Watch Lordi with us

Hi, would you like to see Lordi but they do not plan to play in your city? No problem, just join us!

We gonna show you step by step how to make this dream comes true.

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16 February, 2020, Budapest, Hungary

18 February, 2020, Bratislava, Slovakia

20 February 2020, Bergamo, Italy

22 February 2020, Klagenfurt Am Worthersee, Austria

23 February 2020, Vienna, Austria

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26 February 2020, Firenze, Italy

27 February 2020, Istres, France

29 February 2020, Madrid, Spain

1 March 2020, Barcelona, Spain

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2 March 2020, Ramonville-st-agne, France

3 March 2020, Nantes, France

5 March 2020, Epinal, France

6 March 2020, Paris, France

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7 March 2020, Sneek, Nederland

10 March 2020, Munich, Germany

12 March 2020, Hamburg, Germany

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13 March 2020, Berlin, Germany

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14 March 2020, Leipzig, Germany

15 March 2020, Stuttgart, Germany

18 March 2020, Aschaffenburg, Germany

19 March 2020, Nuremberg, Germany

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20 March 2020, Memmingen, Germany

21 March 2020, Regensburg, Germany

22 March 2020, Prague, Czech Republic

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25 March 2020, Cologne, Germany

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26 March 2020, Pratteln, Switzerland

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27 March 2020, Heidelberg, Germany

28 March 2020, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

29 March 2020, Amstelveen, Nederland

1 April 2020, Vilnius, Lithuania

3 April 2020, Seinajoki, Finland

4 April 2020, Kempele, Finland

8 April 2020, Jyvaskyla, Finland

9 April 2020, Nivala, Finland

10 April 2020, Tampere, Finland

11 April 2020, Helsinki, Finland

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3 July 2020, Mulheim, Germany


Lordi is about to release the newest, tenth studio album “Killection (A Fictional Compilation Album)” on January 31st, 2020, featuring new bassist Hiisi. Therefore, I recommend getting to know some of their fresh creative output:

source: rock n metal


It would be surrealistic expensive to travel abroad just to see a concert. Even if Lordi is your favorite band ever, I suggest you choose an attractive city and a bit of sightseeing. It is beneficial for you to make careful preparation because, who knows when will you be in the same place again and you definitely don’t want to miss the best attractions, do you?

I want to make it clear that I am not able at the moment to offer you all – inclusive package of holidays because there would be some law cases and tax cases to obey. I would rather encourage you to prepare your trip on your own. I will show you how to do that below. I will also give you an example of a Dutch trip including Lordi’s concert. You can always send me an e-mail if you have questions, and I will try to help you and answer the best as I can:


You need:

1. Transportation from your home to your hotel (it depends on what your departure point is but this website is handy to commute inside Nederland),

2. Room in hotel; click to read reviews first but keep in mind that:

a) most hotels located around Schiphol Airport offer free and easy to use shuttle;

b) usually ratio quality: price is much better in hotels located in the proximity of Amsterdam, but not in the city itself

c) Holland is compact and its public transportation is reliable,

d) standard fare for night in 3 stars hotel is between 62euros and 103 euros / night (according to Musictivity calculations)

3. Concert ticket (it is important to buy only from reliable sources like Eventim or official Lordi website),

4. Guide on place (I can not offer you personal assistance 24/7, but there are countless guides available on site – read more),

5. Travel insurance (it is not expensive and protect you against unexpected events).

Overwhelming? Well, I’m writing this article on December, 23rd, 2019, and I just got an idea to contact with some travel agencies. I would love to prepare a convenient package for you. It would be even better to travel in bigger group of fans with assistance from an experienced company, I guess.


Just an example to let you know what is possible to do besides a concert.

Amstelveen is a residential area adjacent from south to Amsterdam (capital of the Netherlands), few kilometers east from Schiphol International Airport.

Although there is some art to see in Amstelveen (Cobra Museum of Modern Art) I wouldn’t call this town a cultural destination for foreign travelers. Amstelveen is a home for people who work in Schiphol or in bank / insurance / commerce corporations in Amsterdam South’s business park. Subway & tram line cross the entire Amstelveen, so you can commute directly between Amsterdam and Amstelveen with ease (alternatively you can take a car ride or biking).

A Japanese friend of mine told me that Amstelveen is the same for Japanese minority in the Netherlands as Dusseldorf is for the Japanese minority in Germany. They own shops, own barber and even own school for children of Japanese expats –everything located exactly in Amstelveen. Interesting, but I have much more to share with you.


I decided to show you that the Netherlands is not only Amsterdam through carefully presenting selected videos from YouTube, weet u wel. Everything you can see below is high quality and display awesome places, which you can reach with direct public transport from Schiphol International Airport (according to I give you links only to videos which are worth it in my personal opinion.

Let’s assume that I have 6 business days off work, found a nice hotel in Schiphol and don’t want to spend more than one day in any town. In this case, this would be my itinerary (flying on 21st March and on 30th March):

22th March, Sunday

Den Haag: Madurodam

Den Haag: Mauritshuis & Binnenhof

Den Haag: Escher in Het Paleis

Den Haag: Peace Palace
Peace Palace

23th March, Monday

Rotterdam: Maritime Museum

Rotterdam: Kubuswoningen

Rotterdam: Markthal

24th March, Tuesday

Groningen: biking

Groningen: Museum (of modern and contemporary art)

25th March, Wednesday

Breda: Begijnhof Museum

Breda: Kasteel Bouvigne

26th March, Thursday

Delft: Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles:

Delft: City Center

27th March, Friday

Den Bosch: Jheronimus Bosch Art Center

Eindhoven: Philips Museum

28th March, Saturday

Amersfoort: Koppelpoort (connecting port)

Amersfoort: Museum Flehite

29 March, Sunday (concert)

Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam: canals!

Amstelveen: Lordi concert

author: Sam O’Black