Opeth 17.06.2020


Get ready for upcoming Opeth’s world tour. Listen to their new songs, check out dates, explore and have fun!

We will put Opeth’s concerts in unique perspective of Copenhagen’s culture.

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Mick Box from Uriah Heep said in interview for Musictivity that Opeth deserves the induction to Rock’N’Roll Hall Of Fame in the future.


Current Opeth’s line-up:

– Mikael Åkerfeldt (guitars, vocals),

– Martín Méndez (bass),

– Martin Axenrot (drums),

– Fredrik Åkesson (guitars, backing vocals),

– Joakim Svalberg (keyboards).

source: Opeth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fc0pbZxlo8

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Below are Opeth’s dates. Find your city on the list below or plan an excellent trip to chosen destination. Further in this article, I will share with you some ideas how you could experience this event in an unforgettable way.

30.11.2019 Pune, India

02.12.2019 Shanghai, China

03.12.2019 Beijing, China

05.12.2019 Osaka,

06.12.2019 Tokyo, Japan

08.12.2019 Singapore

Torrensville, Australia

11.12.2019 Perth,

Melbourne, Australia

14.12.2019 Sydney,

15.12.2019 Brisbane, Australia

12.01.2020 Oslo, Norway

13.01.2020 Stockholm, Sweden

15.01.2020 Helsinki, Finland

13.02.2020 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

14.02.2020 Chicago, Illinois, USA

15.02.2020 Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

17.02.2020 Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

18.02.2020 Montreal, Canada

19.02.2020 Toronto, Canada

21.02.2020 New York, New York, USA

22.02.2020 New York, New York, USA

23.02.2020 Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

25.02.2020 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

26.02.2020 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

28.02.2020 Houston, Texas, USA

29.02.2020 Irving, Texas, USA

01.03.2020 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

02.03.2020 Denver, Colorado, USA

04.03.2020 Los Angeles, California, USA

06.06.2020 Malakasa (near Athens), Greece

17.06.2020 Copenhagen, Denmark

18.06.2020 Dessel, Belgium

20.08.2020 Compton Martin, England.


I can notice some similarity between Opeth and Therion. Both bands come from Stockholm and both started making music in the same period. Both are known for their creative death metal style which evolved later on to progressive, more sublime genre without frantic growling. However, Therion used to engage more orchestra and opera, while Opeth remained a gang of few metalheads. At the same time, Therion’s albums are easier to comprehend than Opeth’s masterpieces (Just compare “Sitra Ahra” or “Secret Of The Runes” with “Soreceress” or “Watershed”).

Different formulas, but a kind of similar way of developing from Swedish death metal. Opeth seems to have a little less experience with composing non-death metal music but maybe that’s even better? They are active on the metal scene for 30 years already and it’s cool to get still innovative music from Mikael Åkerfeldt & Co in 2019.


There are Opeth’s fans all over the world, so I can understand if somebody feels a need to attend an Opeth’s concert, but she/he cannot find her/his country on the list above. If that’s your case, I would recommend taking an amazing cultural trip to Copenhagen.

First, check the following video by Jonas Hoholt. I promise that it’s short, dynamic and attractive.

source: Jonas Høholt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oh0ccYabyU

I spent merely three full days in Copenhagen in August 2018. I remember my conversation with a Dutch family during a bike tour (by the way, it is one of the greatest tours which I ever experienced in my vibrant life).

https://www.getyourguide.com/copenhagen-l12/copenhagen-sightseeing-bike-tour-t182204/?partner_id=QL9T477&utm_medium=online_publisher&utm_source=poblak%40europe.com&placement=content-middle ).

I asked them about few details regarding current Dutch politics, but soon, they told me that they been on tour not only in Denmark but also in Sweden. In their opinion, Dutch lifestyle, approach towards world and life in general is very similar to Danish, but totally different from the Swedish. What’s up?


How could we briefly describe Danish lifestyle? Hygge. It may appear confusing, but Swedish endeavor to feel lagom and Dutchie lekker. We can say “ik ben lekker thuis” what in Nederland means nothing but hygge. While Danes tend to be modest, Dutch love kortings, discounts.

Hygge http://hyggehouse.com/hygge

Lagom https://www.bustle.com/p/what-does-lagom-mean-this-new-swedish-lifestyle-trend-is-being-compared-to-hygge-2701187

Lekker https://stuffdutchpeoplelike.com/2012/09/30/no-12-lekker/

Opeth behave modestly on scene. You can listen to Opeth and feel both lekker and hygge. But Opeth’s music isn’t lagom in a sense that they use abundance of musical means of expression and they experiment with standing out ideas. This music isn’t minimalistic but complex.

On the other hand, Denmark has powerful economy and politics. I used to whisper to my best friends: “why Euro (EUR)? Danish krone (DKK) is a save haven!” Do not believe me, I’m not a pro in this field, just check it independently. We can confidently say that in the world of modern sonic art, Opeth plays rich and powerful music.

Danish monarchy is the oldest continuing line in the world.

Some fascinating history:


Explore castles:


Danes love Margrethe II because (as you can see below) she is so close and so open to everybody (change of guards as a perfect example):

You have nothing
more to find.
You have nothing more to lose.
The cold
season drifts over the land.
They huddle in the brown corners.

Some would settle for less.
The castles were all empty,
Long awaiting their king.
Beckoning round the
Amidst the forest one would hear that I had been there.

Opeth “Karma”

Me in front of Christiansborg Palace (Danish Parliament, Danish Prime Minister’s Office, Supreme Court of Denmark) with beloved by either Dutchie and Danes bikes:

International mindset is the next thing common for the Netherlands (Amsterdam as the most international city in the world), Denmark and Opeth. “Sorreceress” will be released in two different languages, and the band will perform in many lands far away from home. Have you ever heard about Superkilen? Well, I went for two complete tours with local guides, and none of them have even mentioned Superkilen. It’s a surrealistic space dedicated for multi cultural internationalism. Yes, I made the following exotic picture in Copenhagen, Scandinavia. More about Superkilen:


In the end, because Opeth doesn’t want to be remembered as “thinking metal”, I would suggest planning a whole day for pure fun and enjoy the second oldest operating amusement park in the world: Tivoli! You just need to get out of central station in Copenhagen and cross the street from my picture displayed below. More about Tivoli:


Author: Sam O’Black