How to find the best hotel in a big city?


Finding a hotel is the hardest and most important task when you plan to visit a big city for the first time.

“Hotel rooms inhabit a separate moral universe.”

Tom Stoppard

Common questions which our readers ask:

How to find a hotel?

Which hotel browser is the best?

How to book the best hotel?

The truth is that we have countless hotel browsers available on-line because everybody can launch such a browser and then earn a commission for each booking through own website. It is related to the concept of affiliate marketing but we are not going to discuss that in the following article. Instead, let’s take a look at two most popular and reliable hotel browsers ever. Keep reading if you want to get an insight into these tools and to become a better hotel-searcher next time when you will really need that.

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So where can we find the best hotel deals without getting headache?

We came up with some tools to make your life easier:



These browsers are very famous because of their cheap, fast and reliable hotel finding services along with many hidden gem services. Let’s visit these sites now to learn more.

HOTELS COM is an hotel booking website (OTA) used to book hotel rooms on-line or via phone. This vast and famous company operates in 34 different languages with the association of local agencies all around the world to provide you best hotel services according to your requirements. has almost 325 000 hotels in almost 19 000 locations. You can also avail their services to plan your tour and book your flights.

Travel Agency (OTA)
Headquarters Dallas,
Texas, United States of America
known as
Reservation Network
Some key people David
Litman, Adam Jay (President)
Website can plan your whole visit and offer flight booking services.

There is a proper separate section with amazing discounts.

You can plan your tour by looking at the section “Great deals in popular destinations”.

Every main tourist attraction is listed over there.

You can sign up for e-mail notifications or you can download the app to get uninterrupted booking services. reward allows you to win “One Free Night“ for every 10 booked nights. always works with transparency; they show proper statistics of past bookings, countless reviews and graphs.

We can find there the best services with “free cancellations” on most of the rooms with the “pay now or later” option with guaranteed price. is offering now a great New Year adventure deal so you can save up to 50%.

“Groups and meeting service” is a true gem of It is dedicated especially for sports teams, weddings, corporate meetings or for any other group event (also rock concerts). This amazing hotel booking browser guarantees to give you the lowest prices compared to all other browsers and they have booked almost 1 million groups in this regard.


You will get fast price quotes. will assign a local travel partner for the smoothness of services.

They offer free rooms for group coordinators.

To get this offer, you will just have to fill up an one simple form.

What is the “List your Property” service?

At the end, let’s take a note about “list your property” service. I told you that has hidden gems so here you go.

Under the flagship service of, you can earn a decent amount of money by associating your property with them. So do not wait, let’s associate your property now and get the chance to earn more revenue by capturing a large market of travelers and appear in an international search bar to enhance your earning opportunities.


Agoda is an online global travel agency and a booking service provider. Additional services include also:

an airport transfer,

a home booking service,

a vacation rentals.

Agoda hires 4000 employees in more than 30 countries so then you can enjoy 1,000,000 vacation rentals and hotels globally.

Agoda has conquered the world of travel agencies and managed to come on top of the list of hotel booking services.

Travel Agency (OTA)
Headquarters Singapore
Founded 2003
in Phuket, Thailand
Services Booking
Website works as an ally to help you to build your loving memories.

Agoda helps you to find hotels and homes within your budget.

To ensure the best customer service there are plenty of reviews for each property, so customers can look for them to make sure if the property is suitable for them.

You can book your flights with

Agoda offers you an airport transfer.

There is a separate service Agoda Homes to book an entire apartment or room with respect to your budget limit and convenience.

To ensure great services at less cost, there is a separate section “Today’s Deals” to find discounted deals of that day.

You can find all kinds of accomodation in this browser; “You just name it and find it”.

Agoda has one of the filters named “Family mode”, which you can turn on to find the best residence services if you are visiting with your family.

Agoda provides you an opportunity to earn money as well. Through the YCS app and service, you can link up your property with Agoda ad earn reasonable money. You do not need to follow any long, tiring steps to partner with this platform; you just need to follow simple steps to connect yourself with the largest network of people. There is no starting fee for associating your property.


Both websites Agoda and display inspiring maps to choose an exciting city for your next travel.

Choose hotel in which you are going to stay. and encourages people to book in advance to avoid extra charges during peak season. You should start to as soon as possible to get amazing discounts.

After basic research, let’s scroll down the booking page and do not forget to read reviews about your selected hotel. Once you are done with reviews, hit the “Confirm” button to book your desired hotel.

If you go to the very left side of the home page of and, you will find 24/7 available customer support; you can ask them any booking or hotel-related questions at any time.

“If you don’t do it now, when will you do it”?

Monica Alex and are the most reliable and trustworthy browsers which help to choose the best hotel deals within your budget limit.

author: Sam O’Black