Different music, new experiences, always easy

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What makes a great concert? Is it the band up on the stage or the people listening from the audience? The truth is, it’s both. Music is powerful, and at each show you attend (however you happen to attend it), you take part in that power.


In its greatest and fullest forms, music is more akin to magic than anything else we know. Music can break down barriers, bring people together, and shape our hearts and minds to live better lives. It is no wonder, all things considered, that music means so much to so many people. All around the world, people base their lives around music, turning it on first thing in the morning and traveling far and wide to concerts and festivals. Music is an awesome power to behold, its effects inestimable, the way that it impacts our world beyond count.


At Musictivity, I aim to recognize music for what it is: a force for good and a thing of beauty. I grew up cherishing music, eagerly awaiting my favorite artists’ new releases and spending as much of my waking life listening to music as I could. After I attended my first concert, I knew that there was no turning back. I knew that my whole life had changed and that no matter what else I did, nothing would ever change that. In a way, I had two births – my first birth into this world and my second birth into the world of music. It is that important to me, and if you share my passion for music, then Musictivity is the right place for you.

Of course, there is more to music than notes on a page or even songs in the ears. Music is a living creature, and every we expose ourselves to it, we experience it differently. No two concerts are ever alike, which is why it is possible to attend a concert every night of your life and get something new out of it. This is not entirely practical, but it is nice to have the option at least.

This is the idea behind Musictivity. I want to help people experience music differently by making them more aware of all the many opportunities for them to experience it and then enriching their experiences through top-quality content. You could go on listening to the same albums, logging into Spotify or dropping a vinyl onto your turntable, but you should know that there is something more out there. There are more options out there – just waiting for you to discover them. Musictivity is your guide to all these many options, helping you get from point A to point B.


The premier feature of Musictivity is the concert guide, which is something that music fans have gone without for far too long. Until now, you needed to visit a dozen, two-dozen, who-knows-how-many websites just to keep all the upcoming concerts in order for yourself. You could hope for a Facebook ad or invitation to pop up, but that is not exactly a surefire way to avoid missing all the best shows.

On Musictivity, you will find a comprehensive guide – not comprehensive in the sense of all-inclusivity but in the sense of endless variety. For those who are interested in finding something different, Musictivity always has something to offer. If you are a concert veteran and you have seen some of your favorite bands and musicians five, six, seven times each, Musictivity can break you out of your rut and point you in the direction of some tunes that are worth hearing.


Enriching your concert experiences, Musictivity also features interviews and other top-quality content, all directed at supporting you along your journey from one concert audience to the next. Because I am so deeply passionate about music myself, I understand what music fans want to hear and what gets us excited for an upcoming show or album. I am developing content based on what I would want to read – thinking of my readers first and foremost.

I conduct all of these interviews myself, touching base with musicians and artists whose music I respect. These are luminaries who may have passed under the radar for you, and by asking them incisive questions, I pull out insights and ideas that can make your next concert experience even better than the last one. Instead of stumbling from music magazine to music magazine, you can count on Musictivity for content that stands out from artists whose work is some of the best around.


In addition to concert listings and music industry content, you will also find concert tickets, official merchandise, accommodation bookings, special offers, and more. This meas that Musictivity is a one-stop shop, making it easy for you to get prepared for your next show. You will never again find yourself booking tickets one place only to book a hotel in another and then come up with a plan in a third. You can organize your entire concert outing right on Musictivity, doing your research and making your purchases without ever leaving the platform.

It is time to turn up your music experience the simple way and let go of the stress that has so long plagued the planning process. Musictivity empowers you to experience new music and to experience it with a minimum of effort. Even if you don’t know who you want to see next, you can get started on Musictivity immediately, taking things slowly and browsing the concert listings and content that I currently have up.

Your music experience can be more than what it is. You can evolve and grow as a music fan and come to appreciate music more generally and more profoundly. I want to serve as your guide along the way, helping you navigate all your options.

Musictivity: different music, different experiences, always easy.

author: Sam O’Black

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