25 personal pictures from Iceland that you will not find in any guide


I’m happy to live in the land of fire and ice, among trolls and hidden people called Hulduf√≥lk (think: elves). We have here:

– volcanos,

– icebergs,

– black and pink beaches,

– waterfalls,

– geysers,

– fjords,

– lagoons,

– lava fields,

– endless mosses,

– spectacular landscapes.

All of these things are compelling for tourists and short – time visitors, while boring for most locals. “Our country is boring, better tell us something interesting about your country!” – used to say true Icelanders.

Read an interview with Icelandic rock band Ring of Gyges – we talk even more about living in Iceland.

Below 25 personal pictures from Iceland that you will not find in any guide.

Caution: Some picture might look brutal, although all of them are realistic.

Icelandic snow is so clean itself that you can mix it with food.

UFO doesn’t impress Icelanders – “just clouds”.

Typical Icelandic classroom with 3 chairs in the middle and a board behind students.

Icelanders experience often snow and sunny weather at the same time.

Snow means fun as long as you life in a country without snow.

Cosy restaurant, isolated with grass to keep you warm inside.

Contrary to popular beliefs, umbrella might be useful in Iceland.

New Year Eve 2020 by Hallgrímskirkja

Winter midnight in Reykjavik by Atlantic Ocean.

Grass is the best isolation, even for private homes in 2020.

Love the Icelandic skyline.

Just look from the window two minutes to midnight.

Monster cars look hilarious in Reykjavik, but are really useful in other parts of the country.

Get stuck in the snow during delivering bananas in Reykjavik.

Breathtaking view, despite there is nothing to watch.

Icelandic President lives here, seriously.

Icelandic horses are smaller than non-Icelandic horses, but they are NOT ponies.

Icelandic horses look awesome.

Reykjavik means literally “bay of smokes” in Icelandic language; there is no fire, just clouds.

Why this place is photogenic? Because this is a border between Europe and North America.

2 things which everybody have to try while in Iceland: learn the language and drink the Malt.

Let’s see, what a food can we find in local supermarket? What is it?

If head of ship makes you hungry, look also below.

I am not a serial killer! I am not a serial killer! This is just a food.

Thank you for watching my 25 personal pictures from Iceland.

Author: Sam O’Black