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The following article have been written by Sam O’Black from Musictivity, but it was originally published in the best polish heavy metal magazine called “Heavy Metal Pages” in January, 2020.


Band: Midnight Prey

Album: Uncertain Times

Label: Dying Victims Productions

Released in: 2019

source: NWOTHM – Full Albums

Excellent album. Straight to the point. This is exactly what rock supposed to be. Young musicians without previous experience engaged wholeheartedly in creating this fantastic music. They have good ideas and realize them well.

Freedom is the most profound value carved in this music. Despite uncertain times, despite trends, despite everything, midnight is coming, so the best music prevails.

Midnight Prey is a band, which came from nowhere, and proves that good rock music is not only a past, but also a future for next generations.

Midnight Prey line-up:

– Winston (guitars, vocals),

– Daniel Friesen (bass),

– Hannes (drums).

I need to admit, the vocal on whole “Uncertain Times” is careless, guitars run hell-bent for leather, a drummer has no chance for Grammy awards. But come on, this is rock! Everybody, who isn’t deaf, will appreciate regardless.

Actually, this Hamburgian band was created not yesterday, but in 2012. Midnight Prey is already a developed band which doesn’t take a shit.

The strongest points of “Uncertain Times”?

The sound.

Motorhead had a similar, free drive and a philthy image, but there was kind of a unique crispness on the first Motorhead albums “On Parole” / “Overkill” / “Bomber“, if you know what I mean. We have the same thing with Midnight Prey “Uncertain Times”.

It relates to blues, punk, heavy metal – yeah, but I couldn’t say, which music genre I can hear here. Reckless rock? Rock’n’roll? Perhaps. I would recommend you to take a time and listen to Midnight Prey.


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June 6, 2020, Oberhausen, Germany

June 12, 2020, Hamburg, Germany

July 11, 2020, Hamburg, Germany

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Midnight Prey comes from Hamburg, Germany. It’s a great idea to travel for their concert to Hamburg, because this city is abundant in attractions! So you can combine holidays with unforgettable music event. I do not want to repeat myself, so please check this article, where I have written (on occasion of upcoming Deep Purple concert) about Hamburg itself.

Musictivity will follow news about Midnight Prey and we promise to keep you updating.

My intuition tells me, that they will release better yet album in the future. I do not have a clue how they will achieve that, but they are great and they will do that.

Cross fingers for Midnight Prey! More concerts! Mort support! More fans! All the best for the future!

Sam O’Black

PS: Musictivity will soon publish a full, long interview with Midnight Prey (in English language), which have been originally released in “Heavy Metal Pages” magazine (in Polish language). At the moment, it is just a matter of translation, so stay tuned!