Symphonic metal urgently needs a new touch

Check out the interview with Dream Ocean because they declare to develop new chapter in symphonic metal with their upcoming new music and European Tour 2020!

source: Dream Ocean


Dream Ocean released debut album “Lost Love Symphony” in February 2018.

Başak: Wow! It’s nice to talk about this after almost 2 years. Thanks for having us!

How was this album created?

Başak: Well, I and OzKhan prepared the songs and recorded them in Turkey. Back then we had no keyboarder. We wanted to have some master hands on keyboards and orchestrations so we engaged Joost van den Broek from After Forever and Ruben Wigga from Revamp.

What is the main idea behind this music?

Başak: The main idea was to create a magical atmosphere and share a love story. Unfortunately, a dying love’s story, which have a chance to revive in the end of the album.

Are you satisfied with feedback from fans and critics?

Başak: We’re very satisfied with the feedback! We got no bad feedbacks although nowadays reaching out to the right audience is very hard.


I’ve noticed on your official website that Dream Ocean’s line-up features young and very well educated people.

Başak: Yes, we have good musicians on board and we consider ourselves to be lucky. Everybody is trained in music schools and privately. We even conduct voice/instruments lessons for others.

Could you tell me please something more about each member?

Başak: Sebastian (bass), Tim (keyboard) and Marcus (drums) are the German members of our band and they all learned their craft in Germany. I (singer) and OzKhan (guitar) come from Turkey and we started our musical way in Turkey. Marcelo (guitar) is the newest band member from Brazil. All of us have met somehow each other in Germany and we continue here our music careers.

Who is the main composer?

Başak: In our first album “Lost Love Symphony” most of the songs are composed and all album’s lyrics written by me and OzKhan. Besides composing songs, he also made a lot of arrangements.

At the moment me and OzKhan are writing songs also with Sebastian (I’m writing lyrics). The difference is that this time compositions and arrangements are mostly creating by Sebastian.

Of course, when a song starts to shape, everyone takes part in creating own lines and has impact on final composition.

What was the most exciting event in the history of Dream Ocean?

Başak: We got to play with Children of Bodom and Epica once in Istanbul. That was very exciting for us!

However the MOST exciting series of event was: moving to Germany, starting all over, finding new musicians and finally releasing our first album!


How do you feel in Germany? Did you find Cologne a welcoming city and easy to navigate?

OzKhan: Well… Actually only Başak have been living in Germany while I’ve been living in Wien. I can say: yes. we like Germany very much. It’s a very welcoming country for musicians and people from all over the world.

I can imagine that symphonic metal sounds the best in big concert halls with proper acoustic quality. Where would you like to play mostly if you could choose any concert hall in the world?

Sebastian: That‘s a tough question… There are many great locations in wonderful cities around the world. My personal wish would be a performance with an actual orchestra in the Royal Albert Hall in London.

What are your main music inspirations?

Başak: There are few different styles of music which we enjoy. Not only metal but also funk and 80s/90s pop. I think that our inspiration is a mix of them with a large part of metal music like:

– Amaranthe,

– Epica,

– Nightwish,

– Within Temptation.

What about Therion? Do you prefer Nightwish than Therion?

Tim: We prefer Nightwish. I don’t know many songs of Therion while Nightwish was one of the first metal bands which I ever heard.


Do you like when bands change their music drastically?

Tim: Of course it depends on how it changes. If there are new and good ideas in music, then sure I like it. I prefer to hear fresh music on new albums instead of new songs which sounds like the old ones.

Contemporary classical musicians aren’t always keen to create innovative music. Do you see Dream Ocean as innovators or do you rather prefer to follow best practices of symphonic metal music?

Sebastian: Symphonic metal urgently needs a new touch! During the last 20 years it only partially and slowly developed. We want to include more influences from other metal subgenres and, at the same time, completely other touches to it. Of course it still needs the symphonic character, so our „weapons“ are predefined. But we don‘t want to be limited by this. Stay tuned for what is to come!

What are your plans and dreams for the future? Tournee? Next album?

Marcelo: Our plan is to start European Tour in the next year to promote our new EP which will be released soon. In parallel we will start to work over new songs to record new full length album also in the next year. EP will indicate well the taste of longplay.

Could you reveal please how will sound new music of Dream Ocean?

Başak: This time we have aggressive guitars and darker sound. The storyline and concept artworks will be darker.

Crossed fingers for your plans! Thank you very much for the interview.

Thanks for having us. We are still preparing our second album and so far it sounds very different than the first one. We are really excited about it! Soon we will share it with our listeners. Stay tuned!

written by: Sam O’Black, Dream Ocean