runaway” (2011), “Black Wind Howlin'” (2013), “Wild Heart” (2015), “Chills & Fever” (2017), “Belle of the West” (2017) and “Kill or Be Kind” (2019). Here you can read full press promo note about the newest album: https://www.samanthafish.com/about/?fbclid=IwAR0A_KKEj4VlP5e-Rrf5ubWryNOoZACf20-rZewrzjOLCZ-vbaKPZgG3UKQ “Bulletproof” is the official video from “Kill or Be Kind”.

I recommend to listen Samantha Fish with good headphones in sake of deep and powerful bass (it changed my opinion about Samantha Fish).

source: Samantha Fish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rbPZSM8R-o

“Kill or Be Kind” was released on 20.09.2019 so Samantha Fish is playing countless concerts now both in USA and in Europe! Find your city on the list displayed on the end of this article and remember that if you ever need to book a hotel / motel / castle/ apartment etc., you can support Musictivity by using a following link without any additional costs for you http://tidd.ly/2158f71c Hotels.com is one of the largest, most reliable and perfectly maintained booking website so it’s an useful resource for you to find the right deal anytime when you travel.

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You can read about many European cities on https://musictivity.org Usually name of topics consists of: “artist/band + city”. It allows you to search for perfect combination of concerts and places which you would love to experience soon in person. Everything suppose to be always updated. Check a full table with upcoming events described on Musictivity and enjoy https://musictivity.org/2019/09/18/upcoming-concerts/

This time I’m going to make an experiment and describe a city where Samantha Fish will play a concert but about which I shouldn’t write at all. It’s a fun, a joy, a puzzle, a challenge for me; a stream of consciousness. I’m not an owner of tourist VISA to USA and I don’t see any chance on horizon to have an access to USA anytime soon 😉 It’s completely different world for me. Brave new world! However, statistical data says that most readers of Musictivity come from USA. I’m curious how do you perceive my attempt?

How can something so sweet, so sweet be so cruel?
How can something so real, so real make me feel just like a fool?

Samantha Fish “Love Letters”

This article about Kansas reveals the truth how it is to live in Kansas: https://realestate.usnews.com/places/missouri/kansas-city?fbclid=IwAR3oOISa00Vvk1_QQzrF4NyJhxQ_ezljELdb8XHOaAPJ9C93IhgUO-i8g78

Tickets for greatest Samantha Fish concerts in USA are available here:

Find Tickets Today at SelectATicket.com

27.09.2019 Montbleu Resort, Stateline, Nevada

28.09.2019 Farm To Fork Festival, Sacramento, California

29.09.2019 Fillmore, San Francisco, California

01.10.2019 Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler, Arizona

03.10.2019 Troubadour, West Hollywood, California

04.10.2019 Troubadour, West Hollywood, California

05.10.2019 Belly Up, Solana Beach, California

06.10.2019 Belly Up, Solana Beach, California

10.10.2019 Suwanee Roots Festival, Live Oak, Florida

11.10.2019 CrossroadsKC, Kansas City, Missouri

12.10.2019 Oz Trails Off-Road Mountain Bike Event & Concerts, Bentonville, Arkansas

13.10.2019 The Festy Experience, Charlottesville, Virginia

18.10.2019 The Commonwealth Room, Salk Lake City, Utah

19.10.2019 River Park Concert, Hillsborough, North Carolina

08.11.2019 Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, Florida

09.11.2019 Sugar Magnolia Festival, Kiln, Mississippi

29.11.2019 Thalia Hall, Chicago, Illinois

30.11.2019 Wildwood, Iowa City, Iowa

01.12.2019 Wooly’s, Des Moines, Iowa

03.12.2019 The Castle Theatre, Bloomington, Illinois

04.12.2019 Shank Hall, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

05.12.2019 Majestic Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin

06.12.2019 Fine Line, Minneapolis, Minnesota

08.12.2019 Old Rock House, St. Louis, Missouri

10.12.2019 Songbirds North, Chattanooga, Tennessee

11.12.2019 Terminal West, Atlanta, Georgia

12.12.2019 Charleston Pour House, South Carolina, Charleston

13.12.2019 Salvage Station, Asheville, North Carolina

15.12.2019 The State Theatre, Greenville, North Carolina

17.12.2019 Club 9:30, Washington

18.12.2019 Packard Music Hall, Warren, Ohio

19.12.2019 World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

20.12.2019 Playstation Theater, New York, New York

21.12.2019 Tupelo Music Hall, Derry, New Hampshire

22.12.2019 The Sinclair, Cambridge, Massachusetts

27.12.2019 The Riff, Springfield, Missouri

28.12.2019 Knuckleheads Saloon, Kansas City, Missouri

29.12.2019 The Blue Note, Columbia, Missouri

07-12.01.2020 Jam Cruise 18, Miami, Florida

28.02.2020 St Lukes, Glasgow, Scotland

29.02.2020 Brudenell, Leeds, England

01.03.2020 Gorilla, Manchester, England

04.03.2020 Globe, Cardiff, Wales

05.03.2020 Islington Assembly, London, England

06.03.2020 Waterfront, Norwich, England

07.03.2020 Trinity, Bristol, England

08.03.2020 Concorde, Brighton, England

10.03.2020 La Cigalle, Paris, France

11.03.2020 Depot, Leuven, België

12.03.2020 De Helling, Utrecht, Nederland

13.03.2020 Luxor Live, Arnhem, Nederland

14.03.2020 venue 013, Tilburg, Nederland

17.03.2020 Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

19.03.2020 John Dee, Oslo, Norway

21.03.2020 Nalen Kubb, Stockholm, Sweden

23.03.2020 Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland

25.03.2020 Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany

26.03.2020 Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany

27.03.2020 Bluestage, Roth, Germany

28.03.2020 Strandbar / Lehenbachhalle, Winterbach, Germany

30.05.2020 Michael Arnone’s Crawfish Festival, Augusta, New Jersey

05.09.2020 Bluefield Blues Festival, Bluefield, West Virginia

author: Sam O’Black

Jethro Tull [updated]


This article is one of the most successful articles published on Musictivity. Therefore I’ve decided to update its content but not to rewrite. You can find below a list of upcoming Jethro Tull’s concert dates however it’s always highly recommended to compare it out with the official Jethro Tull’s website: http://jethrotull.com/

Netherlands, Holland, Map, Europe, Dutch, Blue, Country


I used to live over two years in the Netherlands. Beautifully maintained, hyper dynamic and extremely eventful place to spend the best youth years. As adolescent hippy moving from town to town, sleeping anywhere, eating anything and biking more than walking, I had got a chance to know deeply whole Holland and North Brabant. I can tell you one thing: reckless life can be very happy life. What else is more important in human existence than happiness? No surprise that the Netherlands is the most international country all over the world. But when it comes to leisure traveling, can we call the Netherlands an undertouristic country? Hey, everybody fly to Amsterdam for leisure! Straight from Schiphol to Rijksmuseum! There are so many visitors that locals feel pressure to move to suburbs due to huge costs of accomodation. Around 18 million people traveled to Amsterdam last year and estimated number of tourists by 2025 is as huge as 30 million. But all tourists go to Mokum instead of exploring other parts of the Netherlands. And this is one of major Dutch problems thick as a brick.

Discosure: I use affiliate links and banners. When you buy something using link from this website, price stays exactly the same for you but I receive a small commission which supports Musictivity. Thanks! Full privacy policy: https://musictivity.org/privacy-policy/


Jethro Tull are smart. They went to Heerlen, Haarlem and Utrecht in October 2019 during Jethro Tull 50th Anniversary Tour Europe. The audience was instructed: “Please be ready in your seats before start; you don’t need to fasten any seat belts and is better to leave mind open for unexpected events. Band will give spectacular show”.

There are plenty videos available on YouTube with Jethro Tull performing their anniversary concerts.

source: Tadeusz Cycon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-6k9cYJuE4


03.11.2019 Padova, Italy

04.11.2019 Milan, Italy


05.11.2019 Firenze, Italy

07.11.2019 Rome, Italy

19.11.2019 Rostock, Germany

20.11.2019 Hamburg, Germany


22.11.2019 Magdeburg, Germany

23.11.2019 Berlin, Germany


29.11.2019 Arnstadt, Germany

30.11.2019 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

06.12.2019 Wakefield, England

07.12.2019 Ripon, England

13.12.2019 Wells, England

28.02.2020 Barcelona, Spain

29.02.2020 Madrid, Spain

13.03.2020 Helsinki, Finland


14.03.2020 Turku, Finland

15.03.2020 Tampere, Finland

27.04.2020 Moscow, Russia

28.04.2020 Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

30.04.2020 St Petersburg, Russia

18.07.2020 Schwerin, Germany

24.07.2020 Dresden, Germany

25.07.2020 Leipzig, Germany

08.08.2020 Salzgitter-Salder, Germany

23.08.2020 Mönchengladbach, Germany

16.11.2020 Ostrava, Czech

17.11.2020 Brno, Czech

18.11.2020 Prague, Czech

26.11.2020 Lugano, Switzerland

I like how this music interfere with my mundane worries. Even if Ian Anderson isn’t a poet, his expressions free up my ability to take control over my mood. I don’t have enough experience with folk to assess role of flute in this genre but it is an unique instrument for famous rock band anyway. I think that general Jethro Tull’s approach to composition is unique and extraordinary creative. I can appreciate that.


Alright. Let’s say that you decide to take a journey to the Netherlands, see something else than Amsterdam and follow the way of Jethro Tull. What exactly can you expect over there? Well, you don’t need to completely resign from sightseeing Amsterdam as distance between these four cities is short:

– Amsterdam – Heerlen 213km,

– Amsterdam – Utrecht 43km,

– Amsterdam – Haarlem 30km.

Check on 9292.nl how easy it is to commute from point A to point B in the Netherlands.

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Heerlen (86 000 inhabitants) is different than stereotypical Netherlands because it’s actually located on a hill. You can find there two impressive casltes: Hoensbroek Castle (Hoensbroek is separate town just 8km from Heerlen) which is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands (XIV century) https://www.kasteelhoensbroek.nl/en/ and Ter Worm Castle (XVII century) https://www.terworm.nl/ Perhaps you will be interested in exploring also Weltermolen watermill, probably from XIV century, which doesn’t look at all like Dutch windmill. Thorn is a must-see village in Haarlen proximity with old white houses and monuments; check historical objects in Gemeentemuseum Land van Thorn http://www.museumhetlandvanthorn.nl

Heerlen, Kerkrade, Landgraaf, Brunssum, Simpelveld, Voerendaal, Nuth and Onderbanken are towns in south Limburg province which cooperate together from 1999 in form of Parkstad Limburg (with Heerlen as its social center) to invite both tourists and investors from abroad. They run many sport (such as “the largest indoor ski slope in the world”), environmental (i.e. “the most innovative and modern zoo in Europe”), infrastructural (i.e. “nostalgic steam train”), and cultural projects (i.e. “first design museum in the Netherlands”) making Parkstad “the fastest growing tourist destination in the Netherlands” according to https://parkstad-limburg.nl/programmas/toerisme/ Check short video which summarize results of this actions:

source: Visit Zuid-Limburg https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=142&v=lkwLNfrN8TM


Utrecht (345 000 inhabitants) is located almost exactly in the middle of the Netherlands. However this city doesn’t belong to Holland as Holland consists of only two among twelve dutch provinces. Utrecht is gorgeous, full of culture and history. Lonely Planet includes Utrecht in the top 10 of the world’s “unsung” places. I recommend a visit in the largest castle in the Netherlands called Kasteel de Haar.

source: Nick de Kruijk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuMhaXJHQts

You can find the oldest dutch art city collection in Centraal Museum Utrecht, located at Agnietenstraat 1 http://www.centraalmuseum.nl Prominent painters from Utrecht: Melchior d’Hondecoeter (1636-1695; birds, parks), Dirck van der Burg (1721-1773; Caravaggist; towns, castles, portraits), Theo van Doesburg (1883 – 1931; leader of De Stijl, art movement joining “painters and architects to create abstraction and universality by using only simple forms and solely few primary colors” according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Stijl ).


Surprisingly, even some people living permanently in Haarlem aren’t aware that Haarlem (not Amsterdam!) is a capital of Noord Holland province (part of Holland). It makes Haarlem a main public transport hub and from my experience, it’s much faster to commute from Haarlem to other towns in Holland than from Amsterdam; it takes around 20 minutes to get from Haarlem to Amsterdam by train. In fact, Haarlem is more historical than Amsterdam because it’s second oldest town in whole Netherlands (after Nijmegen). City is full of renowned art galleries, museums and historical spots (great example: The City Hall with oldest parts from XIII century) competing with those in Amsterdam. You can appreciate better kept greenery as Haarlem lies on the northern boundary of Bollenstreek. I had worked nine months in Lisse which can be considered as a capital of Bollenstreek due to the largest flower garden in the world called Keukenhof. Seventy five percent tulips on our planet comes exactly from Bollenstreek, I know it because my role was to export tulips seeds abroad. I keep mouth widely open during each bus ride between Lisse and Haarlem 😉

source: Enki Production https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qw_v3bK-3U

I mention about painters because Dutch were world masters of painting during Golden Age (XVII century). The most important painter from Haarlem is Frans Hals (1582 – 1666; portraits). He created Haarlem Academy to join efforts of the best artists from this place & time. Let’s check The Frans Hals Museum (address: Groot Heiligland 62) https://www.franshalsmuseum.nl/en


I could show you way more attractions in undertouristic parts of the Netherlands (maybe next time?) but first let Jethro Tull to inspire you. They are the best experts in solving mundane worries haha. Listen to them, travel, enjoy life!

author: Sam O’Black