Scorpions and Whitesnake

Scorpions and Whitesnake together in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Singapore!

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What does Scorpions mean to you? Did you grow up listening to “Taken By Force”, or did you sell your smartphone which you got from your parents as a gift during your second sacrament to secretly slither into “Get Your Sting And Blackout World Tour”? Or maybe you just listen to great music regardless of time and place? I can imagine that you love Scorpions because “When You Came Into My Life” is the best song which you ever heard (why not?).

I want to share with you how it was in my case. It’s a personal confession. This story shouldn’t ever fly out from my head, same like a bill from an ATM with name and account balance shouldn’t ever be left in public space.

Metallica “St. Anger” is the most popular longplay in my collection.

Wait, let me explain why. I was a thirteen years old polite pupil attending public school somewhere in Eastern Europe. My best mate gave me this new Metallica, and it was actually first rock/metal album which I heard. I was hooked. Six consecutive months nothing, but new Metallica. Believe it or not, it changed my life.

Steal the time, take a song and be glad
Be free as the birds, don’t be sad
Your time will come, I’ll make you feel it
You’re still young like the sun after rain
Follow the light it’s not in vain
And you will see I’ll touch your feelings

You’ve got your songs
They are everyday for awhile
Just the only way to feel all right

(Scorpions “Born To Touch Your Feelings”)

Nowadays, I still appreciate Metallica, but I wouldn’t call them my favorite band. All of this is perfectly fine. My musical taste changed and evolved during the last fifteen years. Similarly, Rudolf Schenker’s musical taste changed and evolved during the last fifty – five years. You are also welcome to listen to any song which you enjoy, regardless of someone else’s opinion. It can be a very personal process, and exactly just because it doesn’t matter to the universe, it should to be your free choice.

Later on, I moved to another city two hundred kilometers away, but I stayed in contact with my good friend. I went to a local music library, signed up and borrowed Scorpions “Lovedrive” CD for three days. Once I finished listening to Scorpions for the first time in my entire life, the contact between me and the classmate broke. He got a penalty from his parents for something I don’t know about (haha, scamp) and lost access to media. Then I came back to Metallica, but after the next three months I listed to “Lovedrive” again. And once the album finished, I reached for my old – fashioned Alcatel and noticed SMS from my friend. Crazy! That’s what Scorpions mean to me.


Be glad that Scorpions didn’t disappear. They planned to finish few years ago but it’s like in this joke: “if you think that you finish, think twice, maybe you [are] Danish or Swedish”.

Scorpions together with another hard rock legend Whitesnake will perform in following places and dates:

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020, Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, Australia

Monday, February 24th, 2020, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia

Thursday, February 27th, 2020, Spark Arena, Auckland, New Zealand

Sunday, March 1st, 2020, Kridosono Stadium, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020, Fort Canning Park, Singapore


source: Frontiers Music srl


Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and Singapore seem to be obvious concert destinations for Scorpions and Whitesnake, but what about Yogyakarta? This city is far away from Jakarta, far away from Bali…

me take you far away
You’d like a holiday

Scorpions “Holidays”

Yogyakarta is allegedly the cultural capital of Indonesia. I’ve written allegedly because I’ve never heard about Yogyakarta. Well, so I carried out research. Check it out!!!

source: Grahame Lockey

Author: Sam O’Black