Mother’s Finest


Don’t live in the past.

Come with me, I want to show you something.

It’s eclectic. Expect everything and anything between funk and
heavy metal. It doesn’t need to be white (nobody is a racist in
2019, is anybody?). But it must be energetic, innovative and free.
Freedom of the Art. Mother’s finest. No rules, feel the pulse of
the Universe! Plenty of colors, hue hue hue!

Believe me or not, sisters and brothers. Fathers and Grandmothers.
Believe me or not, I want to tell you something. I got a cough. And
doctor gave me some medicaments. I didn’t know what to do with
these pills. I went to Amsterdam for crazy all night long party. Next
morning I came back to home in Lisse (colorful Keukenhof, the largest
flower garden in the world), took some pills and went to sleep
(because I was on party all night long, remember?).

Not this, my friends, I didn’t want to tell about this. It’s

But really. I went to sleep like this-o after these pills from
doctor and after party night.

Suddenly I woke up. Body in one place, mind in another. It started turning. My view. I mean, uncle, started turning around. I felt like after this medicine:

source: Marc Angel Comedy


Everything and everyone is one. Holy Universe in one. Mother’s
Finest is one. They are inspired by anybody and anything. But they
are one and only band of its kind in the Universe.

Everybody can tell you this what I just told to you. Because
that’s true! Do you know Mother’s Finest? Combantrin is not
mother’s finest anyway. No chance. Mother’s Finest come from
Atlanta. Georgia, USA. Soon fifty anniversary. Released twelve
albums. There is everything what I need to feel happy today.

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I’m gonna shut up now about Mother’s Finest because I am not
able to describe them better than GSUTV made it in this documentary

source: GSUTV


You can still buy your ticket!

30.10.2019 Aschaffenburg, Germany

31.10.2019 Hilversum, Nederland

02.11.2019 Venlo, Nederland

03.11.2019 Arnhem, Nederland

05.11.2019 Ubach, Germany

06.11.2019 Stuttgart, Germany

07.11.2019 Karlsruge, Germany

09.11.2019 Merzig, Germany

10.11.2019 Burgrieden, Germany

29.11.2019 Macon, Georgia, USA

30.11.2019 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

30.01.2020 Columbia, South Carolina, USA

01.02.2020 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

08.02.2020 Savannah, Georgia, USA

07.03.2020 Nuremberg, Germany

08.03.2020 Munich, Germany

10.03.2020 Berlin, Germany

11.03.2020 Bamberg, Germany

13.03.2020 Wurzburg, Germany

14.03.2020 Frankfurt, Germany

15.03.2020 Regensburg, Germany

17.03.2020 Neu Ulm, Germany

19.03.2020 Ludwigsburg, Germany

20.03.2020 Dresden, Germany

28.03.2020 Zurich, Switzerland

08.05.2020 Rubigen, Switzerland

source: Rockhouse Salzburg

Enjoy Mother’s Finest in carefully selected city.


This time I would like to invite you to Nuremberg which is an
outstanding city located in eastern Germany, driving distance from
Czech, Austria, Switzerland, France

I use always this browser to compare places to stay in each visited city.

Nuremberg with population 515 000 is the largest city in Franconia
and the second largest in Bavaria (after Munich). Unofficial capital
of Holy Roman Empire. Among architectural pearls, Imperial Castle of
Nuremberg (called Kaiserburg) is the most significant one because
German Kings used to live there from 1050 to 1571 and this fortress
was also a place of court assemblies in Roman Empire. More info:

I use always this website to find interesting activity in each visited city.

Nuremberg is a city of inspiration for playing and having fun due
to the 600 years tradition of crafting medieval dolls. You can admire
this kind of stuff in Spielzeugmuseum (Toy Museum). Permanent
exhibition includes dolls, doll houses, free-standing statuettes,
technology toys and popular modern toys. There is also separate room
where children can play together. Between April and October special
guide demonstrate and teach classic outdoor games in special big
outdoor area. Worth to mention is the largest toy fair in the world
which take place annually from 1950 in Nuremberg (next event:
29.01.2020 – 02.02.2020).

You can not find anywhere in Germany bigger collection of Deutsche art than in Germanisches Nationalmuseum. I would love to let you know about Albrecht Dürer, perhaps the most renowned painter from Nuremberg (1471-1528; famous for woodcut prints and engravings; remarkable alterpieces, portraits, self-portraits).

Another very interesting place to visit on the occasion of Mother’s Finest show is DB Museum, the oldest railway museum in the world (1882). DB means Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), a name of private joint-stock company with only one shareholder: Federal Republic of Germany. Nowadays they carry 4 billion passengers and 200 million tons of goods each year. Museum displays 600 objects include oldest steam railways and even a carriage used by King of Bavaria Ludwig II (reign 1864-1886).

All of this venues in Nuremberg deserve our attention because this
culture was created with love straight from human hearts. Same
applies to Mother’s Finest music. I’m sure that he loves to
perform for large audience. He has a great voice, timeless songs,
perfect form on stage. Don’t miss his concert because now is the
best time to enjoy his entire musical achievements. You can really
enjoy his strong, fantastic voice in person.

So let’s go sightseeing what is appealing to you in Nuremberg,
forget about some martial bullshit and give warm applause to Mother’s

author: Sam O’Black