HammerFall + Antwerp 05.02.2020

Swedish HammerFall just released new heavy metal album called “Dominion” and is going to promote this longplay all over the world. According to band, “Dominion” is fresh, energetic and epic. I would add that it also sounds like solid heavy metal ought to nowadays. In my opinion Interesting compositions which hell bent for leather and traditionally heavy guitar parties are main outstanding elements of “Dominion”.

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Here you can watch an official excellent video clip “(We Make) Sweden Rock”, posted on YouTube by Napalm Records \m/ Maybe that’s only me, but I noticed slight Byff Byford’s (Saxon) influence in Joacim Cans’es manner in this song 😉 Generally don’t expect next “Legacy Of Kings”, but it’s a pure heavy fuckin’ metal with perfect proportion of melody and power.

Let the hammer fall in following countries:

Colombia 31.08.2019 – 05.09.2019

USA 07.09.2019 – 10.09.2019

Japan 15.09.2019

USA 04.10.2019 – 15.10.2019

Canada 16.10.2019 – 19.10.2019

USA 21.10.2019 – 27.10.2019

Canada 29.10.2019 – 31.10.2019

USA 01.11.2019 – 05.11.2019

Mexico 30.11.2019

Germany 30.01.2019 – 02.02.2019

Netherlands 03.02.2019

Belgium 05.02.2020

Germany 06.02.2020 – 08.02.2020

Italy 09.02.2020

Germany 11.02.2020 – 12.02.2020

Czech Republic 13.02.2020

Germany 14.02.2020 – 15.02.2020

Switzerland 16.02.2020

Poland 18.02.2020 – 19.02.2020

Hungary 20.02.2020

Austria 21.02.2020 – 22.02.2020

Germany 23.02.2020

More useful details: https://www.hammerfall.net/?navigation=tour

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So we can see soon HammerFall in Colombia, USA, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary and Austria. Get ready for this event, listen to “Dominium” and prepare your cool T-shirt beforehand to feel a part of global HammerFall family.

Finnish heavy metal band with singing lady Battle Beast will perform as a support. It’s a great idea to always inquire with music of supporting bands before going for any gig, so below you can watch an official video from Nuclear Blast Records. I like this song “Black Ninja”, yeah this one is really ok. They use more keyboards on the newest album “No More Hollywood Endings” (2019).

Buy your ticket here http://tidd.ly/c98742f6

If you live in region out of HammerFall schedule, I would recommend to take a well planned trip to the beautiful Belgium. HammerFall will perform in Antwerp (the second largest city after Bruxelles) but if you are interested in sightseeing then it’s better for you to book a hotel in Ghent instead. This region is famous for charming towns like Ghent, Brugge, Antwerp and Bruxelles. Ghent lies in the middle of them so it would be easier for you to commute. You can get from the Bruxelles International Airport BRU to Ghent with direct train in less than 90 minutes. TravelDudesTV presents inspiring video about this region. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSd8HjsfETs

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Places to see in Bruxelles: Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Grand Palace, Constantin Meunier Museum, Mini – Europe, Luxembourg Square, Royal Museum of the Armed Forces etc

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Places to see in Antwerp: MAS Museum, Antwerpe Central Station, City Hall, Rubenshuis, Chocolate Nation Museum, Red Star Museum, Antwerp’s Port, Steen Castle, Kloosterstraat etc

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Places to see in Ghent: Korenmarkt Square, Belfry and Cloth Hall, Patershol neighborhood, Gravensteen Castle, Graslei and Korenlei quay etc

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Places to see in Brugge: Historic Centre of Brugge, The Markt Square, Groeningmuseum, Rozenhoedkaai, Historium Brugge, Friet Museum etc

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author: Sam O’Black

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