Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons


Phil Campbell is Phil Campbell. Welsh guitarist known for over 30 years playing in Motorhead (everything since “Orgasmatron”).

Lemmy passed in 2015.

Phil Campbell continues career with new musicians as Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons and also released new solo album in October 2019.

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I heard Motorhead for the first time around “Inferno” in 2004, and it’s my favorite album featuring Phil Campbell. I remember wearing T-shirt with “Inferno” cover in front and Lemmy + Phil Campbell + Mikkey Dee on the back. Rock’n’roll lives forever and Motorhead will stay with us until the resurrection of Jesus. But Motorhead cannot play new stuff without Lemmy. As simple as that. No Lemmy – no new Motorhead. These albums and concerts where Phil Campbell played on guitars are timeless and irreplaceable indeed because of Lemmy \m/

Motorhead’s drummer Mikkey Dee joined Scorpions in 2016.

Motorhead’s guitarist Phil Campbell is creating his own music. You know, nothing new – Bastard Sons album “The Age Of Absurdity” (2018) presents good, old school, ass kicking rock’n’roll with modern sound. Not really aggressive metal, definitely not soft shit, just traditional dynamic hard rock with proper riffs & groove. Listenable songs for all Motorhead fans.

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Young vocalist Neil Starr makes his job alright. He is a friend of Phil Campbell and he has no problem to perform in front of large audiences. I can say with confidence that Neil Starr doesn’t irritate, doesn’t try to copy Lemmy, doesn’t pretend fucking rock adolescent star. Perhaps there are some people who will never accept anybody else on vocal than Lemmy when Phil Campbell plays on guitar. I don’t care, for me, Neil Starr is ok. There are many melodies and catchy fragments on “The Age Of Absurdity” and Neil Starr sings that well. Just check out full Bastard Sons’ performance from Wacken Open Air 2016, so you will get what I’m talking about 🙂 It’s too long for embedding on Musictivity so grab your link and enjoy .

This is the official video clip to “Dark Days”, new material from Phil Campbell & Bastard Sons:

source: Nuclear Black Records

Nowhere to go
But I’m not looking back
Save me now before it’s too late

Different time, different place
Different shoes but I’m walking the same

Phil Campbell & Bastard Sons “Dark Days”

Phil Campbell will release his first solo (it’s something else than Bastard Sons) album “Old Lions Still Roar” on 25.10.2019 with Dee Snider on vocal. You can watch the trailer to this upcoming longplay here.

Let’s appreciate and buy “The Age of Absurdity”. You can also make pre – order of Phil Campbell’s solo “Old Lions Still Roar” (CD or LP). EMP is the largest on-line store with rock&metal merchandise in Europe, so also check out their 216 items of Motorhead.


Upcoming shows of Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons:

Eventim sells tickets for events in Europe.

April 16, 2020, Wolverhampton, UK

April 17, 2020, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

April 18, 2020, Leeds, UK

April 19, 2020, London, UK (second band: Michael Schenker Fest; Michael Schenker is a guitarist famous from Scorpions “Lonesome Crow” (1972) and “Lovedrive” (1979))

May 30, 2020, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

May 31, 2020, Lincoln, UK

July 10, 2020, Chelopech, Bulgaria

July 17, 2020, Maidstone, UK

July 18, 2020, Turku, Finland

July 26, 2020, Ebbw Yale (Wales), UK

October 2, 2020, Geiselwind, Germany

November 6, 2020, Great Yarmouth, UK

If you like to support the big family of Phil Campbell’s fans, please remember to book your accommodation each time using the link from the picture displayed below.

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London is one of these cities, where you don’t ask “what can I do here?” but you choose “what I want to do”. It depends on your preferences, but also on number of times that you and other people from your group have already visited London. Well, season is also a factor.

Around 9 million people live in London in 2019 on around 1,600 km^2. We can compare it to:

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Sidenote: If you go to London with the intention to see Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons on April 19, 2020, better prepare for hot temperatures, what stays in contradictions to popular stereotype about English weather; it might be rather a blossom spring!

I took some time to find the right video which encompasses contrasts in different London’s traits. It’s short and dynamic:

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Some of the greatest NWOBHM bands come from London:

– Iron Maiden,

– Praying Mantis,

– Angel Witch,

– Girlschool,

– Tank.

NWOBHM was strong in English capital 40 years ago. What happened with this scene since then? Young heavy metal band Primitai from London answers this question during an interview for Musictivity.

I’m aware that thousands of Motorhead fans will read that. So, I would like to use this opportunity to recommend few underrated but excellent young bands from London:

– Primitai,

– Seven Sisters,

– Amulet.

Give them a chance!

author: Sam O’Black