Primitai – interview

“We are a powerful melodic heavy metal band. We take all the things that made 80s metal great and combine it with a more modern production and an open mind to any other influences. To show you how this formula has worked, we can tell you we’ve been booked to play directly alongside bands like Sepultura, Saxon, Firewind, Death Angel, to name a few, even hair metal bands like Reckless Love and Crashdiet.”

guitist Srdjan from Primitai for Musictivity

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Hello. I’m going to publish this interview on Musictivity, which is not a one more factory of gazillion reviews and interviews but a website full of ideas how to use well time during traveling for blues/rock/metal concerts to other cities and countries.

Srdjan: Hi there and thanks for inviting us for the interview!

Alright, so Primitai is an English heavy/ thrash metal band created in 2003.

Srdjan: Primitai had its roots in 2003/2004 but the Primitai as it is known exists since 2009.

Could you tell us something about Primatai members?

Srdjan answered:

Jonny (drums) – probably the most faultless playing wise, he recorded all his parts for the album in 1 or 2 takes.

Scott (bass) –  most wild and energetic on stage; the real “road dog”, drives the van, “tour manager”.

Guy (vocals) – the iconic frontman of Primitai, his singing and looks make us stand out from all the other metal bands.

Sergio (guitars) – the perfectionist, agonises over every detail in his playing.

Srdjan (me) – I guess I’m the guy that lives and breathes 80s metal, hustles and blags for the bands gigs.


How is it to be a metalhead in England in XXI century?

Being a metalhead is a mixed experience here in England.  I think kids have fantastic resources here to try out being in a band because equipment is easier to come by here than in other countries. Bands from all over the world play here, so you can grow up seeing all your favourite bands. 

However there isn’t really much of a heavy metal music industry left in England. Yeah, handful of festival, but everything else is pure grassroots. That doesn’t include metalcore etc which is more of a contemporary trend.

Do you enjoy concert opportunities in cities where you live or do you need to travel?

Srdjan: We regularly play in our hometown London because here is the biggest concentration of concerts and we get invited to play every couple of months. 

However we make bigger focus on playing all over the country. 

We manage to get a tour every year or so supporting more established bands. This year 2019 we were out with Wolf from Sweden. 


source: Primitai Official

Could you tell us something interesting about your tours?

Srdjan: The most interesting tour we had was not long one but it involved playing in Wales, Holland and Germany in 3 days with 3 completely different bands. So it stretched out over thousands of miles. You know, we:

– played in the middle of the Welsh mountains with a Steel Panther tribute on a Friday night,

– drove back to London and caught a train at 7a.m. to Amsterdam, played an outdoor fest on Saturday with death metal bands and Crazytown (Butterfly),

– and then drove to Germany on Sunday and played a packed show with Swedish hard rockers Bullet.

It was demanding but we had fun! Beautiful summer weekend and we actually didn’t lose money!

The most spectacular show which you ever played?

Srdjan: That’s a hard one to chose… maybe Birmingham O2 Academy in 2017 as the biggest indoor venue, or High Voltage in 2011 as our favourites Judas Priest were headlining the venue… 

I guess we choose these shows which seems to be our biggest accomplishments.

Your current concert plans?

Srdjan: We have a couple of concerts to announce for 2020 but our main focus now is to get everything ready for the next album cycle, not just the music but all the promo material.

Check out and as we’ll play wherever we can.


source: Dissonance Productions

How do you feel with your discography? 

Srdjan: We’re very proud of it.

– “Through The Gates of Hell” (2007) is the raw angry debut,

– “The Line of Fire” (2010) is the breakout album,

– “Rise Again” (2013) was really successful,

– “Night Brings Insanity” (2016) is the most fun,

– “The Calling” (2018) is the most accomplished both in individual performance and as a band.

I have showed one song of young band Ring of Gyges to Mick Box from Uriah Heep recently during our interview.

Which song would you be proud to show your idols? Maybe who is the best figure in rock/metal history whom you would love to show your music?

Srdjan: I would have to pick a few songs to be fair for all guys who have contributed to our back catalogue:

– “Overdrive”,

– “Scream When You See Us”,

– “The Cannibal”,

– “Curse of Olympus”,

– “Black Rider”.

I’d really like Biff Byford of Saxon to hear our music.

Musicians from Saxon were always taking their favourite up and coming bands on tour and I’d hope they’d give us a chance. They play in big concert halls and their fans would love us.

What Musictivity readers are welcome to do after reading this interview?

Srdjan: Check out our videos on YouTube and listen to our back catalogue on iTunes or Spotify. 

And then please buy the physical copies! The new album looks beautiful on vinyl!

Thank you very much. The last word belongs to you 🙂

Srdjan: Thanks again for the support. Spread the word of Primitai and ask your local promoters and Fest to book us!

source: Primitai Official


Why is it a good idea to go for Iron Maiden concert 38 years after their best album? (Haha, you can disagree).

Srdjan: Well, I want to tell you that they have a really good sound engineer on this tour. They finally sound loud and powerful live as they should to!

I was always a bit disappointed watching them from 2008-2016. Maybe I just didn’t have luck in this period.

But when it comes to their newest Legacy tour, Iron Maiden gives best shows which I’ve ever seen. This it the first time when I feel desperate to see them again.

written by: Sam O’Black

answers by: Srdjan