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Do you want to know more about Musictivity? Maybe you’re yet to come across this term. If so, let me explain. It’s straightforward. There are two elements MUSIC + CREATIVITY, and when blended, you have Musictivity.

And as you would expect, this creates a unique musical and creative masterpiece, influenced by emotion, imagination and improvisation (Urban Dictionary). Before you know it, you’re not just outside the box. Oh no, you are way beyond it and able to take your music to places you did not know even existed.

My professor from the Academy of Business (where I used to study Management 5 years ago), once told me that contemporary leaders must think hybrid. And this is what Musictivity embraces.

Somebody once said that everything in music is already created and there was nothing left to discover. Yeah, right – a dumb joke, that one! After that, the world got the album “Theli” from the Swedish band Therion. And this is Musictivity at its best. It was unprecedented because nobody else had been brave enough to mix extreme metal with classical music. And then Christofer Johnsson crafted it in 1996. Many others tried the same later, and there you go–an entirely new genre of metal music flourished in the XXI century!

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Many bands who wish to categorize themselves as progressive metal do nothing but duplicate each other.

The more experienced metal maniacs out there nowadays complain that the newest metal band’s sound indistinguishable.

And why is this you may ask?

Some of these new bands try to move off the box, but they are interested in sailing towards only one course, both as musicians and as listeners. It’s a good thing. Music becomes listenable. But there is not much original. They are one-dimensional and not a hybrid. And, this one-dimensional approach can be thought of as the core problem.

You may say: Motorhead played one-dimensionally, Testament played one-dimensionally, The Rolling Stones played one-dimensionally, Iron Maiden played one-dimensionally, and even Rush played one-dimensionally.

We don’t have any problem classifying these bands to one specific category.

But here’s the interesting and crucial thing. These bands have had strong hybrid inspirations. Each of these old rock legends has developed their one-dimensional style based on improvizations and blends from a few others’ music styles like

– Blues,

– Rock’n’roll,

– Heavy metal,

– Jazz,

– Folk,

– Punk.

It makes a huge difference! And their one-dimensional art results from a multi-dimensional approach!


Writing songs, lyrics and blog articles like the one you are reading is an act of creativity. Writing is a process that requires creativity, skill and a love for words. And, these are shaped and influenced by emotion and imagination.

So, here, I am putting my theory to the test and taking a risk – a two-dimensional approach; my hybrid posts focus around my two hobbies: traveling and music.

My endeavor may require courage, especially as I turn the concert review process upside down. And you may ask why this requires courage? My fellow bloggers and journalists write reviews from the best concerts that have already happened. Not me. That is far too inside the box! I write detailed content articles around concerts that will occur in the future.

Crazy? No. Musictivity is Musictivity.

Have a read of my full list of all of my articles.

As we all know, the future is not always bright! And, well, future events are fragile!

I’ve spent all day writing about an upcoming Eric Burdon concert in Nuremberg and the event never happened. Promoter attacked Eric Burdon because promoter didn’t want to pay the associated bills. In the same evening, Eric Burdon spoke in public against this kind of practice in the music industry. As a result, the tour, including the concert in Nuremberg, was canceled. I needed to remove the whole article from Musictivity blog. Not a good day for anyone!

Many things can go wrong when somebody tries to express or experience something unique.

Perhaps the most striking example is the Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne tour. They planned a spectacular tour in England and Europe at the beginning of 2019, but they postponed it because of Ozzy’s health issue.


This may be the point where you’ve realized the sense in my hybrid post on travel and music. What if you buy not only a ticket for a concert but also a plane ticket?

So, would you like to tell me that you would travel abroad to see Priest and Ozzy? I call this holidays. Whether it be shorter or longer, it is still a holiday.

What if you are a member of a band going on an international tour? Congrats, but will you visit some major big cities on the way? Why wouldn’t you use this opportunity to get an insight into the unique culture and the history of places you have visited?

I’m aware that you have little time and perhaps you feel alone in new places. But the great thing is, you don’t need much time, or local friends to get a solid cultural insight. It’s easy to realize.

Remember that you can create something new when you are under the influence of art unrelated to your specific style.

And to help you on your way, I have something interesting for you, and it may be free, with no hidden costs.

Check this out. Here, is the most useful website I know to plan an itinerary each time when I am somewhere out of the home. There are hundreds of activities in each major city and some interesting ones in non-major towns.

I use it regularly. Prices are moderate, and guides are usually very knowledgeable – they know how to impress you about the history and culture of their city.

My favorite kind of tour is a biking tour. Each participant has their bike for a few hours and cycles behind an experienced guide who shows the most prominent landmarks. Imagine, cycling the lanes of…

Although this one is paid, you can find a free walking tour in each major city. You don’t pay for signing, guides have proper expertise and are willing to show you all of these awesome places, explain cultural context and answer on your questions.

Such a valuable time, just two or three hours, and you are acquainted with the city! And the thing with these guides, you’ll be shown the authentic parts of your trip as only locals’ know-how.

You can give a tip directly to your guide if you like your tour. I’ve always appreciated their job, so I happily give 10 or 20 Eur/USD/GBP/CHF, but it’s entirely up to you.


And you know what, there are plenty of tools out there to make your trip more comfortable. But this is one not to be missed and is so easy to use. Just type “free Berlin”, “free Copenhagen”, “free Paris” or any other free-something after clicking here.

Sometimes you come across tools that you’ll keep returning too, and I believe that everybody should use this resource when abroad.

Regardless if it’s a business trip, a holiday with family or for your solo concert trip, you can take advantage of free walking tours. It doesn’t have to be time consuming (usually three hours are more than enough), but is free, educative, fun, inspiring and memorable.

If you aren’t on a tight budget, you can consider his source also for:

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– Family tours,

– Special wheelchair accessible activities,

– Booking transportation from the airport,

– Many many other options to spend quality time.

So, here’s your new way to think about your concert when you fly off to a new location. It need not be your only activity – let’s think hybrid! There are so many cool things to do in the world! For a smooth, no-hassle blended trip, don’t forget to book your tour before you depart for your journey. You can also bookmark this website to have it always easily accessible.

If you hate to queue, and who doesn’t? ‘Skip the Line tickets’ are for you. These tickets, to famous landmarks, are worth mentioning separately, as they not only save you time but will also save your sanity. Recently I was happy to complete the Colosseum tour in Rome, in just 90 minutes. I cannot find any good reason so many people waited for a half-day in endless lines to get inside the same Colosseum. It’s not saving at all, while the difference in price between a standard ticket and ‘Skip the Line’ ticket with the guide is maybe 20 euro. For me, they are not saving on standing in a crowd and waste half-day of precious holidays, waiting in an endless line. And I’m sure, most of those in line would agree. Maybe they just needed someone to inform them about the existence of GetYourGuide? Skip the Line tickets are especially useful in the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

So, remember, fusion is the secret to creativity. Combine what you love and see what comes up. And to help you on your way, I would like to suggest some other practical tools to plan your travel.

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I sincerely wish you the freedom to enjoy your favorite music in unique places, so be adventurous, and be creative!

author: Sam O’Black

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