American hard rockers from W.A.S.P. are celebrating the legacy of their best albums:

– “W.A.S.P.” (1984),

– “The Last Command” (1985),

– “Inside the Electric Circus” (1986),

– “The Headless Children” (1989),

– “The Crimson Idol” (1992).

“ReIdolized” (2018) is an innovative remake of “The Crimson Idol” (1992) because only the leader, vocalist and multi instrumentalist Blackie Lawless performed on both versions (original drummer Frankie Banali have played one song called “The Peace” on both albums). Recently, there was also a huge tournee during which W.A.S.P. used to play entire “The Crimson Idol”.

At this moment, W.A.S.P. is going for few festivals in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. It is something different, you know, not only W.A.S.P.’s events, but festivals.

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After that, W.A.S.P. will tour the world with “1984 to HEADLESS” – long concert series dedicated mostly to the first four great W.A.S.P.’s albums (list above).

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source: crackpippi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxHl3gr-WMM


Blackie Lawless is the sole remaining member of the most prolific W.A.S.P. period, but still this tournee can be awesome for all enthusiasts of energetic hard’n’heavy.

Let’s look at the current line-up and details regarding upcoming concerts. You can take a special opportunity to explore amazing European culture in a broader sense, so keep reading.

W.A.S.P. 2019:

– Blackie Lawless (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards; also executive producer),

– Doug Blair (guitars, backing vocals),

– Mike Duda (bass),

– Aquiles Priester (drums, ex-Angra).


Tickets: http://www.waspnation.com/tourdates.html

15.09.2020 Malmo, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

17.09.2020 Oslo,

18.09.2020 Karlstad,

19.09.2020 Orebro,

Huskvarna, Sweden

Eskilstuna, Sweden

23.09.2020 Tampere,

24.09.2020 Helsinki,

25.09.2020 Oulu,

Sundsvall, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Copenhagen, Denmark

Eindhoven, Nederland

01.10.2020 Bristol,

02.10.2020 London,

Nottingham, England

Newcastle, England

05.10.2020 Glasgow,

07.10.2020 Belfast,
North Ireland

08.10.2020 Dublin,

Manchester, England

Wolverhampton, England

11.10.2020 Leeds,

13.10.2020 Norwich,

14.10.2020 Cardiff,

15.10.2020 Coventry,

17.10.2020 Munich,

Saarbrucken, Germany

20.10.2020 Hamburg,

Stuttgart, Germany

Geiselwind, Germany

24.10.2020 Antwerp,

28.10.2020 Bilbao,

29.10.2020 Murcia,

30.10.2020 Madrid,

31.10.2020 Barcelona, Catalonia

04.11.2020 Padova,

05.11.2020 Milan,

Launsanne, Switzerland

07.11.2020 Pratteln, Switzerland


Looks like a very ambitious plan and new dates may be added anytime so stay tuned.

It seems that they love to rock so let’s scream loud!

The last show from the tour’s list is in Pratteln, Switzerland, albeit I decided to tell you a few mind opening words about Basel – the capital of its German/French/Swiss region, located in a biking distance from village Pratteln.

Helvetia is expensive. And Helvetia is exclusive.

Swiss citizens have sublime tastes. They love glamor – jewelery, watches, homemade chocolate, necklace, art, yachts. They are usually very well – educated, eco – friendly, multi lingual and decent.

When you need to travel by train between two different places in Switzerland, consider to purchase your train tickets on-line. Otherwise, you might pay double the price without even noticing. I’ve learned this in person when I asked a customer agent in office at the Swiss Central Station in Basel:

– Could you sell me the cheapest ticket to Lucarne for today or tomorrow please?

– Yes, XXX CHF.

– Ugh, is it the cheapest one? Perhaps I should ask in advance…

– No, no, don’t worry. It is the cheapest anyway. 🙂


Well, I wanted to see Lucarne but paying three figures in USD for a one way ticket for a distance of 100km… Even in the most expensive country in the world… Well well well… Then I made a quick on-line research and found much cheaper train tickets 😉

– Excuse me, but my phone shows me much cheaper tickets on the same route.

– That’s right. But this cheaper ticket is not flexible. You would need to take a train exactly at the same time which you would have printed on the ticket. While I am able to sell you, here in the office, only flexible all day tickets.

And that’s the point. That is how to travel in Switzerland for half price than other unaware tourists used to pay!


Basel is considered as the cultural capital of entire Switzerland due to dozens of fine art museums and its open international character.

The busy International Airport in Basel (BSL) operates budget flights to many European destinations. Be careful, because one exit from this Airport will lead you to Germany, another to France and another yet to Switzerland. It is located just at the border between these three gorgeous countries!

Usually, you are eligible to use public transportation inside Basel for free. You will receive a proper ticket during check-in in your hotel in Basel. Indeed, a handy and eco – friendly solution.

I’ve visited Basel only once, so I cannot tell you much about available accommodation beside the fact that I didn’t have any problem to book a room in October, and I paid around 100 – 120 euros for each night in an elegant 3 stars hotel located 20 meters from the central station. Generally, it’s better for you to check on your own countless offers and gazillion reviews.

Starting with official Basel walking tour is a good idea to grasp the cultural and historical aspect of the city. My guide was very informative and professional. I asked perhaps silly question because, I wanted to know what the local cuisine in Basel is (I shouldn’t expect local cuisine from city which population is merely 170 000). My guide explained patiently that people in Basel eat a lot of fishes and meat (nutritive!), but I needed to look into the menu of any restaurant around to know more details. I recommend this tour.


Few extra pictures from me. Let’s start with the main square which seems to be empty in my picture. Basel sleeps and doesn’t work each Sunday but the same calm place turns into a bustling spot with public events, open air displays, concerts and happenings during the week.

You can see a Basel Cathedral back in the middle, this is actually a city hallmark. What makes this place interesting are the tombs of two famous figures related to Basel:

Jacob Bernoulli (born in Basel in 1654, died in Basel in 1705; author of the law of large numbers in probability)

– the greatest scholar of the northern Renaissance Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (born in Nederland in 1466, died in Basel in 1536; philosopher of freedom)

Basel Town Hall:

I’ve selected a stylish video which gives you a small glimpse into the city of Basel. I hope that you can appreciate that even the W.A.S.P. concert may be a good entry point to the Swiss world. Feel welcome to explore and enrich your life with high quality cultural heritage.

source: Shiso Productions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r10uf87SKpc

There is a time for screaming and there is a time for silence. Use it for your advantage.

Author: Sam O’Black