Musictivity “Fly High”

Musictivity “Fly High”

An arena-sized fury defines the colossal take of Musictivity “Fly High”. Incredible in terms of its sheer intensity the whole of the track has a wall of sound approach.

Layer upon layer enters into the fray in an almost painterly approach. The way they sculpt the riffs into virtual forces of nature feels outright masterful.

Soaring above the din however are those commanding vocals. The lyrics center upon an air of defiance while they cascade through with a certain sense of poetry.

Not a moment is wasted for the piece gets started in earnest immediately. The aggression of the guitars appears apparent. Drums pound in the background giving it a ceremonial quality, almost tribal at times. Quite feral in terms of how it simply bludgeons the listener into submission.

With a clear-eyed focus on the journey the song evolves in unexpected ways.

Slow but steady, the gradual buildup has a nice patient quality. For the latter half of the track, they let loose a bit. In comes some fantastic guitar solos alongside other impressive flourishes. Even with the additional sense of chaos, they never lose sight of the completely all-consuming sound.

“Fly High” shows off Musictivity’s impressive chops and skill at creating a piece of work that lingers in the mind long after the track has ended.

Author: Beach Sloth