Cauldron – interview

Chat with Jason Decay – bassist and vocalist of cool and young (founded in XXI century) heavy metal band from Canada. CHECK IT OUT !!!

source: CauldronVEVO


Your band had more and less fortunate events in its long history but can we start with a positive statement that today Cauldron is a strong and powerful heavy metal group?

We’ve been highly inactive as a band since April as we all live far apart now but otherwise as individuals I think we are all doing good! Ian (guitarist Ian Chains) has been busy with his another band Chainbreaker.

Oops, why Cauldron is inactive?

Basically because I have a kid and moved a few hours north. I contributed a good 20 years to music and now my priority is my job and my family.

you sell instruments?

I still have all my guitars, amps and drums!


Cauldron have released five good and creative full length studio albums:

“Chained To The Nite” (2009),

“Burning Fortune” (2011),

“Tomorrow’s Lost” (2012),

“In Ruin” (2016)

“New Gods” (2018).

Did you imagine in 2006 such big achievements?

Did you start playing music with high ambitions to conquer the metal world?

I figured we’d create and play music for a long time but never really knew where it would take us. We are happy with the outcome though; we’ve been to a lot of cool places and made a lot of friends from our endeavours.

What is your opinion about “Burning Fortune” 8 years after release? This one is my favorite!

I love the songs on that record! I think they are very strong but I wish it had the production of the following 3 records…

I would like to
ask you few questions about your newest album “New Gods”. Can you
talk about this music with distance or is it still too emotional
related to one bad event which happened recently?

What would you like to know?! Those songs were conceived during a low point in my life and also during a recovery period for the band. We had some huge setbacks as a band after the In Ruin record came out, most notable our accident in Texas that put Ian in the hospital for a while. There seemed to be a series of negative events that followed. It was a bit of a struggle and a dark period but I think that made for some very strong music.


Album “New Gods” is consistent. I couldn’t chose which songs I like most but I can tell you that I enjoy to make focus on whole “New Gods” from the beginning to the end.

you. I suppose we are more of an album band than a “hits”

Do you get
sometimes requests from fans that they want to hear this or another
song from “New Gods”?

Obviously I like
when people enjoy our music but more importantly is how we feel about
it and I am quite satisfied with New Gods. We usually try to balance
what people want to hear with what we want to play.

I’m curious if anybody already noticed the bass line in song “Save the Truth – Syracuse”? When I make focus solely on the bass which appears in the second plan directly before guitar solo (but not only there), it seems to be familiar for me… Little bit resembles Rush… I have an impression that I’ve already heard it!

As for the bass part, I assume you mean the bass rumble that follows Save the Truth… I originally thought the song that follows (Never Be Found) started too abruptly so I wanted to have some ambient bass noise to fade in ahead of the tune. I was thinking more about Black Sabbath but I suppose it could subconsciously be Rush too. Either way, I think we got a little carried away with the length of it.


What’s interesting, sometimes you don’t even need to have any original notes to sound outstandingly. Whatever you play, I can recognize immediately that this is Cauldron and nobody else. Fantastic!

Is it a matter of feelings which you put into playing? Your total engagement and love to music?

I think you can tell that because we have very distinct characteristics in our playing. I don’t think anybody really sounds like me when they sing. Maybe Brian from Halloween (haha) but my bass playing is pretty nondescript I think. Nobody really plays guitar like Ian either; he is extremely talented and can probably play anything on guitar but really he has his own twist and filter that he is able to drive any style through.

The most happy
event in the history of Cauldron?

We had so many happy events! It would be hard to pinpoint one. Anytime we complete an album it is a great sense of accomplishment, especially with New Gods. It is a very satisfying and uplifting feeling.

Also any time we gain the attention or respect from other bands that we look up to that have inspired us like getting to tour or play with Diamond Head, Satan, Metallica, Mantas etc…

What is cool in Diamond Head which Metallica doesn’t have?

All the Diamond Head songs Metallica didn’t cover. Metallica had it all.


What makes your Canadian city captivating for visitors?

Toronto? I live out in the bush now but Toronto is a good place to waste your time in traffic and line ups (haha) but there’re also a thousand things to do there, lots of gigs, all the kinds of food and people and concerts etc… I think that people involved in the metal scene like to visit Toronto because there are a lot of bands which they can get to see at once. We’ve had fans visiting from all over the world who wanted just to hit us up and ask if they could come by our jam space and hang out.

source: Michael V. Nguyen

Are you inspired by Canadian bands?

Yes of course! Triumph, Sacrifice, Platinum Blonde, Gowan, Razor, Reckless, Lee Aaron, Slik Toxik, Witchkiller, Exciter, Killer Dwarfs, Thor, April Wine, Honeymoon Suite, Tchort, Rush, Stream, Fist, Voivod, SNFU.

Could you tell me please as regular international traveler, Which city (anywhere in the world) would you point out as underrated?

Sorry I can’t think of one In my opinion, most of them were rated pretty accordingly. I love experiencing foreign cultures when we travel. I really only travel with the band but I get pretty friggin excited anytime we go to new place; its very surreal for me. I’m pretty much a kid with ADD when we travel.

Yeah, it’s perfectly understandable. What are your specific cultural inspirations (movies, books, paintings, castles)?

The movie Halloween 3 which apparently took place in Santa Mira California; not that it seemed any different than anywhere else in North America but I just really liked the concept.

The Rosemary’s Baby book.

No paintings neither castles.


What are
Cauldron’s plans for the future?

We have no plans at this time.

Would you like to
perform in Iceland?

I would love to play in Iceland someday… you never know.

Have you already started composing fresh songs for the next album?

We have no new
material at this time, at least I don’t!

Thank you very much for the interview.

Thanks for reaching out and shedding some light on Cauldron!

written by: Sam O’Black and Jason Decay