Rage + Vienna 19.02.2020

Love it or hate it. Rage defines German power metal. They used to experiment with classic orchestra in the past, but nowadays, Rage is a trio \m/ Founder Peavy Wagner (vocals, bass), completed new line-up in 2015 with Greek Vassilios “Lucky” Maniatopoulos (drums) and Venezuelan Marcos Rodriguez (guitars). Their wild two studio albums “The Devil Strikes Again” (2016) and “Seasons Of The Black” (2017) represents traditional, raw power metal style with modern sound. Especially that the latter consisted of at least six old school songs from Avenger era added as a bonus tracks (previous incarnation of Rage, around 1984). Furthermore, we can expect a new pure metal album called “Wings Of Rage” in the beginning of next year 2020 (probably 10.01.2020). I hope to get the best stuff since “The Missing Link” (1993)… and it’s quite possible!

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We need to wait for next Rage concerts, so it’s a great opportunity to listen again to their best albums. Let me know what is your favorite Rage longplay? I personally appreciate mostly “The Missing Link” (1993) and “Black In Mind” (1995), but “The Devil Strikes Again” (2016) and “Seasons Of The Black” (2017) are great too.

Officially confirmed Rage’s thrilling dates (according to their website):

25.10.2019 Stans, Switzerland, UrRock 2019

07.12.2019 Balingen, Germany, Crazy X-mas

28.12.2019 Annweller, Germany, Hohenstaufensaal

29.12.2019 Andernach, Germany, Juz Live Club

05.02.2020 Mannheim, Germany, MS Connection Complex

06.02.2020 Hamburg, Germany

07.02.2020 Siegburg, Germany, Kubana

08.02.2020 London, UK, Underworld

11.02.2020 Madrid, Spain, Caracol

12.02.2020 Barcelona, Spain, Boveda

14.02.2020 Milan, Italy, Legend’s Club

15.02.2020 Memmingen, Germany, Kaminwerk

16.02.2020 Nuremberg, Germany, Hirsch

18.02.2020 Pratteln, Switzerland, Z7

19.02.2020 Vienna, Austria, Szene

20.02.2020 Kosice, Slovakia, Collosseum

21.02.2020 Zvolen, Slovakia, Dom Kultury ZSR

22.02.2020 Prague, Czech Republic, Nova Chmielnice

23.02.2020 Bochum, Germany, Zeche

More concerts will be announced soon 🙂

If you live in the proximity of one of mentioned venues then I recommend going there to get crazy and enjoy. Otherwise, you can take a trip to another city/country. I like the idea to wait for “Wings Of Rage”, listen to this new album, and after that, watch Rage on scene.

One of the most appealing cities for a music trip is Vienna, capital of Austria. Rage plays traditional power metal and Vienna is a city of traditions. Right? I would argue that it’s true, but my family laughs. Let me explain how it is.

I come from a musical family. My grandfather was an organist in church, my grandmother was a music teacher at school, grand aunt was an orchestra conductor, cousin was a singer in choir, father was a musician in army and mother graduated with classical music from University, but worked only few years as a classical music critic. My childhood was soaked in classical music, but also in other forms of high end arts. Albeit, nobody had ever pushed me to learn how to play on any instrument, my parents just decided that it’s unnecessary. I grew up with Metallica, Judas Priest and The Doors. Now I call these bands “traditional” if not “classical”.

Vienna is famous with Viener Klassik, three composers of classical period: Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven. Yeah. I don’t really understand why these men are the most supreme representatives of Vienna, but my Mom told me that other great composers from Vienna lived in other periods in music history. Alright, let’s say that we need to know names of these three “idols”. Below my pretty picture with the monument of Mozart in Vienna:

Vienna is considered as one of the most livable city in the world because people who live there appreciate other values than only money. There are plenty magnificent cultural venues and prices are really affordable. I stayed in a four stars hotel in Belvedere garden for 60 euros / night. I ate the best schnitzel in my life for 26,50 euros in a high end luxurious restaurant attended by celebrities from Vienna State Opera. I booked a fantastic and super informative walking tour with a fixed price of merely 17 euros. As you can see, perfect service for half the price which you need to pay for the same quality in many other European major cities.

Get your guide: https://www.getyourguide.com/s/?q=vienna&customerSearch=true&partner_id=QL9T477&utm_medium=online_publisher&utm_source=poblak%40europe.com&placement=content-middle&cmp=Rage

Rage “Seasons Of The Black” 2CD digipak now 7,99 euro

Some people claim that pastries are the best in Paris, others say that in Vienna or in Copenhagen. I tried pastries in each of these cities and Vienna wins hands down. I recommend especially Anker as a bakery which exists from 1891 and offers delicious, quite big pieces of cakes for around two euros each (you can eat on site or take away) https://www.ankerbrot.at/

Popular Ring Road (Ringstrasse) in Vienna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in theory, you can take a touristic tram along this street for ten euros. I did that and I was disappointed. Waste of time. It’s much better to explore this area step by step. It looks awesome! Too good for window watching. Cultural offer on the Ring Road is so rich that you probably would love to explore some buildings from inside https://www.viennadirect.com/sights/ring.php

The Vienna City Hall is a brilliant example of an architectural pearl located by Ring Rong though it was under re-construction in May 2019 (I’m not sure if it’s available to see in its full grace now) but I was able to take picture over there three years earlier. It’s my favorite building in Vienna. Friedrich Von Schmidt was a main architect of this outstanding neo gothic construction, and he also made a final project of the cathedral in Cologne (that’s why I love the city of Cologne in Germany).

Read more about Cologne.

Hofburg is another significant structure in Vienna. There are a lot of stories to explain about this and other unique sites, but it is supposed to be heard in person from an experienced guide. Now, I can only show you my gorgeous pictures of Hofburg:

I hope that traditional power metal will inspire you to experience the most traditional cities in Europe. Rage concert in Vienna can be an amazing opportunity to do that, so grab your tickets and go crazy with your new wings!

Author: Sam O’Black