How to navigate London’s airports?


Are you flying to London, the birthplace of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal? Enjoy, but do not lose your head in a casino neither at the airport!

It might happen, that you are focused on upcoming music events in London, you just want to have fun and, so, you do not care enough about logistics. Believe me, London is a crowded city and you really can lost over there. To help you, I crafted the most rock’n’roll-ing collection of tips regarding commuting from airports to the city.

Bang your head
straight under the scene, not at the airport!

If you could be inside my head
You’d see that black and white is red
Flying high again

Osbourne “Flying High Again”

So, we have three main airports in the proximity of the Hammersmith Odeaon:

– Heathrow,

– Gatwick,

– Stansted.

No Sleep ‘til Hammersmith!


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With two long runways, used by over 80 airliners, with 80 million passengers every year, Heathrow resembles a “Seven Cities of Gold with stories that fired my imagination” (Rush, “Seven Cities of Gold”).

With a little sprinkle of insider knowledge, you can work your way around, so you would not be the man from Rush song, who lose himself in the seven cities of gold.

The most helpful thing, which I can tell you, is to follow @HeathrowAirport on Twitter. Their Twitter team is available almost around the clock to answer any burning questions that you have. Don’t know where to eat? They do. Don’t know important information about your flight? They do. Their helpful team is available from 6.30am to 11pm to answer all of your queries.

seek the knowledge
The knowledge hidden in the clouds
has always looked towards the sky
And dreamed of one day
learning how to fly
To soar just like an eagle out of
They’re searching for the secret
The secret of flight

Saxon “The Secret of Flight”

Another key piece of information you should be aware of, and one that even rock bands often fall victim to, is that you should NOT take the Heathrow Express straight from the airport. The Heathrow Express will take you to (and from) Paddington Station within 15 minutes, but it will cost you around £25. The same journey would cost a third of the price on the tube. What’s more is, depending on what area of London you’re traveling to for your concert, the tube may actually be a quicker option.

Finally, if you happen to arrive at Heathrow late at neon night, instead of scrambling around to try work out the next tube times, you may want to enjoy one of the deluxe futuristic cabins available in terminal 4. Booking is available by the hour, meaning you can get a bit of space for a power-nap or, if you want, to freshen up a little.

through the windows, walking through the doors
I can’t help this
feeling, I been here before
Everything is different, Everything
the same
I know the rules, I played the game!

Overkill “Coma”


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Navigating any airport can be hard like a fuck. And when you’re traveling to the second largest airport in the largest city in the United Kingdom, it is no exception.

The first crucial feature of Gatwick which you need to be aware of, is that passport control can be heavily congested at times. Everyone at Gatwick must pass through passport control, therefore waiting time can vary from 5 to 20 minutes, up to 1 hour and possibly beyond, depending on the amount of travelers. You should keep this in mind when planning the journey to your concert.

As far as getting into the hot city center is concerned, the best option is probably the Gatwick Express, which can take you right to the Central Victoria Station, before your walkman could even finish playing side A of typical old – school cassette. One round trip ticket costs £30 and is valid for two rides within a single month. Southern Railway trains also run from Victoria to Gatwick, but it takes approximately half an hour. If you have access to an Oyster card, you could get one way fares from just £10.60.


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Fortunately for arriving rockmen, Stansted Airport will have you covered with plenty of options to ensure that you can reach your concert or festival with minimal stress and worry.

The first thing you may want to be aware of, is that when you arrive at Stansted, you will be taken on a minibus to the terminal; from there, you can find your own method of transport to your desired venue.

In short, you could travel by bus (1hr 40 mins), taxi (1hr 20 mins) or by train (40 mins). The cheapest option would be the bus, at £13. However, Bruce Dickinson used to sing “be quick or be dead”, so why wouldn’t you get there for less than half the time by the train (£18.60)?


You’ll never go hungry with airports as big as these. As long as you don’t come from the Oz, you’ll find something to match your own taste (I’m sorry, they do not provide bats!).

Probably, you have heard of some restaurant chains in the airport, including (but not excluding):



– Pret
A Manger,

Burger King,

– Costa

– Coast
to Coast.

Also, of course, given that you are in Britain, you won’t have to look far to find a great place to have a drink. There is a wide variety of bars and pubs you can explore to have some fun.


source: Wolters World

With a little bit of common sense, mixed with some useful advices from experienced rock fan, it is possible to navigate these large airports seamlessly. Have a free highway to hell inside the concert hall, but before that, you’ve got another thing comin’ during your relaxed way from the airport to London. Once you are aware of transportation methods, schedules, prices, ideas of where and what you can eat, you can begin to focus on what matters most: to enjoy the concert you came for.

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Author: Sam O’Black