An online ticketing system that could control ticket scalping


If you’re planning or preparing to run an event, organization is going to be a key to success. Without it, you’ll find yourself with a headache over here, problems over there, and not enough time in the day to take care of it all.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to an event is the admission. Not only will tickets present a variety of challenges in itself, there are going to be plenty of people taking advantage of these at your event. Having an effective online ticketing system can save your event from disaster.

Fake tickets will hurt your event goers’ experience when they’re told they can’t enter, it’ll hurt your reputation as an event organizer, and will cause issues among everyone involved. Not to mention the people trying to resell your tickets, all of which you won’t get any cut of.

The problem is real and it’s being experienced everyday, but now there’s a way to fix it!

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Technology continues to amaze us with all it can do. If you’re an event organizer and haven’t heard of 1Krowd yet, now is a great time to do so.

As facial recognition continues to find its way into many applications and daily uses, 1Krowd has found a way to utilize it with their online ticketing system. After all, what is better way to verify a ticket than with the actual face of the person that bought it?

When you post an event on 1Krowd website, whether it be a general admission event or a seated event, you will be given various tools and resources to simplify and enhance the ticketing experience — both for the consumer and organizer.

1Krowd is dedicated to doing two major things — putting an end to fake tickets and regulating ticket resellers. Let’s take a closer look at how 1Krowd will do that.

With technology today, the average person would have no trouble recreating a ticket and making it look as real as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s a paper ticket or an electronic ticket, there’s a way around everything.

If you want to stop people from entering your event for free, being able to verify the ticket holder by facial recognition will be the most accurate way of doing so. With 1Krowd, this feature will be added to your ticket automatically with no effort on your end thanks to their online ticketing system.

When a ticket is brought up to your staff, they’ll be able to use 1Krowd mobile app to accurately scan the event goers in. Once scanned, your staff will see their picture and will have an opportunity to verify them.


Fake tickets aren’t the only issue you’ll be dealt. Ticket scalpers end up buying tickets to your event just to sell them at a much higher face value at your event. Not only will it look bad having these people standing outside your event, but they’re blatantly making a profit off your event.

In order to stop them, 1Krowd’s online ticketing system with facial recognition will eliminate the ability to sell them to someone else. Even if they do, their picture will come up when the other person tries to get in.

In addition to that, 1Krowd actually offers a secondary marketplace where you can have others resell your tickets properly — meaning you get a cut of the sale. This is done by not allowing the tickets to be resold on StubHub, SeatGeek, or any other popular site.

If you want to effectively put an end to fake tickets and regulate ticket resellers in a way that you make money off it, 1Krowd is your one-stop solution.


Author: Sam O’Black