Chinese doctor reveals truth: rock concerts in the period of coronavirus epidemic


A coronavirus is a type of virus that cause:

– nose,

– sinuses,

– throat,

– upper respiratory system infections.

Discovered in Devember 2019, New/Novel Coronavirus (nCoV-19), also known as Wuhan coronavirus, is often mild, but in rare cases potentially lethal or deadly. About 4000 people have died worldwide cause of this virus by March of 2020.


COVID-19/nCoV-19 is spreading by:

– close person-to-person contact (kissing or hugging, sharing eating or drinking utensils and touching someone’s mouth, nose or eyes),

– respiratory droplet produced by an infected person’s coughing or sneezing and these droplets deposited on the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose or eyes of persons who are nearby,

– touching a surface or object contaminated with infectious droplets.

What everybody need to know before the rock concert?


No. It’s not safe to participate in rock concerts in the period of coronavirus global epidemic.

It is proved that nCoV-19 spreads by person-to-person contacts through respiratory droplets, even when somebody is 10 feets away from infected person. It’s more likely to get in contact with other participants in rock concerts, because you know, people get excited, they jump, dance and wave their hand and arms.

If infected person touched any surface, the virus would stay alive for many hours, and normal person could get infection by touching that infected surface.

One more thing. Even if organizer checks the temperature of each participant in the entrance, it would not be enough, because there can be a carrier who got no symptoms yet. Incubation period of nCoV-19 is about 2 weeks, somebody can transfer nCoV-19 unconsciously by contacting or respiratory droplets.


Some ideas.

Rock concerts organizer should to keep in contact with concertgoers, road crew and musicians. They need to set up some check points for screening or checking temperature and other symptoms.

People who recently traveled or came from endemic areas like China, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Japan, should not participate in rock concerts, eventually be held in separate areas.

Everybody should to protect himself/herself and others by following prevention steps and precautions, for example:

– avoid participating in concerts that are held in epidemic/infected areas or near to infected areas,

– take on surgical or N95 respirator mask before going to concerts,

– avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands,

– use hand sanitizer more often or wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds,

– avoid close contact with sick people,

– avoid eating or drinking at those places where concerts are held, strictly avoid eating meat, wild animals and seafood.

If you have common cold-like symptoms, you can help protect others by doing the following:

– avoid close contact with others,

– stay home while you are sick,

– don’t participate in any concert or public show,

– wear a mask or cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands,

– clean and disinfect objects and surfaces.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends avoid travel destinations:

– China,

– Hong Kong,

– Iran,

– Italy,

– South Korea,

– Japan.

Written by a Chinese Doctor especially for Musictivity.

Opinion signed by Chinese doctor.