Channeled into sound through physics


Have you ever felt a lack of new, young and energetic bands playing creative heavy metal in the second decade of XXI century?

When I got a Midnight Prey “Uncertain Times” to check out, I thought, that it can be one of the best debut of the 2019 year (read a review). It definitely deserves your attention!

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Wanna more? Yeah, me too. Therefore, I am pleased to share a conversation with Winston, a vocalist and a guitarist of Midnight Prey. He is not a leader, as Midnight Prey is an egalitarian band, but he can describe his music like nobody else.

Sam O’Black: Hello. How are you doing in the Free Hanseatic City of Hamborg in this uncerain 2019?

Winston: I’m doing good today, thanks!

You are not the best vocalist in the world, but your voice doesn’t allow listeners to forget, that music is basically an entertainment – too many things in the world are too tough, so let’s have some fun! Right now!

Of course, fun is very important. Even though the lyrics aren’t necessarily funny, playing and writing music is an enjoyable thing. Also, fun is needed to somehow process the things you can’t change. However, Midnight Prey’s music is a form of expression, and I’m glad if you find it entertaining.

Are you aware that The Beatles popped up around 50 years ago in the same place where you are playing now? How is it to be the one and only great – grandchildren of The Beatles, grandchildren of Motorhead and children of (who?) Airborne?

Well, that’s flattering. Of course, we know about the Beatles and their legacy, as well as their early days in Hamburg. I’ve always loved their music. Motörhead was indeed a big influence as well.
I think, no one of us really ever was into Airbourne though… But making a list of bands that influenced us now, would be overwhelming for me, as there are just too many. It’s due to the fact that we’re together for a third of our short lives now, and we were never very limited in terms of different styles and times of music history.

I ask, because
one of your song is called “Wenn es von vorn beginnt”, what means
“When It Starts Again”, and another “Stoff” meaning

“Wenn es von vorn
beginnt” means “When it happens all over”; “Stoff” means
“Substance” (also a german slang word for intoxicating substances
of every kind).

Is it a coincidence that these two titles are in German language, while all lyrics are in English? Or not coincidence, as you wanted to send a statement: new generation is coming to give new musical substance here in Germany!

To be honest, it
depends, how I feel. German is a very precise, but also poetic
language – there are countless words for the exact same thing; but n
english, the meaning of different words is always slightly varying.
German source harsh, and the complex grammar allows me to do great
things. Formore, that it is my native tongue. That’s why, it has a
more natural flow, and I can express thoughts and feelings more
easily in German. Maybe, I will publish my own translations if there
are future german lyrics, as I don’t want to exclude
non-german-speaking listeners.

Your debut is
like a breath of freedom straight from the gateway to the world…
But how did you find the key? I mean, how does your songwriting
process looks like?

On “Uncertain Times”, we mostly wrote everything together in the rehearsal room; except for the title track which was written in studio after the daywork of recording, cause time was running short.

“The Tower” (released already on our “Blood Stained Streets” EP) is one that I basically finished, before I showed it to the other guys.

“Black Forest” is even older, but it was played live in different versions and always kept changing until the recordings of the album.

Sometimes, someone comes up with an idea as a start, and we work all together, and everybody gives opinions, and we change a lot over a uncertain period of time until we are satisfied, and everyone has the same right to have a say.

Consequently, we are all stated as composers on “Uncertain Times”; Midnight Prey works only in this constellation. It’s cool, that you feel the ‘breath of freedom’. This is what music means to me: freedom.

I can hear traces
of early Motorhead’s heritage in your music (especially their first
heavy blues albums).

How important is
blues as your inspiration and as a source of your sound?

Yeah. I mean, blues
is the roots of everything we play; the roots of every kind of rock
music; and the blues gives you freedom to express yourself, as it
accepts that there are feelings inside you. That’s how important the
blues is for us. It’s the essence of life channeled into sound
through physics.

I know only one
young blues artist from Hamborg – Jessy Martens. Could you
recommend some more German bluesmen, please?

I’m not fully aware
of the german blues scene nowadays, to be honest. But, back in the
day, there came out killer bands such as ‘Dick+Alex’, or ‘Das Dritte
Ohr’, which I strongly recommend.

As Midnight Prey
is foremost an heavy metal band, let me ask you, do you identify
yourself as die hard metalheads?

No, we don’t.

I have found
something like “Midnight Prey – Street Mafia” on YouTube. What’s
up with this video? How did you create such old school shots? It
looks awesome!

We did not create
them. It is a compilation of scenes from the Hamburg Biker Movie
‘Rocker’ by Klaus Lemke (1972). A really great movie with a comical
and authentic feeling, which only amateur performers could create. We
always had a great time watching it, and then recite sayings and
jokes from that movie. We thought, it would fit to the song very


How are you going
to promote “Uncertain Times”? Concerts? What Dying Victims
Productions is preparing for you in this matter?

We were playing a
great release show supporting Tanith in Hamburg, and did a weekender
supporting our mates from Vultures Vengeance during the last three
shows of their european tour in Hamburg (Germany), Leipzig (Germany)
and Basel (Switzerland). There couldn’t be a better label boss than
Flo from Dying Vistims Productions, who does a great job, and has a
great talent to find gems. You should definetly check out his other

Also, there are more
Midnight Prey shows to come in 2020, so stay tuned!

Your debut
“Uncertain Times” was released on September 20th 2019,
but I need to ask immediately – where will you make its successor?
Fans want more of your stuff!

I’m very glad that
you like it. Actually, the release was delayed to November 8th 2019
due to complications in the pressing plant.
We can’t wait to
start creating new stuff, so don’t worry! You’ll hear about us!

What are your
plans regarding visual side of Midnight Prey? What are you going to
develop as covers for your next albums? Do you perhaps work on your
mascot (something similar to Eddie The Head from Iron Maiden or
Snaggletooth from Motorhead)?

We got our ‘M’ as a mascot, the three columns which Midnight Prey is built on! You will see visuals for future releases, as soon as we will publish them.

Thank you very much for this interview. I have no more questions, as I need to listen to “Uncertain Times” right now. Cheers!

Thank you so much
for your questions and your interest in Midnight Prey! Keep up the
good work. Hopefully, see you on the road soon! Cheers!

Sam O’Black