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This article is one of the most successful articles published on Musictivity. Therefore I’ve decided to update its content but not to rewrite. You can find below a list of upcoming Jethro Tull’s concert dates however it’s always highly recommended to compare it out with the official Jethro Tull’s website:

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I used to live over two years in the Netherlands. Beautifully maintained, hyper dynamic and extremely eventful place to spend the best youth years. As adolescent hippy moving from town to town, sleeping anywhere, eating anything and biking more than walking, I had got a chance to know deeply whole Holland and North Brabant. I can tell you one thing: reckless life can be very happy life. What else is more important in human existence than happiness? No surprise that the Netherlands is the most international country all over the world. But when it comes to leisure traveling, can we call the Netherlands an undertouristic country? Hey, everybody fly to Amsterdam for leisure! Straight from Schiphol to Rijksmuseum! There are so many visitors that locals feel pressure to move to suburbs due to huge costs of accomodation. Around 18 million people traveled to Amsterdam last year and estimated number of tourists by 2025 is as huge as 30 million. But all tourists go to Mokum instead of exploring other parts of the Netherlands. And this is one of major Dutch problems thick as a brick.

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Jethro Tull are smart. They went to Heerlen, Haarlem and Utrecht in October 2019 during Jethro Tull 50th Anniversary Tour Europe. The audience was instructed: “Please be ready in your seats before start; you don’t need to fasten any seat belts and is better to leave mind open for unexpected events. Band will give spectacular show”.

There are plenty videos available on YouTube with Jethro Tull performing their anniversary concerts.

source: Tadeusz Cycon


03.11.2019 Padova, Italy

04.11.2019 Milan, Italy

05.11.2019 Firenze, Italy

07.11.2019 Rome, Italy

19.11.2019 Rostock, Germany

20.11.2019 Hamburg, Germany

22.11.2019 Magdeburg, Germany

23.11.2019 Berlin, Germany

29.11.2019 Arnstadt, Germany

30.11.2019 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

06.12.2019 Wakefield, England

07.12.2019 Ripon, England

13.12.2019 Wells, England

28.02.2020 Barcelona, Spain

29.02.2020 Madrid, Spain

13.03.2020 Helsinki, Finland

14.03.2020 Turku, Finland

15.03.2020 Tampere, Finland

27.04.2020 Moscow, Russia

28.04.2020 Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

30.04.2020 St Petersburg, Russia

18.07.2020 Schwerin, Germany

24.07.2020 Dresden, Germany

25.07.2020 Leipzig, Germany

08.08.2020 Salzgitter-Salder, Germany

23.08.2020 Mönchengladbach, Germany

16.11.2020 Ostrava, Czech

17.11.2020 Brno, Czech

18.11.2020 Prague, Czech

26.11.2020 Lugano, Switzerland

I like how this music interfere with my mundane worries. Even if Ian Anderson isn’t a poet, his expressions free up my ability to take control over my mood. I don’t have enough experience with folk to assess role of flute in this genre but it is an unique instrument for famous rock band anyway. I think that general Jethro Tull’s approach to composition is unique and extraordinary creative. I can appreciate that.


Alright. Let’s say that you decide to take a journey to the Netherlands, see something else than Amsterdam and follow the way of Jethro Tull. What exactly can you expect over there? Well, you don’t need to completely resign from sightseeing Amsterdam as distance between these four cities is short:

– Amsterdam – Heerlen 213km,

– Amsterdam – Utrecht 43km,

– Amsterdam – Haarlem 30km.

Check on how easy it is to commute from point A to point B in the Netherlands.

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Heerlen (86 000 inhabitants) is different than stereotypical Netherlands because it’s actually located on a hill. You can find there two impressive casltes: Hoensbroek Castle (Hoensbroek is separate town just 8km from Heerlen) which is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands (XIV century) and Ter Worm Castle (XVII century) Perhaps you will be interested in exploring also Weltermolen watermill, probably from XIV century, which doesn’t look at all like Dutch windmill. Thorn is a must-see village in Haarlen proximity with old white houses and monuments; check historical objects in Gemeentemuseum Land van Thorn

Heerlen, Kerkrade, Landgraaf, Brunssum, Simpelveld, Voerendaal, Nuth and Onderbanken are towns in south Limburg province which cooperate together from 1999 in form of Parkstad Limburg (with Heerlen as its social center) to invite both tourists and investors from abroad. They run many sport (such as “the largest indoor ski slope in the world”), environmental (i.e. “the most innovative and modern zoo in Europe”), infrastructural (i.e. “nostalgic steam train”), and cultural projects (i.e. “first design museum in the Netherlands”) making Parkstad “the fastest growing tourist destination in the Netherlands” according to Check short video which summarize results of this actions:

source: Visit Zuid-Limburg


Utrecht (345 000 inhabitants) is located almost exactly in the middle of the Netherlands. However this city doesn’t belong to Holland as Holland consists of only two among twelve dutch provinces. Utrecht is gorgeous, full of culture and history. Lonely Planet includes Utrecht in the top 10 of the world’s “unsung” places. I recommend a visit in the largest castle in the Netherlands called Kasteel de Haar.

source: Nick de Kruijk

You can find the oldest dutch art city collection in Centraal Museum Utrecht, located at Agnietenstraat 1 Prominent painters from Utrecht: Melchior d’Hondecoeter (1636-1695; birds, parks), Dirck van der Burg (1721-1773; Caravaggist; towns, castles, portraits), Theo van Doesburg (1883 – 1931; leader of De Stijl, art movement joining “painters and architects to create abstraction and universality by using only simple forms and solely few primary colors” according to ).


Surprisingly, even some people living permanently in Haarlem aren’t aware that Haarlem (not Amsterdam!) is a capital of Noord Holland province (part of Holland). It makes Haarlem a main public transport hub and from my experience, it’s much faster to commute from Haarlem to other towns in Holland than from Amsterdam; it takes around 20 minutes to get from Haarlem to Amsterdam by train. In fact, Haarlem is more historical than Amsterdam because it’s second oldest town in whole Netherlands (after Nijmegen). City is full of renowned art galleries, museums and historical spots (great example: The City Hall with oldest parts from XIII century) competing with those in Amsterdam. You can appreciate better kept greenery as Haarlem lies on the northern boundary of Bollenstreek. I had worked nine months in Lisse which can be considered as a capital of Bollenstreek due to the largest flower garden in the world called Keukenhof. Seventy five percent tulips on our planet comes exactly from Bollenstreek, I know it because my role was to export tulips seeds abroad. I keep mouth widely open during each bus ride between Lisse and Haarlem 😉

source: Enki Production

I mention about painters because Dutch were world masters of painting during Golden Age (XVII century). The most important painter from Haarlem is Frans Hals (1582 – 1666; portraits). He created Haarlem Academy to join efforts of the best artists from this place & time. Let’s check The Frans Hals Museum (address: Groot Heiligland 62)


I could show you way more attractions in undertouristic parts of the Netherlands (maybe next time?) but first let Jethro Tull to inspire you. They are the best experts in solving mundane worries haha. Listen to them, travel, enjoy life!

author: Sam O’Black