Jared James Nichols 2020


– Who are you?

– Guitarist and vocalist.

– What do you play?

– Music.

– Is it heavy blues?

– Just listen man.

source: Jam In The Van https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7oMx-T5pak

Fucking good music!

Young musician from Wisconsin. Two studio albums “Old Glory & The Wild Revival (2015) and “Black Magic” (turn of 2017/2018).

Major website for musicians “Music Radar” made him stand out as “Top Upcoming Guitar Players in the World” in 2016. Check out profile of this tremendously talented artist.


February, 25, 2020, Bilston, UK

February 26, 2020, Nottingham, UK

February 27, 2020, Grimsby, UK

February 28, 2020, Newcastle, UK

February 29, 2020, Glasgow, Scotland

March 1, 2020, Milton Keynes, UK

March 3, 2020, Madrid, Spain

March 4, 2020, Madrid, Spain

March 5, 2020, Gijon, Spain

March 6, 2020, Burlada, Spain

March 7, 2020, Valencia, Spain

March 8, 2020, Barcelona, Spain

March 9, 2020, Barcelona, Spain

have a great time in Barcelona

March 10, 2020, Zurich, Switzerland

March 11, 2020, Bern, Switzerland

March 12, 2020, Munich, Germany

March 13, 2020, Berlin, Germany

have a great time in Berlin

March 14, 2020, Copenhagen, Germany

have a great time in Copenhagen

March 17, 2020, Stockholm, Sweden

March 18, 2020, Gothenburg, Sweden

March 20, 2020, Hamburg, Germany

have a great time in Hamburg

March 21, 2020, Joldelund, Germany

March 22, 2020, Cologne, Germany

have a great time in Cologne

March 23, 2020, Maintal, Germany

March 24, 2020, Verviers, Belgium

March 25, 2020, Zoetermeer, Nederland

March 27, 2020, Manchester, UK

March 28, 2020, London, UK

have a great time in London

March 29, 2020, Bristol, UK


Sure, good notes, good quality instruments, cool shows, but you know what? Jared James Nichols needs to cover many countries and many cities to catch your attention. You simply will not take a vacation at work, buy a plane ticket, neither will you book a night in hotel just to see good blues rock concert.

If I’m mistaken and you will do that, please let me know in the comment section, I will be happy to update the entire article just for you. I can even advise you on-line how to proceed; seriously, just send me an e-mail: poblak@europe.com

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However, I guess that the announcement of young fresh artist’s concert isn’t a sufficient trigger to take this kind of decision. I live in Iceland, and a potential show of Jared James Nichols during (for instance) Secret Solstice 2020 could be truly exciting. I would love to take a ten minutes walk and have fun with his music. But I will not take a plane from Keflavik with the aim to see a concert. Sorry. I will not.

Why won t Jared James Nichols play in your place? Well, he would play almost everywhere on our Planet Earth, just give him a guitar, he loves it, he would play!

Commuting is the core of the problem. Musician travels to these places which promoters book. Fans travel to places abundant with landmarks and attractions. Try it then!


Zo… what? Some random string of syllables? Even an official poster states: Zeotermeer instead of Zoetermeer. Does it have anything common with terms used in fourth season of Power Rangers (ZEO)?

Saban's Power Rangers At San Diego Comic-Con 2017 : News Photo

Nope. But Zoetermeer is perfectly located exactly in the middle way between:

– The Hague and Gouda,

– Leiden and Rotterdam.

The distance between Zoetermeer and all of these 4 cities is merely 20 km. It takes seconds to get there with train and the speedway joining Zoetermeer with administrative capital of Nederland (The Hague) is one of the oldest in the world (1937). By the way, did you know that:

– the first “speedway” (it was short in the beginning) was created around Berlin, Germany (1921),

– the first contemporary speedway was created around Milan, Italy (1923).

It makes sense now to plan a trip in the middle of the week (Wednesday) to Zoetermeer and attend a concert of Jared James Nichols.


Let me clarify. After reading this article you can consider:

– sightseeing The Hague,

source: The Intrepid Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwwDzEKCV_w

– sightseeing Gouda,

source: Edniksayang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krt3H8YNIR8

– sightseeing Rotterdam,

source: Places to see in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ed6x0G7v5SE

– sightseeing Leiden,

source: Projectofhead1967 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCRYfsJGvLY&t=31s

– eventually watching a brilliant concert of Jared James Nichols (click to purchase your ticket).

source: UPROXX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO7FKZf6jJI

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