Don’t be stupid

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don't be stupid
don’t be stupid


“Don’t be stupid” – said my landlord when I wanted to give back a bike to employer after losing a job.

She advised me to simply pick out the bike to the factory which fired me instead of picking it out to the headquarters of job agency located 30 kilometres away.

“…Because they don’t care that you have graduated from 3 Universities and when they needed you for terrible work in factory, everything seemed to be nice, but now they hate you”.

It is a matter of imbalance in relation get – give.

When you are a customer or a labourer, companies talk sweat to you. But when it becomes clear that the relationship is over, companies usually hate you.

Don’t be stupid. Fight for your life, fight for your money.

source: Judas Priest

Get a grip on the action
I’m moving heaven and earth
Don’t let go of the action
Push for all that you’re worth

Fight for your life
Fight for your money
Fight for your life
Fight for your money

Judas Priest “Fight For Your Life”


Same thing with commuting. Whatever is the reason of your moving from the place, you know, want to participate in concert of your favorite band abroad, you want to visit family, sightseeing, anything. Don’t be stupid.

It’s easy. If your flight is delayed over 3 hours or cancelled, you can simply fill this form and receive money which belongs to you. There is no fixed fee for the help but the company will share the reimbursement with you. What is better – to get nothing or to get significant part of refund?

Yes, you need to make your job to fill out a short 4-steps form, but think about this.

Millions people work drastically below their qualifications and yet get fired “just because this is someone’s decision”.

Here you can get hundreds of dollars just for short, intellectual work.

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Don’t pay.


Sam O’Black