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Scorpions Bratislava20.11.2019




Patti SmithTrieste25-26.11.2019

Jessy MartensHamburg30.11.2019


Phil CampbellMunich05.12.2019

Deep PurpleSofia07.12.2019

Alter BridgeParis09.12.2019

AirbourneEuropeAug – Nov 2019


Bryan AdamsMilan15.12.2019

Samantha FishKansas28.12.2019

Rhianno GiddensTurin18.01.2020


Elvenkingworld tourOct 2019 – Jan 2020


Bruce Dickinson Paris14.02.2020


Priest, OzzyHelsinki20.02.2020

Dream TheaterGlasgow23.02.2019

Mother’s FinestNuremberg07.03.2019

Grand MagusCologne20.03.2020

Jethro Tull EuropeNov 2019 – Nov 2020

Mustasch + Berlin 20.11.2019

Mustasch is a wonderful hard rock / heavy metal band from Gothenburg (Sweden), with twenty years of experience and nine kick-ass full length studio albums. Get ready for their upcoming European tour starting in November 2019 \m/

Disclosure: Discosure: I use affiliate links and banners. When you buy something using link from this website, price stays exactly the same for you but I receive a small commission which supports Musictivity. Thanks! Full privacy policy:

Sweden seems to boast one of the best heavy metal scene in XXI century. Many young, creative, talented bands comes from Sweden. When I listen to one of them, Mustasch, I think that this is it. I would love to share with you this kind of indescribable enjoyment. It may appeal both to fans of old school and fans of modern sounds, however you need to give this music a chance to fully appreciate it. Here is the example uploaded on YouTube by “Mustasch”, a song called “Double Nature” from album “Latest Version Of The Truth” (2007)

Ralf Gyllenhammer, a co-founder, rhythm guitarist and vocalist of Mustasch, is the main “European” hero on this video. Mats Stam Johansson, a bassist of Mustasch, is the second musician who plays in the band from beginning. Nowadays (2019), lead guitarist David Johannesson and drummer Robban Back complete the perfect line-up.

I think that the video above presents well what a music we are talking about. But I would recommend to spend more time with “Silent Killer” (2018). This way you can inquire with current Mustasch style, which little bit evolved over the years. That’s not a secret that you can find the whole longplay on YouTube so check it out and enjoy If you want to listen it in better quality, consider purchasing CD or / and going wild on concert.

Yes, Mustasch will play many concerts soon. Most of them in Germany, but not only. If you don’t see your city on the list below, you can take a city break and experience (beside concert) also the city itself.

Get your guide, 800 activities in Germany

08.09.2019 Aleksandrow Ludzki, Poland (Summer Dying Loud)

13.11.2019 Bremen, Germany (Tivoli)

14.11.2019 Hamburg, Germany (Bahnhof Pauli)

15.11.2019 Leipzig, Germany (Hellraiser)

16.11.2019 Annaberg – Buchholz, Germany (Alte Brauerei)

17.11.2019 Budapest, Hungary (Durer Kert)

19.11.2019 Cracow, Poland (Club Zascianek)

20.11.2019 Berlin, Germany (Musik And Frieden)

21.11.2019 Rostock, Germany (M.A.U. Club)

22.11.2019 Reichenbach, Germany (Die Halle)

23.11.2019 Sodekamp – Dohmen, Germany (Guardians Of Metal)

25.11.2019 Munich, Germany (Backstage)

26.11.2019 Pratteln, Switzerland (Z7)

27.11.2019 Mainz, Germany (Schon Schon)

28.11.2019 Bochum, Germany (Rockpalast)

29.11.2019 Enschede, Netherlands (Metropool)

30.11.2019 Roeselare, Belgium (De Verlichte Geest)

01.12.2019 Hanover, Germany (Bei Chez Heinz)

Berlin is the capital of Germany and the biggest city on the list above. Well, you really need a professional guide if you want to know Berlin well. However, it would be a waste of time and you could feel even disappointed if you go to Berlin without preparation. When I came to Berlin for the first time in my life, I remember that Filipino friend of mine talked loud via phone to wish all the best to somebody who celebrated birthdays. It was exactly in the tram from central station to our hotel. Two local passengers winced and showed a courteous sign to us that we need to keep silence in the tram. I’m sorry but: At the same time, I used to hear German language each weekend when I lived in Amsterdam. I speak Dutch enough to recognize that my Amsterdamesse co-passengers were German, not Dutchie. I will tell more: few of my German mates admit that despite distance they actually prefer to drive for weekend’s party to Amsterdam, not of Berlin.

You can like Berlin if you prepare well before your visit. If you are a passionate about war themes, yeah, it can keep you busy whole week in Berlin. But really it’s not a problem, if you don’t. Then choose a Museum Island! More:

If you think that Berlin is a city of crazy parties then you are right. But most of these parties are kept in electronic music style. Perhaps you prefer rock music? Mustasch is for you! My definition of sensible foreign holidays is that you basically go somewhere abroad to feel the best what your place of destination has to offer, but you can not experience the same at home on good conditions. So what about Trabi Safari kind of party?

Exactly in the same location of the Trabant attraction, there is also an opportunity to take a balloon ride for only 30 euro. Where else would you be able to fly with balloon for just 30 euro? Practical tip: don’t stress your team that there is a huge DIE written on this balloon (psst!)

If you read this, you are already way ahead of many of mine and of your friends. They often go to Berlin and think that they are in Paris or that they are in the richest German city. Sorry. I took the following table from polish edition of book “L’Allemagne du XXIe siècle, une nouvelle nation”(2015) by Gougeon Jacques – Pierre:

It proofs that Berlin is (at least was around 2014) a land with one of the highest unemployment rate (among all German lands), higher than average poverty rate, definitely the highest debt amount per citizen and that Berlin receives helluva the highest support from German budget. You just need to be aware.

There is something what Berlin’s surroundings has common with Paris but you need to know where to search: not exactly in Berlin but in Potsdam. It’s a Schloss Sanssouci, German version of Parisian Chateau De Versailles. You can take a guided tour from Berlin to Sanssouci (include transportation from/to Berlin, guide and entrance ticket)

Berlin is the fasted developing city in whole Europe. You can find huge and extremely diversified activity offer in Berlin but you need to make your task before going there. The more effort you put into Berlin beforehand, the more you will enjoy during your actual visit. Don’t go there only for concert and for walk around central station haha, don’t waste your sunlight in Berlin! Call me blunt but I write it in sake of your satisfaction. I want to make my readers ahead of other people who don’t care what I say.

One more question for the happy end: why Mustasch, not Mustache? Ralf Gyllenhammer is Swedish and that’s how we write “mustache” in Swedish language: so mustasch. Germany love Sweden. Term Bullerby – Syndrome means that in Deutsche eyes, Sweden is a very romantic country. More about that:

Mustasch in Berlin? Does it sound differently today than yesterday?

author: Sam O’Black

Jessy Martens + Hamburg 30.11.2019

Disclosure: I use affiliate links and banners.Discosure: I use affiliate links and banners. When you buy something using link from this website, price stays exactly the same for you but I receive a small commission which supports Musictivity. Thanks! Full privacy policy:

“All these magazines and Internet platforms should be supporting new music and help new musicians to find an audience, instead of dwelling on the old crap all the time. It’s like there is nothing new and exciting out there any more, when in fact there is. So stop living in the past. Open your ears and your eyes.” – said Robert Plant for Rock And Roll Garage

My friendly suggestion is Jessy Martens. She is 31, comes from Hamburg and sings blues rock. Outstanding talent with incredibly strong voice. German audience appreciate her with prestigeous awards such as German Rock Award 2012 (the best rock band/singer) and German Blues Awards 2012/2014 (the best blues band/singer). However it seems that she isn’t well known abroad yet so let’s acclaim this new and exciting sound:


Side note: This video comes from YouTube collection of pianist and manager Jan Fischer (janfischermusic) who worked together with Jessy in the beginning of her music adventure. By the way you are welcome to check other artists promoted by him

Indeed exciting performance with explosion after sixth minute. Jessy Martens doesn’t need microphone to impress with her voice! I’m not sure if I have ever heard such a scream from 27 years young lady. Janis Joplin? In terms of expression, sure. But I think that Jessy Martens crushes Janis Joplin in terms of technique and we live in XXI century, not in 60’s anymore.

“Touch My Blues Away” was recorded in 2015 so let’s look how Jessy Martens developed in next two years (again janfischermusic):

Classy! Can you hear that? Composition relates to good old school blues but it’s fresh and creative at the same time. I’m not able to rate Jessy Martens on “Tricky Thing”, I may merely admit: unprecedented vocal.

Jessy Martens isn’t only about technique. She presented her more relaxed side one year ago on official video clip to “Insanity” (guess thanks to whom? janfischermusic):

If you feel blues and have a nice day, these three videos are probably not enough for you. Then you can find much more on YouTube and enjoy it for free. You can also consider to buy full longplays but the best thing what you can do is to attend Jessy Martens & Band concerts. We have perfect opportunity to do so as she is planning long German tour this cool autumn.

You can find a full list of officially confirmed Jessy Martens concerts at the end of this article. All planned events will happen in Germany. That’s a perfect occasion to experience also other unique attractions available in these particular cities if you like to visit from another country. I can propose one as a fine example.

Buy your ticket here

Jessy Martens lives in Hamburg. It’s not really Germany because citizens of Hamburg used to underline the historical status of Free and Hanseatic City of Hamborg and many of them still feel free and independent as Hamburgians, not as Germans. Nice.

Get your guide

Some highlights about Hamburg. The Beatles created the most famous rock band ever in Hamburg during their student times. Kontorhausviertel was the first business district in the world (before Dutch/American New York). Hamburg is a media capital of Germany (17 000 companies in advertising, publishing, print, broadcasting, music, TV and film sectors). I need to mention Elbphilharmonie (as the most beautiful music venue which I ever saw), Miniatur Wunderland (the largest rail model in the world, more: ) and Speicherstadt (the largest warehouse complex in the world). Generally it’s not a popular tourist destination but highly appreciated among people who already visited Hamburg 🙂

Pictures from my private gallery:

“Gateway to the world”, The Port Of Hamburg:

Elbphilharmonie skyline:

Me in front of Elbphilharmonie (heat is killing me; no more traveling in August! haha):

Monumental Speicherstadt:

Hanseatic Trade Center:

Alright. Thats only one German city. What would you say about twenty four German cities combined with Jessy Martens concerts? Here you go:

19 September 2019
20:00 D-33613 Bielefeld

Forum, Meller Str. 2

20 September 2019
20:00 D-63739 Aschaffenburg

Colos-Saal, Roßmarkt 19

21 September 2019
20:30 D-76534 Baden-Baden

Blues Club, Hauptstraße 89

26 September 2019
22:30 D-10623 Berlin

Quasimodo, Kantstraße 12A

27 September 2019
21:00 D-30916 Isernhagen

Blues Garage, Industriestr. 3-5

28 September 2019
20:30 D-44147 Dortmund

Musiktheater Piano, Lütgendortmunder Str. 43

02 October 2019
20:00 D-26954 Nordenham

Jahnhalle, Jahnstraße 20

04 October 2019
20:00 D-25813 Husum

Speicher, Hafenstr. 17

05 October 2019
21:00 D-24143 Kiel

Räucherei, Preetzer Str. 35

17 October 2019
19:00 D-53121 Bonn

Harmonie, Frongasse 28-30

18 October 2019
20:00 D-65510 Idstein-Wörsdorf

Scheuer, Wallbacher Str. 2

19 October 2019
20:00 D-54450 Freudenburg

Ducsaal, Burgstr. 2

25 October 2019
20:00 D-38259 Salzgitter

Kniestedter Kirche, Braunschweiger Str. 133

26 October 2019
D-33790 Halle/Westfalen

Bowers & Wilkins R’n’B-Festival, Roger-Federer-Allee 4

08 November 2019
20:00 D-27726 Worpswede

Music Hall, Findorffstr. 21

09 November 2019
21:00 D-04860 Torgau

Kulturbastion, Straße der Jugend 14B

10 November 2019
20:00 D-34117 Kassel

Theaterstübchen, Jordanstraße 11

12 November 2019
20:00 D-93047 Regensburg

Leerer Beutel, Bertoldstraße 9

14 November 2019
20:00 D-80639 München

Backstage, Reitknechtstr. 6

15 November 2019
20:00 D-88239 Wangen /Allgäu

Jazzpoint, Argenauweg 7

16 November 2019
20:30 D-64625 Bensheim

Musiktheater REX, Fabrikstr. 10

29 November 2019
20:00 D-59494 Soest

Kulturhaus Alter Schlachthof, Ulrichertor 4

30 November 2019
21:00 D-20357 Hamburg

Knust, Neuer Kamp 30

06 December 2019
20:00 D-38446 Wolfsburg

special: Jessy Martens & Jan Fischer´s Blues Support
Lindenhof Nordsteimke, Hehlinger Straße 10

author: Sam O’Black

Patti Smith + Trieste 25-26.11.2019

There is nothing like escape from home with plan to become a star. You can finish like Tommy Wiseau from “The Disaster Artist” or like Patti Smith performing in Italy this autumn 2019. Or like me, an author of the worst music blog ever (but I’m free and it is beautiful; it is beautiful).

Some people over there may claim that Patti Smith works really hard all life for her image. Her legend isn’t something created by social media. She really slept in parks and really resisted drinking coffee in office from nine to five each business day. I need to ask Patti in person about that but I guess that talking about her as a hard worker would really deserve calling whole website a ton of bullshit. Her image reflects her genuine nature.

Disclosure: I use Discosure: I use affiliate links and banners. When you buy something using link from this website, price stays exactly the same for you but I receive a small commission which supports Musictivity. Thanks! Full privacy policy:

We appreciate Patti Smith because she is the most influential lady in rock music ever. Period.

She made this what exactly was supposed to be done: wrote brilliant lyrics and sang on eleven excellent studio albums. Our role might be to listen to her longplays and to attend her concerts, but only if we wish that.

Patti Smith performed last June on Solstice Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland, and didn’t take any coin for her concert. Solstice Festival doesn’t pay bands but she sang anyway. Now you need to answer this important question: do you like to listen to her longplays and attend her concerts or not? If not, I have nothing else to say. If yes, please make focus.

“Horses” (1975). Evergreen, art rock, poetic, the most influential album in Patti Smith collection. Each song is the best. “Gloria” is the most popular.

“Radio Ethiopia” (1976). More expression, more freedom, more screaming, more energy, more… is it possible to make it all even MORE than on “Heroes”? Patti Smith can. Solid music from beginning to the end, although I think that title track together with “Abyssinia” perfectly highlight whole album.

“Easter” (1978). Patti Smith explores her potential to sing melodic and more subtle songs. Its catchy and positive. Explosion of happiness. Fantastic and timeless songs. “Rock’N’Roll Nigger” is an exceptional strong act of rebellion but it doesn’t change a general nature of “Easter”. My favorite songs are “Privilege (Set Me Free)” and “We Tree” but the most catchy is “Because The Night”.

“Wave” (1979). Continuation of “Easter”, includes everything what was the best in early period of Patti Smith. “Dancing Barefoot” rocks, “Seven Ways Of Going” is more experimental.

“Dream Of Life” (1988). Calmer album. Patti Smith came back after break caused by raising her child and started with declaration that “People have the power.” This song is perfect for making interaction with public during concerts.

“Gone Again” (1996). Painfull, grim, sad record. Patti Smith lost husband, rock genre lost Kurt Cobain (song “About A Boy”). “Wing” effectively silences public on the beginning of each concert in 2019 by introducing out of this world atmosphere. Overall intriguing set of moods because even if Patti Smith was nostalgic, she was also able to take some distance from mundane worries with funny “Summer Cannibals”.

“Peace And Noise” (1997). Oh well, death obsession?

“Gung Ho” (2000). Patti Smith as a mature and balanced artist. Great songs, remarkable melodies, accomplished vocal. Some underrated songs like “Upright Come”, “Gone Pie”, “Gung Ho”. Touching “Strange Massanger” is about working condition of too many innocent people also in XXI century. Washing blood in slaughterhouse after graduation from University? “Strange Massanger”!

“Trampin!” (2004). More dynamic, “come on people you know what to do” style. I saw even an opinion that Patti Smith came back to “Horses” era, or that it is actually her best album since “Horses”. Well, there are some similar elements and somebody can enjoy both “Trampin!” and “Horses”, but Patti Smith is significantly more mature in XXI century. She definitely wouldn’t sing “Cash” like that thirty years before.

“Twelve” (2007). Covers. Cool.

“Banga” (2012). Perfect rock album with rich musical structure. Patti Smith recites poems and sings great like never before. Relaxing “April Fool” correspondents well with epic “Constantine’s Dream”. Many lyrics are inspired by wild nature. Patti Smith used Roman stoicism in “Seneca” as a metaphor of her new personal approach to crazy world behind a window.

That’s my opinion about Patti Smith’s albums. Please let me know if you feel it differently. 🙂

Patti Smith is still active on scene and her concerts are very inspiring itself. You can check her upcoming dates on her official website.

Patti Smith and band
Aug 1 Glasgow Summer Nights
Aug 3 Waterford All Together Now
Aug 5 Lokerse Lokerse Feesten
Aug 7 Sant Feliu de Guíxols Festival Porta Ferrada
Aug 9 A Coruña Festival Noroeste
Patti Smith and Her Band
Aug 16 Luxey Festival Musicalarue
Aug 17 Oporto Festival Parades de Coura
Aug 19 Marseille Théâtre Silvain
Aug 20 Nice Théâtre de Verdure
Aug 22 Guéret Festival Check In Party
Aug 24 Charleville-Mezières Festival Cabaret Vert
Aug 26 Paris Olympia
Aug 27 Paris Olympia
Sept 13-15 Chicago Riot Fest
Sept 16 Detroit Royal Oak Music Theatre

Sept 17 Detroit Royal Oak Music Theatre
Nov 15 São Paulo Popload Festival
Nov 18 Santiago Teatro Caupolican
Nov 20 Montevideo Teatro de Verano
Nov 21 Buenos Aires Luna Park
Patti Smith: Words and Music
Nov 25 Trieste Politeama Rossetti
Nov 26 Trieste Politeama Rossetti
Nov 29 Varallo Collegiata di San Gaudenzio
Nov 30 Carpi Teatro Comunale

Dec 3 Spoleto Teatro Nuovo Giancarlo Menotti
Dec 4 Ravenna Teatro Dante Alighieri
Dec 5 Pavia Teatro Fraschini

She will perform twice in Paris, Detroit and Trieste. The last city seems to be underrated so let me tell you what is so unique in Trieste, Italy. Maybe you like to plan a trip to Trieste around days of Patti Smith’s concerts.

Get your guide, 24 activities in Trieste

From cultural point of view, Trieste is a prominent blend of influences from Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy. It’s a charming seaport geographically isolated from the rest of Italy and almost entirely surrounded by Slovenia. The second most important city in Austro-Hungarian Empire in XIX century. Citizens speak Trieste dialect of Venetian language. Fascinating history and beautiful architecture make Trieste a competitive alternative to Venice (distance 140 km, Trieste lies more to East from Venice).

Piaza Unita Italia is exactly this one place where you should to go if you have limited time in Trieste. It’s the largest square by the sea in whole Europe. You can see there Town Hall, Palazzo Del Governo, Palazzo Del Lloyd Triestino and Palazzo Pitteri. Author of breathtaking video displayed below: Francesco Bossi Desiata, YouTube.

Learn more about the history of Trieste in The Museo Del Mare. Address: Magazzino 26, P. Franco Vecchio, 34135 Trieste. Open each Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10a.m. to 7p.m.

I kindly hope that you will consider to appreciate Patti Smith for her albums itself, check these among her songs which you didn’t hear yet and enjoy fantastic concert(s) in the unique city of Trieste.

If you like this article, please share it on Facebook and check out my other works.

author: Sam O’Black