King of Singaporean Pride J.J Lin

Adolescent, source: J.J Lin


Humble, talented and charming J.J Lin (Wayne Lin Jun Jie) is the first home-grown Singaporean brand global ambassador and my favorite pop singer ever.

J.J Lin was born in Singapore (or in Chinese region called Fujian?) on March 27,1981 and studied in St Andrew’s Junior college.

J.J. Lin is:

– a singer (well versed in both English and Chinese language),

– a prominent playback artist,

– a lyricist,

– a music writer,

– a photographer,

– an actor,

– a radio & TV star,

– a producer,

– a design creator,

– an excellent artist fond of blue, grey, black and white colors.

Ballad “Practice Love” tells a story about ex- J.J Lin’s girlfriend, source J.J Lin

This song is a love ballad but from his introduction in 2003, J.J Lin has delivered more dynamic hits than ballad – like “No.89757” (2005).

“No. 89757” is about affection between a robot and a young lady, source: Taihe Music


Main J.J Lin inspirations are: Michael Jackson, Jachy, Cheung and David Tao.

J.J. Lin has performed also few fantastic covers, between others:

– A-Mei’s “Recollect”,

– A-do “Let go”,

– Vivian Hsu “Grinning Eyes.”

J.J Lin was honoured with prestigious awards:

– Best New Artist in Taiwan,

– Best New Act award in Singapore,

– Most popular made artist (2004),

– Best album,

– Best producer,

– Top Twenty Golden Melody,

– True Hero Award (2011),

– Best Mandarin Male Singer Award,

– Three Golden Memory Awards.

He was additionally engaged with an anti-drugs occasion as a representative, in Taiwan. The theme song for this occasion is “Child Baby”, which is from his album “Westside”.


official videoclip for the National Day Theme Song, source: NDPeeps

One of the most spectacular achievement of J.J Lin was a performance in front of the National Stadium of Singapore where he was acclaimed a King Of Pride because of his extraordinary twirls and spins of vocals.

J.J Lin was the First Singaporean celebrity who hold a two-night appear at the Singapore National Stadium.

In 2015, J.J Lin was chosen to play out the National Day Theme Song, “Our Singapore”, which was made by Dick Lee. His trial debut collection “From M.E. to Myself” was released on 25 December 2015.


US vocal coach reacts to JJ Lin’s live singing & comments “beautiful” about 10 000 times, source: Pharaoh TV

In 7 July 2016, J.J Lin released “If Miracles had a Sound”, a 96-minute music documentary made through the span of 455 days, occurring all-through-studios in the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The theme of the documentary, “Limitlessness and Beyond” was released on 21 June 2016.

J.J Lin has released thirteen awesome studio albums, two compilations, three live albums, one video and one documentary.

The most important J.J Lin albums:

– Music Voyager (2003),

– Haven (2004),

– No. 89757 (2005),

– Cao Cao (2006),

– Westside (2007),

– Sixology (2008),

– Hundred Days (2009),

– She Says (2010),

– Lost N Found (2011),

– Stories Untold (2013),

– iTunes Session (2014),

– Genesis (2014),

– From M.E. to Myself (2015),

– Message in a Bottle (2017).

For the clinical staff in Wuhan, source: J.J Lin

In January 2020, J.J Lin released a tune “I’ll Stay With You” devoted to the clinical staff in Wuhan, China who were endeavoring to spare patients tainted with Covid-19.

Check out what Chinese doctor has told Musictivity about the virus.


J.J. Lin playing with Tim Cook, source: J.J Lin

J.J Lin, one of the most famous names in the Mandopop business, has teamed up with Apple previously. The tech had welcomed J.J Lin to try its new music application GarageBand when it included conventional Chinese instruments. J.J Lin posted a video of him “jamming” with Mr Cook on a Facebook.

In 2017, Singaporean Mandopop star J.J Lin was welcome to the new Apple Park grounds in Cupertino, California where new Apple items, called the iPhone X , were uncovered.

Excited, J.J Lin wrote on his Facebook page that it was “an astounding experience” to observe the launch.

“I came to encounter the development of innovation, however to become familiar with their guiding principle, how to saturate individuals with reason and energy,” he wrote in traditional Chinese. “Thank you for the greeting!”

Besides Apple, J.J Lin has showed up in promotions for brands, like, Sprite, Durex, Dota 2, Beats and Cornetto Royale.


J.J Lin and fashion, what you see is what you get, source: Taihe Music

J.J Lin’s own design SMUDGE (SMG) was opened without an announcement launch in Singapore in 2008. The store’s proper launch was on 13 March 2009.

J.J Lin declared his five important C’s values:
– comfort,
– care,
– capability,
– contentment,
– colors.

As you can see, Singaporean are capable and talented. Take care of them always when they need, be contentment with everything what you have thanks to Singaporean, allow yourself for more comfort during contact with them and dare to see in life more colors than only black and white.

Author: Sam O’Black