Note: The following Mindless Sinner interview was conducted by Sam O’Black (Musictivity) in November 2019 and published originally in polish language in “Heavy Metal Pages” magazine (nr 74, February 2020).

Mindless Sinner interview
Mindless Sinner interview


Interview with traditional Swedish heavy metal band Mindless Sinner took place in the shade of evil. These musicians are men of steel ready to explode with fire! Is it already a time to hear the scream?

The vocalist Christer Göranson tells us about:

– Mindless Sinner exiting reunion in 2014,

– the newest Mindless Sinner album “Poltergeist” (2020),

– best Mindless Sinner albums,

– live shows,

– local metalheads from Linköping,

– supporting Pure Steel Records,

– plans for the future.

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The people and the music
We are living and dying for the music
We’re going to rock the nations
Of the world

We go together
And it shall be forever

Mindless Sinner “We Go Together” (1986)


Hello. I’ve a pleasure to hear your upcoming album “Poltergeist” two months before its release date. How is it to accomplish jawbreaking punch and then wait months for effect?

Christer Göranson: Well, hello there and thanx! It’s kinda nerve wrecking before you know if the people will like it or not. I guess we did pretty well with the new album “Poltergeist”. We think that this album is our best work so far and we hope that the old fans will love it and that we will gain some new fans as well.

Mindless Sinner was created in 1982, released two albums “Turn on the Power” (1986) and “Missin’ Pieces” (1989) and disbanded in 1990. Eventually Mindless Sinner is active again from 2014 with original line-up. How would you compare these two periods of Mindless Sinner’s heritage? How did the time change you?

Actually the band was formed in 1981. We went through some name changes before we settled with Mindless Sinner in 1982.

The first mini-album “Master of evil” was released in January 1984 and then, as you mentioned, “Turn on the Power” (1986) and “Missin’ Pieces” (1989).

When we got together again in 2014, it was like nothing had changed. The only thing is that we are older he he he. Otherwise, it’s just as it was back then. We’re just 5 mates playing Heavy Metal and we like it.

I can read in your promo-sheet that Mindless Sinner was welcomed back in 2014 with open arms. What exactly do you mean?

When we were asked in 2013 to play the MuskelRock Festival in 2014 we didn’t know what to expect. Would anybody remember us?

We were supposed to have a meet and greet. We thought that no one would show up he he he.

But we sat and signed stuff for over a half an hour. People were waiting in line for photos and records to be signed. It was overwhelming!

And later on, when we took the stage, everybody was upfront singing along with every tune. And that really blew us away!

source: Mindless Sinner – Topic

What do you think about “The New Messiah” (2015) nowadays? How would you compare “The New Messiah” to “Poltergeist”?

“The New Messiah” is a great album that didn’t get what it deserved. The production is weak but the songs are great.

We have our own studio where we record and mix our albums. We recorded “Poltergeist” again in our own studio and mixed it twice with bad results before Pure Steel (our record company) convinced us to let someone else to mix the album.

So we learned by our mistakes and left the mixing for “Poltergeist” to the great Robert Romagna at Audio Stahl Austria. He did a wonderful job and took the recording a few steps up production-wise.

So “Poltergeist” is a natural follow-up to the “New Messiah” but I think that Poltergeist is a better album.

Aren’t you afraid that the name “Poltergeist” can discourage people? You play heavy metal, not black metal…

No, not at all. The song “Poltergeist” is about being afraid of ghosts, and it got nothing to do with Black Metal he he he.

What is the idea behind lyrics to “The Rise And Fall” song?

It’s just a song about the evil side (the devil) looking upon the world as it is today. He has seen The Rise and now he will see The Fall from the beginning through it all he he he.

How is your cooperation with Pure Steel Records?

In my opinion, it works great. They are a good bunch of people who are working their asses off for bands like us, so we can release our recordings.

What are your dreams, hopes and plans regarding “Poltergeist”?

Well, we hope that the masses will like it, and it will be a success for Mindless Sinner, so more people will listen to the band, and we’ll get to play more shows.

Apparently Mindless Sinner deserves more attention from heavy metal fans due to quality of your music. But which Mindless Sinner’s hymns (older or new) would you recommend to somebody who didn’t hear your band yet?

“Broken Freedom”, “Master of evil”, “We Go Together”, “I’m Gonna (Have Some Fun)”, “Men of Steel”, “The New Messiah” and the whole “Poltergeist” album.

source: karol gs

Why did you decide to release live album “Keeping It True”? Would you agree that it is much better to have high quality CD/CD-R than only random quality videos on YouTube?

Yeah. We thought that the recording turned out great from the KIT gig so we loved to release it. It’s out on vinyl as well.

You know, back in the day, when our heroes like Priest, Maiden, Saxon etc released live albums, it was like heaven to listen to.

So we figured, we gotta have a live album as well. So the album “Keeping It True” was born.

Which band is your best friend on Swedish metal scene? Ghost? Heavy Load? How do you support each other?

We don’t know the people in Ghost or Heavy Load, so I guess our best friends are the lads from Axewitch, hailing from the same charming town Linköping in Sweden as we do.

By the way, Tobias Forge is lucky to come from Linköping as well. Even though I don’t know him in person, he once approached me, when he started up Ghost, and wanted me to be the singer, but I turned him down. Don’t know that was a good decision or not he he he.

Your town Linköping is one of the oldest towns in Sweden yet one of the fastest developing. Can we say that Mindless Sinner is fresh, cool and trendy but at the same time old school, underground and cult?

I think that we are more old school, underground and cult than fresh cool and trendy. I mean that we have our style, and that style is what we’ve always played anyway.

Drone-view over charming Linkoping, source ryboy

Anyway, we know some younger bands that we have played with at the same true metal festivals, like Screamer, Ambush, Night and Armory, to name a few. Good people and good bands.

Where and when will we watch Mindless Sinner live in 2020?

Well, most shows are in the planning phase yet. We are looking forward for:

– a release gig in Linköping, Sweden early 2020,

– a festival in France called Courts of Chaos on 8th / 9th May 2020.

We’ll keep em comin’!

Thank you very much for the interview \m/

Thank you!

Author: Sam O’Black

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