Best upcoming concerts in Germany

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Discover the best concerts in Germany 2020.

In my humble opinion, German rock scene, and culture in general, is influenced by citizens focusing daily on facts, data, numbers, huge amount of short – time social interactions.

The best (European) music events browsers available on-line announce rock concerts mainly in Germany.

The most famous rock bands play the biggest number of European gigs in Germany.

Not in England, not in Scandinavia, not to mention France, but in Germany.

What makes Germany special then?

Germany task orientation, in opposed to French relationship orientation – it might be a surprising antagonism, especially for non-European rock audience of Musictivity, because strategically, France is considered as the strongest friend of Germany; at the end, we think, globally, about two neighboring countries with the strongest influential power in the European Union.

But do not misunderstood this concept. From cultural point of view (and rock music is the coolest and the hottest form of culture at the same time), France is a relationship – oriented country, while Germany is a task – oriented country.

When we dip further, we see, that music scenes in these two countries are not similar to each other at all. Enough to say, Germany has the strongest thrash metal audience in the whole of Europe, while noise is “NON, NON, S’IL VOUS PLAIT” in France.

I mean, French can be angry, can strike, can make use of violence; German are more organized than wild.

But French and German express culture differently:

– for German, cultural activity is a task,

– for French, cultural activity is an expression of long – term relationships.

Here emerges the following, interesting question: why metal scene in Germany is rich, but metal scene in France is poor?

Hypothesis: Germany is the best country in Europe to travel for rock concerts, because regardless of concertgoers and bands history, everybody focus on fun “here and now” during the show, and on key performance indicators before the show.

Problem: All European audience may scream up now: “we too!”.

Answer on the problem: do not waste your energy on argue, but make ROCK’N’ROLL like German do.


What are the hottest upcoming rock concerts in Germany? Which bands will play soon in Germany? Schedules constantly change, but let me fire up 12 most interesting shows, which are potentially worth your “countless miles long” journey. It is an ambitious proposition, so the quality.

The following list do not include huge festivals, because:

  • bands play full, longer setlists in clubs,
  • bands have better, more direct contact with public in clubs,
  • you choose which bands you really love to watch (and which not at all) in clubs, instead of accepting everything what festivals arrange,
  • to fully experience your travel, you need to consider more cultural activities than only music concert, and big cities with the best clubs have usually better cultural offer than remote festivals areas,
  • when you travel with friends and family, your itinerary should include something nice for everybody, not only for music lovers, so you can sightseeing during the day and go to a club in the evening (Germany is worth that!),
  • how would you explain to your love one, that you need to fly from USA to European countryside and spend dozen hours listening to music? Actually, it could be funny or romantic, but not practical,
  • Musictivity promotes quality, not quantity.

The hottest upcoming concerts in Germany:

  1. Testament (also: Exodus, Death Angel) – The Bay Strikes Back European Tour 2020, details
  2. Doro: European Tour 2020 Part II, details
  3. Helloween: United Alive World Tour Part II Europe 2020, details
  4. Grand Magus (also Wolf): Wolf God European Tour 2020, details
  5. Anvil: Legal At Last European Tour 2020, details
  6. Axel Rudi Pell: European Tour 2020 Part I, details
  7. W.A.S.P.: 1984 To Headless World Tour 2020 Europe, details
  8. Iron Maiden (also: Airbourne, Lord Of The Lost): Legacy Of The Beast European Tour 2020, details
  9. Judas Priest: 50 Heavy Metal Years European Tour 2020, details
  10. Ozzy Osbourne: Farewell World Tour 2020 Europe Part II, details
  11. Deep Purple: European Summer Tour 2020, details
  12. Orden Ogan (also: Grave Digger): Final Days European Tour 2020 Part I, details

Take a moment and think, if you have unlimited resources, what would you do now ? Enjoy your life then!

Author: Sam O’Black