Bryan Adams + Milan 15.12.2019

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Bryan Adams will visit Europe during his Shine A Light tour in November and December 2019. He will promote his pop rock album “Shine A Light” (which was released in March 2019) but you can expect to hear also most famous Bryan’s songs such as “Heaven”, “Summer of ’69” or “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” to recall just a few which he played during American part of the same tour. At the moment I can see on his official website fifteen concerts planned in Austria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy. I don’t know about any chances to see Bryan Adams in the future in European countries situated more north. My advise is to plan an active trip instead of passive waiting because it could only add extra value to your music experience. Get your guide

I do not write this article to argue that one city or one country is more interesting than another. Each country in Europe has own fascinating and unique culture, history, cuisine, architecture. You simply won’t choose wrong wherever you decide to go for Bryan Adams show. Perhaps one of these destinations is closer to your home and it makes perfect sense for you to commute just there. I wish Bryan Adams unforgettable atmosphere on his concerts and loyal public always ready to go extra mile seems to be a key to success here.

Cover of “Shine A Light” album depict a left profile of shaved naked man with trendy hairstyle (supposedly Bryan Adams). We can see him only as a bust sculpture so we don’t know yet if he is totally naked and German designer Dirk Rudolph probably didn’t want him to be. Red color of his skin is very intense emotionally: desire, love, passion, but also feeling of danger. Nobody has natural red skin so probably there is kind of artificial source of light as a metaphor of inner energy which can be extremely positive but demands high end awareness from us.

Let’s think about how can we dress the hero from “Shine A Light” cover (or even how can we dress Bryan Adams?). It may be a challenge. I have never dressed anybody. Well, I would prefer to invite him to the world class top expert in fashion industry. Forget about Parisian Champs-Élysées, Bryan Adams didn’t include France in his European tour calendar yet. The world center of man fashion is somewhere else – Via Monte Napoleone, Milan, Italy.

Europe’s most expensive upscale shopping street is located in Quadrilatero della moda district. You can find there dozens jewelry salons and boutiques of the best fashion designers ever e.g. Calvin Klein, Scappino, Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and the king of luxury Armani. Celebrities from all around the world make shopping exactly in this splendid area.

You can buy the same fashion in outlets which Italy are also famous for. Serravalle Outlet is the biggest one (170 stores). Distance from Milan to Serravalle is 100km but you may use convenient transportation arranged by tourist agency. Price for two way ticket is 20 euro and it’s a good deal because there are usually 30% – 70% discounts.

Milan is sometimes called the business capital of whole Italy and some tourists appreciate lakes in Lombardy more than the Lombard’s capital itself. Of course (the largest lake in Italy) Garda, Maggiore or Como are excellent spots to spend relaxing day with friends and family but remember that average temperature in December is only slightly over zero over there. Therefore I would highly recommend to inquire about cultural opportunities in Milan. Turns out that this offer is abundant and can make your time.

Let’s drive your true Ferrari. ‘Get behind the wheel of a high performance Ferrari supercar and accelerate on the amazing superhighway that links Milan to the Swiss Alps. Speed through Ayrton Senna’s favorite tunnel and listen to the iconic roar of the Prancing Horse!”

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Central point of Milan is Piaza del Duomo with magnificant Duomo (cathedral with fantastic panorama view from the roof), Vittoro Emmanuele II (majestic and the oldest active shopping mall in Italy with excellent restaurants and fashion boutiques) and Teatro Alla Scala (leading opera and ballet theatres in the world). I would add to the must-see/must-do list of Milan also Pinacoteca di Brera (the main public gallery for paintings in Milan), Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology (the largest museum of its kind in Italy with collection of 16 000 technical – scientific objects) and Castello Sforzesco (citadel and castle in the past, group of museums with art masterpieces now). Italiano friends of mine could rebuke me that I forgot here about watching Leonardo Da Vinci “Last Supper”, eating ossobuco and so on. You can enjoy all of this & much more regardless of weather outside so Milan is really worth to consider as a perfect city for creative holidays in December. Don’t forget to use your time effectively if you go there for Bryan Adams show.

Take a guided bike ride through Milan and see the city’s most popular sites as well as areas that are not on regular tour routes. Visit an aristocratic residential area, and stop at a typical bar for coffee, homemade ice cream, or a Milanese cocktail.

I need to mention separately about Navigli, the best area of Milan for partygoers. You can find there music clubs and cafe/restaurant gardens in front of fifty kilometers long canal. This place is pleasant lit after sunset, exactly as Bryan Adams loves. If you like alternative, unique places, you can try Cox18 in Via Conchetta 18, Navigli – stylish squat with political meetings and underground concerts. But if you prefer more casual venue, let’s check Trattoria Madonnina – restaurant with delicious traditional Milanese dishes.

When it comes to dangerous side of man depicted on “Shine A Light” cover, well, watch your wallet! Not because love means empty one haha but because there are pickpockets in most touristic spots of Italy. Always beware and use your common sense, take care of your belongings. People in Milan often do not speak English at all so you need to be well organised. Check out on-line how to use metro / subway before your journey and how to get from/to the airport.

Bryan Adams will perform in Mediolanum Forum. It’s an indoor sports arena located around ten kilometers from Duomo, in small town Assago which belongs to the Metropolitan City of Milan. You can get there with metro/subway.

Anyway, I wish you full joy during and around the time of Bryan Adams concert! Do not miss the best experiences available to you!

author: Sam O’Black

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