Mother’s Finest


Don’t live in the past.

Come with me, I want to show you something.

It’s eclectic. Expect everything and anything between funk and heavy metal. It doesn’t need to be white (nobody is a racist in 2019, is anybody?). But it must be energetic, innovative and free. Freedom of the Art. Mother’s finest. No rules, feel the pulse of the Universe! Plenty of colors, hue hue hue!

Believe me or not, sisters and brothers. Fathers and Grandmothers. Believe me or not, I want to tell you something. I got a cough. And doctor gave me some medicaments. I didn’t know what to do with these pills. I went to Amsterdam for crazy all night long party. Next morning I came back to home in Lisse (colorful Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world), took some pills and went to sleep (because I was on party all night long, remember?).

Not this, my friends, I didn’t want to tell about this. It’s common.

But really. I went to sleep like this-o after these pills from doctor and after party night.

Suddenly I woke up. Body in one place, mind in another. It started turning. My view. I mean, uncle, started turning around. I felt like after this medicine:

source: Marc Angel Comedy


Everything and everyone is one. Holy Universe in one. Mother’s Finest is one. They are inspired by anybody and anything. But they are one and only band of its kind in the Universe.

Everybody can tell you this what I just told to you. Because that’s true! Do you know Mother’s Finest? Combantrin is not mother’s finest anyway. No chance. Mother’s Finest come from Atlanta. Georgia, USA. Soon fifty anniversary. Released twelve albums. There is everything what I need to feel happy today.

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I’m gonna shut up now about Mother’s Finest because I am not able to describe them better than GSUTV made it in this documentary film:

source: GSUTV


You can still buy your ticket:

30.10.2019 Aschaffenburg, Germany

31.10.2019 Hilversum, Nederland

02.11.2019 Venlo, Nederland

03.11.2019 Arnhem, Nederland

05.11.2019 Ubach, Germany

06.11.2019 Stuttgart, Germany

07.11.2019 Karlsruge, Germany

09.11.2019 Merzig, Germany

10.11.2019 Burgrieden, Germany

29.11.2019 Macon, Georgia, USA

30.11.2019 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

30.01.2020 Columbia, South Carolina, USA

01.02.2020 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

08.02.2020 Savannah, Georgia, USA

07.03.2020 Nuremberg, Germany

08.03.2020 Munich, Germany

10.03.2020 Berlin, Germany

11.03.2020 Bamberg, Germany

13.03.2020 Wurzburg, Germany

14.03.2020 Frankfurt, Germany

15.03.2020 Regensburg, Germany

17.03.2020 Neu Ulm, Germany

19.03.2020 Ludwigsburg, Germany

20.03.2020 Dresden, Germany

28.03.2020 Zurich, Switzerland

08.05.2020 Rubigen, Switzerland

source: Rockhouse Salzburg

Enjoy Mother’s Finest in carefully selected city.

My advice:


This time I would like to invite you to Nuremberg which is an outstanding city located in eastern Germany, driving distance from Czech, Austria, Switzerland, France

I use always this browser to compare places to stay in each visited city:

Nuremberg with population 515 000 is the largest city in Franconia and the second largest in Bavaria (after Munich). Unofficial capital of Holy Roman Empire. Among architectural pearls, Imperial Castle of Nuremberg (called Kaiserburg) is the most significant one because German Kings used to live there from 1050 to 1571 and this fortress was also a place of court assemblies in Roman Empire. More info:

I use always this website to find interesting activity in each visited city:


Nuremberg is a city of inspiration for playing and having fun due to the 600 years tradition of crafting medieval dolls. You can admire this kind of stuff in Spielzeugmuseum (Toy Museum). Permanent exhibition includes dolls, doll houses, free-standing statuettes, technology toys and popular modern toys. There is also separate room where children can play together. Between April and October special guide demonstrate and teach classic outdoor games in special big outdoor area. Worth to mention is the largest toy fair in the world which take place annually from 1950 in Nuremberg (next event: 29.01.2020 – 02.02.2020).

You can not find anywhere in Germany bigger collection of Deutsche art than in Germanisches Nationalmuseum I would love to let you know about Albrecht Dürer, perhaps the most renowned painter from Nuremberg (1471-1528; famous for woodcut prints and engravings; remarkable alterpieces, portraits, self-portraits). You can see his house below.

Albrecht Dürer Haus, Nuremberg, Albrecht-Dürer-Straße

Another very interesting place to visit on the occasion of Mother’s Finest show is DB Museum, the oldest railway museum in the world (1882). DB means Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), a name of private joint-stock company with only one shareholder: Federal Republic of Germany. Nowadays they carry 4 billion passengers and 200 million tons of goods each year. Museum displays 600 objects include oldest steam railways and even a carriage used by King of Bavaria Ludwig II (reign 1864-1886)

All of this venues in Nuremberg deserve our attention because this culture was created with love straight from human hearts. Same applies to Mother’s Finest music. I’m sure that he loves to perform for large audience. He has a great voice, timeless songs, perfect form on stage. Don’t miss his concert because now is the best time to enjoy his entire musical achievements. You can really enjoy his strong, fantastic voice in person.

So let’s go sightseeing what is appealing to you in Nuremberg, forget about some martial bullshit and give warm applause to Mother’s Finest.

author: Sam O’Black

Enjoy your favorite music in unique places


Musictivity is a term defined in the urban dictionary as “an unique expression of musical creativity influenced by emotion, imagination and improvisation (…) going outside the box with music and creating something new.”

My professor from Academy of Business (where I used to study Management 5 years ago) told once that contemporary leader have to think hybrid.

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Over the hills and far away somebody else told that everything in music was already created and there is nothing else to discover. Dumb joke! After that the world got the album “Theli” from Swedish band Therion. It was unprecedented because nobody else was brave enough to mix extreme metal with classical music before Christofer Johnsson made it in 1996. Many others tried the same later and here you go – entire new genre of metal music flourished in XXI century!

On the contrary, many bands wished to categorize themselves as a progressive metal actually duplicate each other. More experienced metal maniacs complain nowadays that all newest metal bands sound not distinguishable. Some of these new bands try to get out of the box but at the same time they are interested in sailing towards only one course, both as musicians and as a listeners. It’s a good thing. Music become listenable. But not much original.

One dimensional attitude is a genuine core of this problem.

You may say: Motorhead played one dimensional, Testament played one dimensional, The Rolling Stones played one dimensional, Iron Maiden played one dimensional and even Rush played one dimensional.

We don’t have any problem to classify these bands to one specific category.

But all of them had strong hybrid inspirations. Each of these old rock legends developed one dimensional style based on improvisations about few other music styles like:

– blues,

– rock’n’roll,

– heavy metal,

– jazz,

– folk,

– punk.

It makes a huge difference!


Writing not only songs, lyrics but even blog articles like this one which you read right now, is an act of creativity influenced by emotion and imagination. I take a risk and try to construct hybrid posts about my two hobbies: traveling and music. It requires courage, especially that I turn upside down the concerts review process: other bloggers and journalists write reports from the best concerts which have already happened, while I try to build whole long content articles around concerts which will happen in the future.

Crazy? No. Musictivity is Musictivity. Full list of all of my articles:

Well, future events are fragile. I’ve spent all day writing about upcoming Eric Burdon concert in Nuremberg. Then Eric Burdon was attacked by his own promoter because the promoter was unhonest, didn’t want to pay bills and Eric Burdon spoke in public against this kind of practices in music industry. The tour including concert in Nuremberg was canceled. I needed to remove whole article from Musictivity blog.

Many things can go wrong when somebody try to express or experience something unique. Perhaps the most striking example is the Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne tour. They planned a spectacular tour in England and Europe in the beginning of 2019 but it was postponed due to Ozzy’s health issue. At the moment we could find info about their new European dates on their official website However these dates will be probably postponed as well:


What if you buy not only a ticket for concert but also a plane ticket? So would you like to tell me that you were going to travel abroad to see Priest and Ozzy? I call it holidays, shorter or longer but still holidays.

What if you are a member of a band which is going for international tournee? Congrats but will you visit some major big cities on the way? Why wouldn’t you use this opportunity to get insight into unique culture and history of visited places? I’m aware that you don’t have much time and perhaps you feel alone in new places but the thing is that you don’t need much time neither local friends to get solid cultural insight. It can be easy to realize and inspiring. Remember that you are able to create something new when you are under the influence of art unrelated to your specific style.

I have something interesting for you and it may be free, no hidden costs.

This is the most useful website which I know to plan itinerary each time when I am somewhere out of home. There are hundreds activities in each major city and also some interesting ones in non-major towns. I use it regularly. Prices are moderate and guides usually very knowledgeable, they know how to impress you about history and culture of their own city.

My favorite kind of tour is a biking tour where each participant get a bike for few hours and biking behind an experienced guide who shows all most prominent landmarks.

Although this one is paid, you can find a free walking tour in each major city. You don’t pay for signing, guides have proper expertise and are willing to show you all of these awesome places, explain cultural context and answer on your questions.

Such a constructive time, just two or three hours and you are acquainted with the city!

You can give a tip directly to the hand of your guide if you like this tour. I appreciate their job so I usually give 10 or 20 eur/usd/gbp/chf but it’s entirely up to you.


Type “free Berlin”, “free Copenhagen”, “free Paris” or any other free-something, using the following link

I believe that it’s better for everybody to use this source when abroad. Regardless if it’s a business trip, holidays with whole family or you just fly for concert, you can take advantage from free walking tour. It’s not time consuming (usually three hours are perfectly enough), free, educative, fun, inspiring and memorable.

If you aren’t on a tough budget, you can consider to use this source also for:

– walking tours,

– biking tours,

– bus tours,

– boat tours,

– theme tours,

– art and museums tickets (also include skip the line option),

– theme parks tickets,

– culinary or pub crawl tours,

– architecture tours,

– history and heritage tours,

– extreme sports activities (balloon, Ferrari ride, skydiving, many others),

– family tours,

– special wheelchair accessible activities,

– booking transportation from the airport,

– many many other options to spend quality time.

The conclusion is that concert don’t need to be your only one activity when you fly somewhere. There are so many cool things to do in the world! Don’t forget to book your tour before you depart for journey. You can also bookmark this website to have it always easily accessible.

Skip the line tickets to popular landmarks are worth to mention separately. Recently I was happy to make a complete Colosseum tour in Rome in just 90 minutes and I can not find any good reason why so many people waited half day in endless line just to get inside the same Colosseum. It’s not a saving at all, difference in price between standard ticket and skip the line ticket with guide is maybe 20 euro while all of this crowd waste half day of precious holidays waiting in the endless line. Maybe they just needed someone to inform them about existence of GetYourGuide? Skip the line tickets are especially useful in the most popular tourist destinations in the world, read about Paris

On the end, I would like to suggest you some other practical tools to plan your travel. I am a frequent international traveler, I use it regularly and I can recommend it as reliable and useful. I will appreciate if you make a purchase using links displayed on Musictivity – price will stay the same for you but I would get a small commission which will help me to run this website 😉

Hotels, hostels, apartments, cottages, guest houses, house boats, tree houses, resorts, villas, any other kind of accomodation (brand Hotels . com)

Large on-line store with rock and metal merchandise, they sell also stuff related to films and other popular heroes (brand EMP)

Tickets for concerts and other cool events (brand Eventim)

I sincerely wish you to enjoy your favorite music in unique places so complete your transaction right now.

author: Sam O’Black

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

Phil Campbell is Phil Campbell. Welsh guitarist known from over 30 years playing in Motorhead (everything since “Orgasmatron”). Lemmy passed in 2015 😦 Phil Campbell continues career with new musicians as Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons and also is recording new solo album right now.

source: Voy 99

I heard Motorhead for the first time around “Inferno” in 2004 and it’s my favorite album featuring Phil Campbell. I remember wearing T-shirt with “Inferno” cover in front and Lemmy + Phil Campbell + Mikkey Dee on the back. Rock’n’roll live forever and Motorhead will stay with us until resurrection of Jesus. But Motorhead can not play new stuff without Lemmy. As simple as that, no Lemmy – no new Motorhead. These albums and concerts where Phil Campbell played on guitars are timeless and irreplaceable indeed because of Lemmy \m/

Motorhead’s drummer Mikkey Dee joined Scorpions in 2016 while Motorhead’s guitarist Phil Campbell is creating own music. You know, nothing new – Bastard Sons album “The Age Of Absurdity” (2018) presents good, old school, ass kicking rock’n’roll with modern sound. Not really aggressive metal, definitely not soft shit, just traditional dynamic hard rock with proper riffs & groove. Listenable songs for all Motorhead’s fans.

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Young vocalist Neil Starr makes his job alright. He is a friend of Phil Campbell and he has no problem to perform in front of large audiences. I can say with confidence that Neil Starr doesn’t irritate, doesn’t try to copy Lemmy, doesn’t pretend fucking rock adolescent star. Perhaps there are some people who will never accept anybody else on vocal than Lemmy when Phil Campbell plays on guitar. I don’t care, for me Neil Starr is ok. There are many melodies and catchy fragments on “The Age Of Absurdity” and Neil Starr sings that well. Just check out full Bastard Sons’ performance from Wacken Open Air 2016 so you will get what I’m talking about 🙂 It’s too long for embedding on Musictivity so grab your link and enjoy

This is the official video clip to “Dark Days”, new material from Phil Campbell & Bastard Sons:

source: Nuclear Black Records

Nowhere to go
But I’m not looking back
Save me now before it’s too late

Different time, different place
Different shoes but I’m walking the same

Phil Campbell & Bastard Sons “Dark Days”

Phil Campbell will release first solo (it’s something else than Bastard Sons) album “Old Lions Still Roar” on 25.10.2019 with Dee Snider on vocal. You can watch trailer to this upcoming longplay here:

Let’s appreciate and buy “The Age of Absurdity”. You can also make pre – order of Phil Campbell’s solo “Old Lions Still Roar” (CD or LP). EMP is the largest on-line store with rock&metal merchandise in Europe so check out also their 216 items of Motorhead.

Upcoming shows of Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons (read about sightseeing opportunities in some among following cities )

28.09.2019 Magic Mirror, Le Havre, France

13.10.2019 Megacruise, Los Angeles, California

29.10.2019 The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-trent, England

30.10.2019 Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland

01.11.2019 Rebellion, Manchester, England

02.11.2019 The Dome, London, England

03.11.2019 Epic Studios, Norwich, England

04.11.2019 Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, England

06.11.2019 Engine Rooms, Southampton, England

07.11.2019 KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton, England

08.11.2019 Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, England

09.11.2019 Tramshead, Cardiff, Wales

29.11.2019 Gebaude 9, Cologne, Germany

30.11.2019 Logo, Hamburg, Germany

01.12.2019 BI NUU, Berlin, Germany

02.12.2019 Hirsch, Nuremberg, Germany

04.12.2019 Beatpol – Dresden e.V., Gittersee (village by Dresden), Germany

05.12.2019 Backstage Concerts GmbH, Munich, Germany

06.12.2019 DAS BETT – Live Musik Club, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

07.12.2019 NIKOLAUT Winter Fest, Oberhausen – rheinhausen, Germany

Tickets for concerts in USA:

Find Tickets Today at

Eventim sells tickets for events in Europe:

If you like to support the big family of Phil Campbell’s fans, please remember to book your accommodation each time using the picture displayed below (click on it, thanks!).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cshow.php

I’ve already written on Musictivity about unique attractions available in some among cities where Phil Campbell is gonna perform soon I think that I should to add something about Munich as well. It’s a capital and the largest city of Bavaria, third largest in whole Germany (after Berlin and Hamburg). I know that you kinda thirsty reading like this about Munich, but Phil will not play there in October 😉 I’m a Motorhead fan so I will not fool around about Bavarian greenery. Some cool landmarks:

– Marienplatz (square in the city center with nice Christmas Market, majestic New Town Hall and more modest white Old Town Hall)

– Nymphenburg Palace (baroque palace – yes, Motorhead fans know that since now; main summer residence of House of Wittelsbach – Bavarian royal family from XI century, “God save the queen”)

-Munich Residence (the largest city palace in whole Germany, also used by House of Wittelsbach)

– BMW Museum (established in 1973 when Lemmy was a Hawkwind’s member yet)

– Olympiapark (beside not really green grass in December, there is an Olympic Tower with panorama view over Munich and occasionally some extra attractions)

– Isartor Gate (decorative gothic city gate from 1337 with frescos by Bernhard von Neher and museum dedicated to comedian actor Karl Valentin)

Munich is especially beautiful after sunset.

source: travelwithus

Get your guide, 154 experiences in Munich

“The Jochen Schweizer Arena has a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient indoor skydiving facility. Within the chamber a turbulence-free stream of air reaches speeds of up to 285 km/h. This provides the ideal training conditions for all free-fall disciplines in parachuting (formation & freefly).

During your flight, you receive constant support from the experienced flight instructors. No prior knowledge is required for a flight in the wind tunnel”.

Because you know we do it right
A mission every night
It’s a bomber, it’s a bomber

Motorhead “Bomber”

Skydiving experience in Munich:

Available also for two people at the same time (of course in Munich):

Thank you for reading Musictivity. Stay tuned!

author: Sam O’Black

Deep Purple + Sofia 07.12.2019

Get ready for Deep Purple concert. Watch newest videos, don’t waste precious time and consider cultural trips.

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Current Deep Purple line-up: Ian Gillan (vocals), Ian Paice (drums), Roger Glover (bass), Steve Morse (guitars), Don Airey (keyboards, organ). How do you feel with this? We had already 17 years to accept this fact. Too many things around us on the world are straight so remember about joy and have fun with Deep Purple in 2019.

This team released four studio albums: “Bananas” (2003), “Rapture of the Deep” (2005), “Now What?!” (2013) and “Infinite” (2017). In my opinion “Now What?!” is not only the best album among these four longplays but also the best one since “Perfect Strangers”. It’s a fine example of contemporary hard rock created by old school masters. We can appreciate.

Current Deep Purple’s label earMUSIC presents the official music video to “Vincent Price”. Take a note the scenery comes from Dungeon in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been there are I can recommend this particular Dungeon for truly engaging and bloodcurdling spectacle.


Then you are welcome to watch “All I Got Is You” in sake of getting know the newest album “Infinite”. It’s a great idea to hark to this music before going for concert.


You can buy Deep Purple T-shirts & CDs & DVDs in EMP – the largest rock&metal merch store in whole Europe. They have “Now What?!” for 6.99euro, “Infinite” for 9.99euro, T-shirts for 14.99euro/17.99euro (at least when I visited their website on 08.09.2019), also few older albums, concert albums, DVD, something cool for each fun.

Officially we know only some upcoming Deep Purple’s dates in USA at the moment but I inquired from another source about Deep Purple’s show in Ostrava (Czech Republic) on 04.12.2019 and Sofia (Bulgaria) on 07.12.2019. Great!

Buy your tickets here

I know that “co je Ceskie to je dobre” but Bulgaria has Plovdiv – the European capital of culture 2019 located 150km south east of Sofia while Ostrava is an unofficial European capital of polluted air not only 2019. So would be better to set on to another Czech city Prague for Bruce Dickinson and to Sofia for Deep Purple

Tickets for Deep Purple in USA:

Find Tickets Today at

Tickets for Deep Purple in Ostrava:

Tickets for Deep Purple in Sofia:

If you crave to see Deep Purple concert abroad than I would recommend Agoda – a reliable and popular website with huge selection of different types of accommodation (hotels, motels, apartments, name it). I like them because they always offer many discounts. Expect to pay merely around 60 euro / night for 4 start hotel or below 50 euro / night for 3 start hotel in Sofia.

The main point of Musictivity may be defined as: travel, go crazy on concert, don’t miss cultural attractions, use your time, enjoy your favorite music in unique places. The word musictivity derives from a mix of different art styles and I indeed glean informations from different sources to improve quality of your music experience. I try to share with you all the best what you need to be better prepared for rock concerts. Hence if you go to Bulgaria for Deep Purple then keep your mind open also for side trips. Sofia deserves your attention.

My intention isn’t to submit daily reports neither publish quirky pictures tracing all of my steps because nobody needs that! Instead, I will show you following video with promise that you will not waste any second during watching it. Let’s go!

source: MaxMedia | Skymedia

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, beautiful European country situated between Greece, North Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and Turkey with access to the Black Sea. Sofia’s population is 1 240 000. Currency Bulgarian lev (BGN) worth around 1 BGN = 0.5 euro. Weather in December: average temp 7C degree, humidity 80%, rain 51mm/month, wind 4km/h, sun 9h/day.

Get your guide: over 150 activities in (or from) Sofia:

“Explore the highlights of Sofia, one of the oldest cities in Europe, on a comprehensive 8-hour tour of the historic center and suburbs”.

“Escape the crowds in the city and enjoy the fresh mountain air of Vitosha. Dive into the winter wonderland of the oldest national park in the Balkans during this full-day snowshoe walk to the highest peak of the mountain”.

Plovdiv is one of the oldest city in the world and the European capital of culture 2019. “Your adventure tour of Plovdiv and Rhodope Mountain starts with pickup from your hotel/accommodation in Sofia (…) This day-trip is the best combination of history, culture, nature, and adventure. It is not just a sightseeing tour, but is also pure fun.”

source: Plovdiv2019

There’s still a long way to go
And the nights are closing in
But if I’d traveled any faster babe
Lord knows where I might have been

Right from those early days
I put my faith in the axle not the wheels
Like old Zeno’s toytus
with Achilles snapping at my heels

Deep Purple “All the Time in the World”

Make yourself a favor and prepare your Bulgarian itinerary today.

Read Musictivity

Share fun & culture with your best friends!

author: Sam O’Black

Deep Purple - Logo

source of logo:

Alter Bridge + Paris 09.12.2019

Alter Bridge will release new fresh album “Walk the Sky” on 18.10.2019. Let’s check their upcoming exciting concerts, maybe they will play in your city? If not, first part of December is a perfect time for sightseeing the most touristic destination in the world, Paris.

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Alter Bridge is a popular Americano (Orlando, middle Florida) rock band which create very good music from 2004. They are renowned for songwriting talent. Current line-up features Myles Kennedy (vocals, guitar), Mark Tremonti (guitar, vocals, also Creed), Brian Marshall (bass) and Scott Phillips (drums). As far their best album is “Fortress” (2013) but let’s check some new vibes from upcoming “Walk the Sky”:

Source: Alter Bridge

Special guests during Alter Bridge’s show in Paris on 09.12.2019 are Shinedown and The Raven Age!

source: Shinedown

source: The Raven Age

I publish newest & hottest songs of presented bands on purpose. I would be glad if you know not only the best albums from the past, but also perceive the rock art as a thriving cultural phenomenon. You want to belong to the group of funs, aren’t you?

After clicking on the banner below you will be redirected to EMP store where you can buy Alter Bridge’s and Shinedown’s CDs, LPs and limited DVD. Enjoy!

Paris is considered as a most culturally magnificent city in the whole world. Despite it’s on many bucket lists, I’m also aware that some visitors don’t appreciate Paris. However all people who have ever complained to me about Paris have overpaid for super hot and mega crowdy time in France without accurate preparation. Paris is not Amsterdam (so good!), you can not loosely speak in English to all people around, customers aren’t treated with sweat WELKOM and all buildings seem to look somehow… well, uncolorful.

First ice breaking word which you need to use in contact with French people is “bonjour”. Even if you don’t speak French at all, you simply need to start any kind of conversation with this French word. Bonjour. Bonjour. Bonjour. There are some other polite expressions which are nice to remember but this one seems to be most essential: bonjour 🙂

Early December is a Christmas season in Paris and French Christmas markets look amazing. But most visitors flock to Paris for period around 24 – 31 December so you have a chance to find more reasonable accommodation in the first part of December, what perfectly fits to Alter Bridge’s concert on 09.12.2019. Let’s check what is available in Montmartre or in Marais first, I think that these areas are the best to find a hotel for cultural tourists. Click on the banner below and you be will redirected to reliable Agoda.

Climate in December is quite cold (3-8 degree C) with average rainfall 49 milimeters (1.9 inches). It’s too warm for snow but you need to wear a winter jacket and scarf to feel comfortable. It’s actually a good news for you because this kind of weather diminishes crowd so you wouldn’t wait many hours in long lines to enter best attractions. Louvre, the largest and the most famous museum in the world isn’t crowded in winter!

You need to prepare well before going to Paris. Would be perfect to know what exactly you like to see and what you are interested in. It’s not enough to write on a bucket list: Louvre, Disneyland, Eiffel, Arc of Triumph and Versailles.

For example only one Louvre contains 380 000 objects! I wouldn’t see the original Low Code Stele of Hammurabi without prior preparation. This inostensible piece of stone was the most spectacular object which I learned about in Paris.

It’s necessary to search informations also about other museums in Paris before going there for holidays. Good example: self-portrait of Van Gogh in Musse D’Orsay, such an iconic masterpiece (1889)!

Another easy to miss object is a following sculpture. If you crave to spend quality time in Paris then you need to know who (and why?) is riding a horse in front of Versaille. Sure, guide will tell you everything, but you don’t need to feel overwhelmed.

Make a detailed list of few (not too many!) art masterpieces which you would love to see in Paris. Regardless how many days are you going to spend in Paris, you aren’t able to experience everything what is worth your attention. This film from Withlocals will help you with this complicated task:

Otherwise, you can also get your guide and check ASAP 802 activities in Paris:

Prices in Paris are very expensive but early December may be more affordable. I spend my last birthday in Paris (not December but January, I’m a Capricorn) and locals offered me food for free three times.

Remember to always keep some coins in your pocket as not every vendor accept debt/credit cards. Once I asked for a crepe in the middle of park, nice man started to make it for me but then I realized that I have no coins. I asked him to wait a minute until I will find an ATM and in this case I didn’t need to eat but I felt obligated to pay. He answered that let it be a gift. Another time I was in rush from Versaille to train station so I picked a quick meal in KFC (haha). I booked an order using a machine, not at counter. But generous staff informed me that this kind of sandwich is not available at the moment so I can choose another one and get a drink for free. I thanked and grabbed just an another sandwich. It was OK for me. And the last case was in Gallery Lafayette. I ordered some macarons from Pierre Herme and they let me taste one experimental flavor for free. I wouldn’t call Parisian greed. At least not in off season and not when I remember about “bonjour” 😉

Alter bridge and “enjoy an à-la-carte dinner on-board whilst cruising on River Seine. Discover the City of Lights from the water and see the iconic monuments of Paris illuminated”.

I hope that I sparked a brainstorm among few Alter Bridge’s funs so please share this article with your friends who are also interested in Paris. Feel welcome to subscribe Musictivity.

author: Sam O’Black

Patti Smith + Trieste 25-26.11.2019

There is nothing like escape from home with plan to become a star. You can finish like Tommy Wiseau from “The Disaster Artist” or like Patti Smith performing in Italy this autumn 2019. Or like me, an author of the worst music blog ever (but I’m free and it is beautiful; it is beautiful).

Some people over there may claim that Patti Smith works really hard all life for her image. Her legend isn’t something created by social media. She really slept in parks and really resisted drinking coffee in office from nine to five each business day. I need to ask Patti in person about that but I guess that talking about her as a hard worker would really deserve calling whole website a ton of bullshit. Her image reflects her genuine nature.

Disclosure: I use Discosure: I use affiliate links and banners. When you buy something using link from this website, price stays exactly the same for you but I receive a small commission which supports Musictivity. Thanks! Full privacy policy:

We appreciate Patti Smith because she is the most influential lady in rock music ever. Period.

She made this what exactly was supposed to be done: wrote brilliant lyrics and sang on eleven excellent studio albums. Our role might be to listen to her longplays and to attend her concerts, but only if we wish that.

Patti Smith performed last June on Solstice Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland, and didn’t take any coin for her concert. Solstice Festival doesn’t pay bands but she sang anyway. Now you need to answer this important question: do you like to listen to her longplays and attend her concerts or not? If not, I have nothing else to say. If yes, please make focus.

“Horses” (1975). Evergreen, art rock, poetic, the most influential album in Patti Smith collection. Each song is the best. “Gloria” is the most popular.

“Radio Ethiopia” (1976). More expression, more freedom, more screaming, more energy, more… is it possible to make it all even MORE than on “Heroes”? Patti Smith can. Solid music from beginning to the end, although I think that title track together with “Abyssinia” perfectly highlight whole album.

“Easter” (1978). Patti Smith explores her potential to sing melodic and more subtle songs. Its catchy and positive. Explosion of happiness. Fantastic and timeless songs. “Rock’N’Roll Nigger” is an exceptional strong act of rebellion but it doesn’t change a general nature of “Easter”. My favorite songs are “Privilege (Set Me Free)” and “We Tree” but the most catchy is “Because The Night”.

“Wave” (1979). Continuation of “Easter”, includes everything what was the best in early period of Patti Smith. “Dancing Barefoot” rocks, “Seven Ways Of Going” is more experimental.

“Dream Of Life” (1988). Calmer album. Patti Smith came back after break caused by raising her child and started with declaration that “People have the power.” This song is perfect for making interaction with public during concerts.

“Gone Again” (1996). Painfull, grim, sad record. Patti Smith lost husband, rock genre lost Kurt Cobain (song “About A Boy”). “Wing” effectively silences public on the beginning of each concert in 2019 by introducing out of this world atmosphere. Overall intriguing set of moods because even if Patti Smith was nostalgic, she was also able to take some distance from mundane worries with funny “Summer Cannibals”.

“Peace And Noise” (1997). Oh well, death obsession?

“Gung Ho” (2000). Patti Smith as a mature and balanced artist. Great songs, remarkable melodies, accomplished vocal. Some underrated songs like “Upright Come”, “Gone Pie”, “Gung Ho”. Touching “Strange Massanger” is about working condition of too many innocent people also in XXI century. Washing blood in slaughterhouse after graduation from University? “Strange Massanger”!

“Trampin!” (2004). More dynamic, “come on people you know what to do” style. I saw even an opinion that Patti Smith came back to “Horses” era, or that it is actually her best album since “Horses”. Well, there are some similar elements and somebody can enjoy both “Trampin!” and “Horses”, but Patti Smith is significantly more mature in XXI century. She definitely wouldn’t sing “Cash” like that thirty years before.

“Twelve” (2007). Covers. Cool.

“Banga” (2012). Perfect rock album with rich musical structure. Patti Smith recites poems and sings great like never before. Relaxing “April Fool” correspondents well with epic “Constantine’s Dream”. Many lyrics are inspired by wild nature. Patti Smith used Roman stoicism in “Seneca” as a metaphor of her new personal approach to crazy world behind a window.

That’s my opinion about Patti Smith’s albums. Please let me know if you feel it differently. 🙂

Patti Smith is still active on scene and her concerts are very inspiring itself. You can check her upcoming dates on her official website.

Patti Smith and band
Aug 1 Glasgow Summer Nights
Aug 3 Waterford All Together Now
Aug 5 Lokerse Lokerse Feesten
Aug 7 Sant Feliu de Guíxols Festival Porta Ferrada
Aug 9 A Coruña Festival Noroeste
Patti Smith and Her Band
Aug 16 Luxey Festival Musicalarue
Aug 17 Oporto Festival Parades de Coura
Aug 19 Marseille Théâtre Silvain
Aug 20 Nice Théâtre de Verdure
Aug 22 Guéret Festival Check In Party
Aug 24 Charleville-Mezières Festival Cabaret Vert
Aug 26 Paris Olympia
Aug 27 Paris Olympia
Sept 13-15 Chicago Riot Fest
Sept 16 Detroit Royal Oak Music Theatre

Sept 17 Detroit Royal Oak Music Theatre
Nov 15 São Paulo Popload Festival
Nov 18 Santiago Teatro Caupolican
Nov 20 Montevideo Teatro de Verano
Nov 21 Buenos Aires Luna Park
Patti Smith: Words and Music
Nov 25 Trieste Politeama Rossetti
Nov 26 Trieste Politeama Rossetti
Nov 29 Varallo Collegiata di San Gaudenzio
Nov 30 Carpi Teatro Comunale

Dec 3 Spoleto Teatro Nuovo Giancarlo Menotti
Dec 4 Ravenna Teatro Dante Alighieri
Dec 5 Pavia Teatro Fraschini

She will perform twice in Paris, Detroit and Trieste. The last city seems to be underrated so let me tell you what is so unique in Trieste, Italy. Maybe you like to plan a trip to Trieste around days of Patti Smith’s concerts.

Get your guide, 24 activities in Trieste

From cultural point of view, Trieste is a prominent blend of influences from Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy. It’s a charming seaport geographically isolated from the rest of Italy and almost entirely surrounded by Slovenia. The second most important city in Austro-Hungarian Empire in XIX century. Citizens speak Trieste dialect of Venetian language. Fascinating history and beautiful architecture make Trieste a competitive alternative to Venice (distance 140 km, Trieste lies more to East from Venice).

Piaza Unita Italia is exactly this one place where you should to go if you have limited time in Trieste. It’s the largest square by the sea in whole Europe. You can see there Town Hall, Palazzo Del Governo, Palazzo Del Lloyd Triestino and Palazzo Pitteri. Author of breathtaking video displayed below: Francesco Bossi Desiata, YouTube.

Learn more about the history of Trieste in The Museo Del Mare. Address: Magazzino 26, P. Franco Vecchio, 34135 Trieste. Open each Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10a.m. to 7p.m.

I kindly hope that you will consider to appreciate Patti Smith for her albums itself, check these among her songs which you didn’t hear yet and enjoy fantastic concert(s) in the unique city of Trieste.

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author: Sam O’Black

Scorpions + Bratislava 20.11.2019

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What does Scorpions mean to you? Did you grew up listening to “Taken By Force” or did you sold smartphone which you got from parents as a gift during second sacrament to secretly slither into “Get Your Sting And Blackout World Tour”? Or maybe you just listen to great music regardless of time and place? I can imagine that you love Scorpions because “When You Came Into My Life” is the best song which you ever heard (why not?).

I want to share with you how it was in my case. It’s a personal confession. This story shouldn’t ever fly out from my head, same like a bill from ATM with name and account balance shouldn’t ever be left in public space. Metallica “St. Anger” is the most popular longplay in my collection. Wait, let me explain why. I was a thirteen years old polite pupil attending public school somewhere in eastern Europe. My best mate gave me this new Metallica and it was actually first rock/metal album which I heard. I was hooked. Six consecutive months nothing but new Metallica. Believe it or not, it changed my life.

Steal the time, take a song and be glad
Be free as the birds, don’t be sad
Your time will come, I’ll make you feel it
You’re still young like the sun after rain
Follow the light it’s not in vain
And you will see I’ll touch your feelings

You’ve got your songs
They are everyday for awhile
Just the only way to feel all right

(Scorpions “Born To Touch Your Feelings”)

Nowadays I still appreciate Metallica but I wouldn’t call them my favorite band. All of this is perfectly fine. My musical taste changed and evolved during last fifteen years. Similarly Rudolf Schenker’s musical taste changed and evolved during last fifty five years. You are also welcome to listen to any song which you enjoy, regardless of someone’s else opinion 🙂 It can be very personal process and exactly just because it doesn’t matter to the universe, it should to be your free choice.

Later on I moved to another city two hundred kilometers away but I stayed in contact with my good friend. I went to local music library, signed up and borrowed Scorpions “Lovedrive” CD for three days. Once I finished listening Scorpions for the first time in my entire life, our contact between me and the classmate broke. He got penalty from parents for something what I don’t know details about (haha, scamp) and lost access to media. Then I came back to Metallica but after next three months I listed to “Lovedrive” again. And once the album finished, I reached for my old fashioned Alcatel and noticed sms from my friend. Crazy! That’s what Scorpions means to me.

Be glad that Scorpions didn’t disappear. They planned to finish few years ago but it’s like in this joke: “if you think that you finish, think twice, maybe you Dannish or Swedish”. Their official exciting schedule for the nearest future:

Sunday, August 18th, 2019 Kunst!Rasen Bonn Germany
Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 Pedreira Paulo Leminski Curitiba Brazil
Saturday, September 21st, 2019 Allianz Parque São Paulo Brazil
Monday, September 23rd, 2019 Arena Sabiazinho Uberlândia Brazil
Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 Ginásio Nilson Nelson Brasília Brazil
Saturday, September 28th, 2019 Arena Petry Florianópolis Brazil
Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 Ginásio Gigantinho Porto Alegre Brazil
Friday, October 4th, 2019 Rock in Rio Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Monday, October 7th, 2019 Moviestar Arena Santiago Chile
Thursday, October 10th, 2019 Movistar Arena Bogotá Colombia
Saturday, October 12th, 2019 Coliseo General Rumiñahui Quito Ecuador
Thursday, October 31st, 2019 KRK Uralez Yekaterinburg Russian Federation
Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 Basket Hall Krasnodar Russian Federation
Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 ZSKA-Arena Москва Russian Federation
Thursday, November 7th, 2019 Ice Palace St. Petersburg Russian Federation
Sunday, November 10th, 2019 Yubileyny Sports Palace Voronezh Russian Federation
Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 Palace of Sports Kiev Ukraine
Friday, November 15th, 2019 Minsk Arena Minsk Belarus
Monday, November 18th, 2019 Papp László Budapest Sportaréna Budapest Hungary
Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu Bratislava Slovakia

They are not old, they are cool, just look what Luca Kellendil posted on YouTube:

Yeah, very nice, it was 27th July 2019 in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. Where is it exactly? Around twenty kilometers on north east from Pisa. Whatever. They will not perform there again soon. They will also not play in too many other fantastic countries. In this case you could watch full Scorpions concert in Germany, 2015 (better quality than video displayed above): As you can see, they still know how to rock!

If you decide to go for Scorpions concert in person, I would highly recommend to make full use of this opportunity because who knows when you will go there again?

Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday

Scorpions “Holidays”

The last city on “Crazy World Tour” is Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. I was born in 1990 so I don’t remember this period when Slovakia and Czech were one country, however it’s good to clarify. Slovak Republic exists from 1990 and it’s completely independent of Czech from 1993. This country is a member of European Union from 2004 and they use euro as a currency. Nowadays fourteen more Hunagarian than Czech people live in this area. The distance from Bratislava to Prague (Czech) is 270 kilometers while from Bratislava to gorgeous Vienna (Austria) just 80 kilometers and from Bratislava to Budapest (capital of famous for thermal spring culture Hungary) just 200 kilometers.

I prepared short check list for you to make this places more approachable. Don’t hesitate to ask me for help, but first what you need to book is:

  1. Ticket for concert
  2. accomodation
  3. transportation to Vienna or to Bratislava (easy to get from one to another and bigger international airport is located in Vienna)
  4. table in exquisite restaurant
  5. Bratislava card (great deal to obtain in tourist information center)

Two best things which you can do in Bratislava (beside watching Scorpions of course) is to take a walking tour with professional guide and to try local delicious cuisine.

Get your guide

I am a simple man, I like to eat, not talking about food. Dumplings, cabbage soup, but better pork with dumplings and cabbage. Goulash. Fried cheese.

Bratislava card includes public transportation inside the city, ticket for walking tour, free entrance to fourteen museums and elegant galleries and more. “Skip the generic Old Town tours and see local bites, local sights, and local sips, showing you a side of Bratislava you won’t see with anyone else.”

Cool official promotional video about Bratislava posted on YouTube by BeOnMind; Director Samuel Vican

If you want to experience it in person, don’t wait and decide now. Huge number of tickets for Scorpions shows are already sold so you need to get your now or not at all.

Author: Sam O’Black