Riverside is a polish melancholic rock band with 7 innovative studio albums:

– “Out of Myself” (2003),

– “Second Life Syndrome” (2005),

– “Rapid Eye Movement” (2007),

– “Anno Domini High Definition” (2009),

– “Shrine of New Generation Slaves” (2013),

– “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” (2015),

– “Wasteland” (2018).

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source: InsideOutMusicTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ygv3BBqv3U

Leader, vocalist, guitarist and multi instrumentalist Mariusz Duda is also known from Lunatic Soul (as far 6 regular studio albums released between 2008 and 2018). The main musical difference between Riverside and Lunatic Soul is that there are less electronic samples in Riverside while Lunatic Soul is more “ambient” (electronic, atmosphere, oriental motives).


According to official Riverside website, you can see them live in 2020 in the following cities/countries:

February 26, 2020, Madrid, Spain

February 27, 2020, Barcelona, Spain

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February 29, 2020, Milan, Italy

March 1, 2020, Roncade, Italy

March 3, 2020, Ljubljana, Slovenia

March 5, 2020, Zagreb, Croatia

March 6, 2020, Novi Sad, Serbia

March 7, 2020, Thessaloniki, Greece

March 8, 2020, Athens, Greece

March 10, 2020, Istanbul, Turkey

March 11, 2020, Sofia, Bulgaria

March 12, 2020, Bucarest, Romania

March 13, 2020, Cluj – Napoca, Romania

March 15, 2020, Budapest, Hungary

March 27, 2020, Tampa, Florida, USA

April 2, 2020, Mexico City, Mexico

April 4, 2020, Guadalajara, Mexico

April 7, 2020, Santiago, Chile

April 9, 2020, Sao Paulo, Brazil

April 16, 2020, Wroclaw, Poland

April 17, 2020, Gliwice, Poland

April 18, 2020, Cracow, Poland

April 19, 2020, Warsaw, Poland

April 25, 2020, Danzig, Poland

April 26, 2020, Poznań, Poland


So many fantastic cities, it might be difficult for you to choose one, hey? Where would you go to watch a concert of Riverside? Maybe somewhere by the river? Some charming canals? No Amsterdam, no Venice… What about my favorite Italian city ever – Milan? They had canals in the past as well (now, there exist only small fragments of previously large net of canals in Milan).

I do not write this article to argue that one city or one country is more interesting than another. Each country in Europe has its own fascinating and unique culture, history, cuisine, architecture. You simply won’t choose wrong wherever you decide to go for a Riverside show. Perhaps one of these destinations is closer to your home and it makes perfect sense for you to commute just there.

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Traveling is always a luxurious privilege. If you want to try some fashion, forget about Parisian Champs-Élysées, Riverside didn’t include France in his tour calendar for 2020 yet. The world center of man fashion is somewhere else – Via Monte Napoleone, Milan, Italy.

Europe’s most expensive upscale shopping street is located in Quadrilatero della moda district. You can find dozens jewelery salons and boutiques of the best fashion designers ever e.g. Calvin Klein, Scappino, Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and the king of luxury Armani. Celebrities from all around the world do shopping exactly in this splendid area.

You can buy the same fashion in outlets which Italy is also famous for. Serravalle Outlet is the biggest one (170 stores). Distance from Milan to Serravalle is 100km, but you may use convenient transportation arranged by a tourist agency. The price for a two – way ticket is 20 euros, and it’s a good deal because there are usually 30% – 70% discounts.


Central point of Milan is Piaza del Duomo with:

– magnificant Duomo (cathedral with fantastic panorama view from the roof),

– gallery Vittoro Emmanuele II (symbol of united Italy and the oldest shopping mall in the world; inside is also a super expensive hotel, and an amazing, extensive and interactive museum of Leonardo da Vinci),

– monument of Vittoro Emmanuele II (born in Turin in 1820, reigned over Sardinia between 1849 and 1861 and finally united Italy in 1861 as the first king of the entire country),

– Teatro Alla Scala (leading opera and ballet theatres in the world).

source: Volovisione https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emy30s_OVl4

Did you know that famous Filipino fast food chain Jolibee also serves delicious meals in Italy? The only one, Italiano Jolibee is located in Milan, exactly in the building presented at 1:59 min in the video above (very close to Duomo). I have seen a huge crowd of Pinoys inside there!

Brera is the main artistic district of Milan. You can find Pinacoteca di Brera there, which is the main public gallery for paintings in Milan. It is supposed to be on your bucket list whenever you go to Milan.

Watch out for a green, yellow and red needle – it’s a symbol of Milanese public transportation.

I would add to the must-see/must-do list of Milan:

– Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology (the largest museum of its kind in Italy with a collection of 16 000 technical – scientific objects),

– Castello Sforzesco (citadel and castle in the past, group of museums with art masterpieces now),

– church Santa Maria delle Grazie in sake of “Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci (please buy only reliable tickets, on-line and two months in advance; tickets available in front of the church are oftentimes fake),

– Navigli (music clubs, charming cafes/restaurant gardens by 5km long canal).

Navigli is pleasantly lit after sunset. If you like alternative, unique places, you can try Cox18 in Via Conchetta 18, Navigli – stylish squat with political meetings and underground concerts. But if you prefer a more casual venue, let’s check Trattoria Madonnina – a restaurant with delicious traditional Milanese dishes.

Don’t forget to use your time in Milan. Take this guided bike ride through Milan and see the city’s most popular sites as well as areas that are not on regular tour routes. Visit an aristocratic residential area, and stop at a typical bar for coffee, homemade ice cream, or a Milanese cocktail.


Watch your wallet! Not because love means empty one haha, but because there are pickpockets in most touristic spots of Italy. Always beware and use your common sense, take care of your belongings.

People in Milan often do not speak English at all, so you need to be well organized.

Check out on-line how to use metro / subway before your journey, and how to get from/to the airport.

The last day of February might be already hot, and Milan is actually one of the hottest places in entire Italy with very dry air.

Anyway, I wish you full joy during and around the time of Riverside concert! Do not miss the best experiences available for you. You can still buy your tickets!

author: Sam O’Black

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