System of a Down in Austria from Hungarian perspective


Hi there,

My name is Alex, and I live in Hungary. In this letter, I’m gonna tell you my very first experience with a Rock Festival outside my country.

How was your Rock Festival abroad?

The whole story began last year when my friends told me about the Nova Rock Festival in Austria. I’m a big System of a Down fan, and this was the first time in my life when I could see them live. For sure, I wouldn’t miss it. The tickets were in my „virtual” pocket already in January. The hardest part was to wait 5 more months.

We’ve decided to play cards in a train during the way to concert.

We’ve decided to travel there by public transport.

Driving a car always takes out a person from the team, and we love playing board games/card games during the long road. From all of our opportunities, we’ve chosen the international train to reach our destination.

The road trip took about 3-4 hours, but we didn’t even notice it.

The first thing you’ll experience when you arrive at the Nova Rock Festival is that by every meter you will hear different people speaking different languages. This is a huge international „party”, where people are coming from all around the world (at least all around Europe). The place is huge, with lots of stages, therefore they are far away from each other. Besides this, you can find hundreds of food caravans.

Tent’ time during festival.

Most people bring their tent to live in. So did we. It’s worthy to arrive early on the first day – if you have the opportunity – because the place gets early full of Rock&Metal fans. We’ve found a good place under a tree, which is helpful during Summer when outside is 40 Celsius (104F).

I’ve been wondering – is it worth to bring a cooler with ourselves? But in the caravans, you can find all that you need. Is it expensive to get your food and drink there? Well, it’s not as cheap, as if you would buy it from a supermarket, but I wouldn’t say, that it is too expensive. I’ve spent about 200-300 Euro in those 3 days, but if you start sparing during the year, it makes your life much easier.

The first day ran fast. We’ve looked around, discovered the place and stopped at some concerts, which sounded interesting. For sure in the evening you won’t go to sleep at 9 PM. There are thousands of people, some are talented in music. In the night they started playing guitar and drums. Others were singing. You know, when somewhere music turns up, a lot of positive energy generates, and this brings even strangers together. This is what happened to us too. I am a singer, so if there’s music around me, you can be sure, that I’ll be there. Some guys from Poland and Germany started to play 80’s Rock music, which is my favorite genre. I’m not that kind of shy person, so I started to sing among them. The vibe was all around us. We went to sleep at 4 AM the next day, but some of them were still enjoying the music.

Traditional Wiener-Schnitzel.

On the second day, we’ve started with a tasty Wiener-Schnitzel. If you ever take a tour of Austria, you must try it. This is their traditional food, and I bet, that you cannot find this anywhere else, then in Austria. During the morning period, we’ve tried to wake up, as we’ve slept about 4 hours.

Until lunchtime, we’ve played some board games and we’ve met our new musician friends.

When we’ve got hungry – hungry from Hungary: this is a common joke, what we Hungarians face -, found a food-caravan, which offered a huge surprise to us. They were Hungarians selling original, traditional Hungarian food.

Hungry from Hungary: Gulyas.

When you ask a stranger about the first word known in Hungarian, you can be sure, that it will be the Gulyás. This is one of those things that made us famous around the world. I bought 2 portions of Gulyás.

We have a saying in Hungary: „Hungarian people don’t talk while they eat.” – This means, that the food is so tasty, you can’t even say a word. Well, there was a huge silence among us, whilst we’ve been eating lunch.

During the afternoon we’ve stopped at some concerts, but we’ve become so good friends with Marek (from Poland) and Marvin (from Germany), that we’ve made our concert somewhere outside the camp. Lots of people joined us. Honestly, this was the coolest experience I’ve ever had on a festival. Okay, besides what came in the evening. System of a Down.

System of a Down live in Austria, Nova Festival, source: Matej miklavčič

If you ever think, you’ve attended an extremely good concert, visit a System of a Down, and tell me your opinion later.

Serj has a so unique voice, and they all together made a concert, where you could forget about all your problems for a while. I wish, I could tell you more about it, but I was in ecstasy.

The next day (we’ve left on this day, cause one of my friends traveled the next day to Greece) we’ve invited our friends to Hegyeshalom (Hungary), which is about 15 km far from the festival.

There is a famous restaurant, called Paprika Csárda. We wanted to show them another famous food: Töltött káposzta – in English you call it crambe or stuffed cabbage. They are the only ones, who cook this dish exactly with the same taste as it tastes in Transylvania.

If you don’t know it, Transylvania was part of Hungary until 1920. Now it’s part of Romania, but most of them are still Hungarian. Their words after the lunch: „Man, I wish I could be Hungarian. You have so tasty dishes!”.

When we’ve finished, they brought us back to the festival. We’ve spent there another 2-3 hours, then we had to say goodbye. It was hard, cause this was one of my best experiences ever.

On the train, we’ve slept, and only near Budapest woke up.

This year I have bought already the tickets, and this time I’ll stay for the whole 4 days period.

If you’d like to attend the world’s best Metal&Rock Festival ever – at least, in my opinion, it’s the best -, I suggest you buy your tickets now.

Thanks for reading my letter. I hope, you’ve enjoyed my memory from watching System of a Down.