There is no other. Rhiannon Giddens


Rhiannon Giddens is a unique folk / gospel / blues singer, a songwriter, a multi instrumentalist and an actress from North Carolina, USA (born 1977). Her band Carolina Chocolate Drops won the Grammy Awards for the best traditional folk album “Genuine Negro Jig” in 2011 (where Rhiannon sings and plays on banjo, fiddle/violin, kazoo/percussion).

Rhiannon Giddens is photogenic, so she performed in few films as a pretty actress; amongst others, in fifth and sixth season of American musical drama “Nashville”.

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Kazoo, they call it a percussion kind of instrument:

“There is No Other” is the newest longplay (released on May, 3th, 2019) featuring Rhiannon Giddens in cooperation with Francesco Turrisi from Turin, Italy.

We can read on Francesco’s official website: “A thrilling jazz improviser and early music adept, pianist/multi-instrumentalist Francesco Turrisi is a highly versatile musician. The music on his four CDs as leader and two as co-leader isn’t easy to define – drawing from early music counterpoint and bass ostinatos, evocative Mediterranean modal melodies and jazz improvisation. His ability to rework ancient melodies and rhythms through a contemporary jazz prism marks him out as one of the most striking voices to have emerged on the European jazz scene in the past decade – Ian Patterson.”

This is not a typical sound for Musictivity, but Rhiannon Giddens does not play typical music anyway.

Before writing this article, I made a research about upcoming concerts of different artists and fragments of her musical output made the best impression on me, so, then, I listened to entire “There is No Other” on Spotify and decided to share this pearl with you.

source: Rhiannon Giddens

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Check out the full list of upcoming Rhiannon Giddens concerts. Four among them will take place in the Carnegie Hall in New York City. I’ve written a comprehensive guide how to get from each among three bustling airports located in the proximity of NYC; it might be useful for you this time or another, so please check it out. If you have any other question regarding your traveling for concerts, Musictivity is here to guide you.

The main concept behind lyrics on “There is no other” are stories about secluded people. Although Rhiannon directly explains in interviews that she thought about slaves, I would place her lyrics in a broader context of current state of global job market.

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author: Sam O’Black