Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast 2020 gonna get you

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05.01.2020 Perth, Australia

05.03.2020 Adelaide, Australia

05.05.2020 Brisbane, Australia

05.07.2020 Sydney, Australia

05.09.2020 Melbourne, Australia

05.11.2020 Melbourne, Australia

05.13.2020 Auckland, New Zealand

05.16.2020 Manila, the Philippines

05.19.2020 Tokyo, Japan

05.20.2020 Tokyo, Japan

05.22.2020 Osaka, Japan

05.27.2020 Dubai, UAE

05.30.2020 Tel Aviv, Israel

06.05.2020 – 06.07.2020 Tampere, Finland

06.09.2020 Bremen, Germany

06.10.2020 Cologne, Germany

06.13.2020 Donington, England

06.15.2020 Belfast, Northern Ireland

06.18.2020 Dessel, Belgium

06.20.2020 Copenhagen, Denmark

06.23.2020 Berlin, Germany

06.25.2020 Oslo, Norway

06.27.2020 Gothenburg, Sweden

06.30.2020 St Petersburg, Russia

07.02.2020 Moscow, Russia

07.05.2020 Warsaw, Poland

07.07.2020 Prague, Czech Republic

07.09.2020 Weert, the Netherlands

07.11.2020 Paris, France

07.16.2020 Vienna, Austria

07.18.2020 Stuttgart, Germany

07.20.2020 Bologne, Italy

07.23.2020 Lisbon, Portugal

07.25.2020 Barcelona, Spain


There is a game, alright? It’s called “concert + city”. Musictivity regularly checks where the best bands are going to play concerts and then try to send an informative massage to fans of these bands, you know, about one selected place.

Iron Maiden will visit (during Legacy of the Beast Tour 2020) such a few great cities which have been already mentioned in Musictivity (so you can see few links below).

But in this case… In case of Iron Maiden in Tokyo, fans will get from Musictivity something special.

Iron Maiden 06.10.2020 Cologne, Germany

Iron Maiden 06.20.2020 Copenhagen, Denmark

Iron Maiden 06.23.2020 Berlin, Germany

Iron Maiden 06.25.2020 Oslo, Norway

Iron Maiden 07.11.2020 Paris, France

Iron Maiden 07.16.2020 Vienna, Austria


According to Cambridge English Dictionary, vigilante means “a person who tries in an unofficial way to prevent crime, or to catch and punish someone who has committed a crime, especially because they do not think that official organizations, such as the police, are controlling crime effectively. Vigilantes usually join together to form groups.”


Happy GIF by Iron Maiden - Find & Share on GIPHY

I don’t think now about Bruce Dickinson talking about brutal security hitting innocent fans during concerts neither about Eddie catching maidens.

Look for something that is hard to find
Searching somewhere deep inside your mind
Hope you find just what you’re looking for
Heaven’s waiting with an open door

Iron Maiden “When the River Runs Deep”

Iron Maiden will perform not once, but twice in the capital of the country which is depicted in timeless classics like “Deep Purple Made in Japan”, “Judas Priest Unleash in the East” or “Maiden Japan” (“Heavy Metal Army”).

I really, really, REALLY, wanted to do justice and properly describe Tokyo. Therefore, I’ve reached out to one special band called Vigilante, which is based in Tokyo and plays music somehow related to Iron Maiden but – as you will hear in the video displayed below – developed own music style around true:

– heavy metal,

– power metal,

– thrash metal,

– progressive metal.

If metalcore-ish Killswitch Engage may be a special guest during Iron Maiden events in Australia and New Zealand 2020, then Vigilante would fit even better with Iron Maiden in Tokyo!

source: CaptainChaosVI

Link to whole newest album Vigilante “Terminus of Thoughts”:


Music, Culture, Concert, Metal, Iron Maiden

Vigilante about Iron Maiden and their city of Tokyo:

Why in your opinion is it worth to watch Iron Maiden concerts 38 years after their best album “The Number of the Beast”?

Vigilante: That also means that 38 years or more have passed since we first met Iron Maiden with Bruce Dickinson (of course everybody knows that Iron Maiden also had other vocalists in the past). It’s amazing that he keeps himself a part of the heavy metal scene for so long. We will always remember Iron Maiden!

What is your current opinion about each Iron Maiden member?

Vigilante: Bruce Dickinson is still full of energy, and we are looking forward to his next activities after being pilot, brewery owner, fencing player, author, and last but not least legendary vocalist.

Steve Harris is also a phenomenal engine of this monster band. He is ambitious to play not only in Iron Maiden, but also in British Lion. In our opinion, he is a true icon among the greatest heavy metal musicians.

Nicko McBrain is almost 70 years old, but can still play the finest heavy metal drumming, and that’s a great thing! His character and drum playing style is definitely irreplaceable.

Dave Murray, nearly 50 years, has always been with Maiden through all good and bad times. His smile always makes people feel relaxed. He is also a good songwriter, although not a prolific composer, but his songs are distinctive and give good twists to Iron Maiden’s repertoire.

Adrian Smith is like a cornerstone or anchor that always keeps the band on track even when others go wild on stage. He contributes to the band with many good and catchy songs.

Janick Gers is the third engine that fully actives Maiden on stage. He does a great job as a part of the guitar trio, devoting himself to build a wall of guitars or emotionally beautiful triple guitar harmonies.

How (in your opinion) should best heavy metal bands prepare themselves before going wild on stage?

Vigilante: Of course they should play all albums before the concert day for warm – ups, and then try to choose songs for ideal set list!

Which cultural landmarks would you recommend seeing in Tokyo? Especially for somebody who will travel from another city or even from another country to see Iron Maiden in Tokyo.

Vigilante: We have many awesome landmarks to enjoy here in Tokyo, like:

– Tokyo Tower,

– Tokyo Sky Tree,

– Shinjuku,

– Shibuya,

– Roppongi,

– Ryogoku Sumo Stadium,

– Asakusa,

– Akihabara.

source: Planetyze – Japan Best Spots Travel Guide

Besides that, we will have Olympic Games in Tokyo next year (2020), so it will be a much more exciting experience to visit Tokyo!

Author: Sam O’Black

PS: of course the answers were written by Vigilante.